Saturday, February 19, 2011

killer birds and family waffles!!!

i am sitting in the depths of technological despair...i think. i'm trying to claw my way to the top of this mountain of techno 'bliss.'

my mouse and keyboard went haywire and stopped communicating with my mac. then, my printer broke up with my computer so i was unable to do any printing and i really needed to some printing.

finally, and this is a BIG finally...
my beloved camera/third child went into a coma...during a shoot with my kids for love day and on top of all of that i am nervous as all get out to do some major hard drive moving/backing up (soooo important).

so, with all that going on, i am happy to report that my mac has made up with my mouse and keyboard. all it took was a dozen purple tulips and a box of chocolate truffles. finally, i feel like i have my hands back and can be well on my way to my kind of normal.

so without a camera for the first time in a long time...i am relishing in the freedom of a little camera vacation. i adore my camera and all of the art i create with it; all the memories that i freeze with it; captured magic.

i will physically run hurdles over something that is in fact not a hurdle in order to get to my camera in time to catch a moment. i know we all do this from time to time, but it has become a habit of mine to get it in my camera.

only time will tell when i will print that photo on actual photo paper, but i have it. i can breath.

over time this mindset has settled down a bit. between the demands i create for my own family memories and the captured moments of a client...i have learned to not be a slave to my camera. however, it is my passion.

and without the click of my shutter, i use my mind instead to remember, linger, and enjoy. i live more moments instead of creating memories of those moments.

with that said, i want my baby back...yesterday!

well, good thing i am behind in blogging my photos because i have many from the last week or so that i haven't posted yet.

happy valentine's day, people!!! a little late but just as sweet i assure you. in fact, my little guy has told at least one time a day since the real thing. that boy loves his mama and his mama, well just can't get enough. i can't.

peyton wanted to make paper hearts and hang them from the ceiling. it was all her idea and her idea was well planned out, though not well executed.

"mommy, how about we cut out hearts from paper and i tie a string on it and we hang them all over the kitchen ceiling. they will hang down and hit daddy in the head. what do you think? is that a good plan?"

well, i got really into and immediately pulled out colored construction paper. mini pairs of scissors and ribbon. we started when peyton was at school. we wanted to surprise her with a few hanging hearts. i traced the heart and beckham HAD to cut the heart.


he then proceeded to stick spiderman stickers all over them. probably not what peyton had in mind for her heavenly hearts that would bop daddy in the head, but well, that's what she got.


beckham worked hard. i would trace, then run around preparing lunch when beckham seemed to have it down and wanted none of my help.


ten minutes later...i heard a scream and saw my little guy go running by me clutching his hand. i ran to get him all the while picturing the massacre of my little man's finger all because his mother thought it was okay it let him cut out paper hearts for his sister on vday.

i could see the headlines now:
Bad Mother Crushes Sweet Boy's Golfing Dreams while failing to protect him during craft time at home.

of course, he was perfectly fine after a few kisses and a fruit roll-up but he vowed to never EVER again cut with scissors. never again.

and peyton wasn't impressed with her original plans we scrapped it.

but the boys did take us girls out for dinner at pf changs (where beckham got to pay the server with a hundred dollar bill...which seemed to be the highlight).

then, we went to target as requested by peyton. item she asked daddy to buy for her...
a justin bieber cd.

the next day, jeff informed me that this single request and purchase single handedly put our baby girl on the fast track to teenage-dom. well, after one morning of nonstop bieber music...she has forgotten about the cd. mama likes.

last week peyton lost her other top tooth and since we are betting kind of family...GUILTY:

we all lost as she lost the tooth on a thursday! (and...we really do not have an actual family movie night. i made that part up as j and i were trying to think of an appropriate payout for a child that may win the first family bet!)
the next morning, we celebrated with some in-house jump roping!
and peyton became queen of her castle for the morning...
please note the photos of miss thing herself posing in front of the bathroom mirror. smiles and all. it was the sweetest thing. her and that new smile of hers. her toothless melts me. it really does.

and we baked with marley...

chrissy, thanks for snapping this picture. i love it! xo

and right around when i thought i couldn't be having any more fun with my friend and her baby...
my sister, heather decided to surprise us with a quick visit. heather, chrissy, and i have been friends forever so i knew it would be a blast as we have limited boundaries and too much info on one another to not have a good time on inside jokes the very least.

we went to the beach on a grey, kinda gloomy, kinda perfect day...
we brought subs for a picnic on the beach and well, i was pretty much attacked by a swarm of seagulls as i was trying to spilt my sub with the kids. heather and chrissy started screaming at once and i looked up enough to see wildly flapping wings in my face so close that i could feel the movement of the air on my face.

i screamed and threw the whole sub AWAY from me and that was the end of our lunch. but, we had fun...


peyton's new frog move.
my sister the rockstar!

just as i was basking in a long walk down the beach collecting only black and white shells (having a mission makes it more fun), i was feeling all cool and content. yeah, i am showing heather and chrissy the way we live...visiting the beach for some invigorating, peaceful, and organic fun. i was feeling in touch with my spiritual side, my insides were turning all warm and fuzzy and i fully expected heather to answer this question with a different answer.

me: heather, are you loving it out here? isn't it beautiful? don't you love this kind of thing.

warning: total salty-air-breeze buzz kill coming!

heather: (pausing before she answers. then a shy smile) heidi, this is great and all but whenever you are ready to go, i'm ready. (me: mouth agape/shock) i am a total city girl, heidi. you know that. don't get me wrong, i love to hear the ocean but i'm not really all about this sand on my feet. it grosses me out. doesn't it gross you out?

heather laughing now and me laughing back...
"heather, i can not believe how different we are. seriously, it amazes me. would a bottle of wine help?"

heather: no. let's go, and why are you collecting black and white should collect all black and then one white.

i love her. she makes me laugh really hard.
later that night, i had a few friends over to hang...
i put kelle on lights and she made a girl proud...
as she and i have the EXACT same brain when it comes to many things but especially tiny lights and good girlfriend ambiance. {movie: Easy A}

we noshed on good food and then you tubed funny commercials for much of the night.

(i will be posting the menu and all of the recipes from girl night on my next post!)

i will post one quick little lunch idea. it is fast and healthy and delish...

quiznos has a sub called Turkey Bacon Quacamole. it's fab but full of calories, so this my version.

Turkey Avocado Wrap

just take a whole or multi-grain sandwich wrap (or tortilla which is what i had on was really good) and add your favorite turkey, thin sliced. next add some fresh arugula lettuce and some avocado slices. you can squeeze a bit of lime if you wish. add some salt and pepper and one slice of bacon (i used the pre-cooked bacon). roll it up and you have a really good and filling sandwich.

i wrapped ours in wax paper and took it to the zoo. this time we weren't attacked by any flying creatures.
***we had to say goodbye to friends, but first i hosted a sunday brunch at my house because it was filled with people and noises and i was in heaven...




my new fave: homemade waffles hot off the griddle with sliced bananas and maple syrup on top. HEAVENLY. try it.



feeling lucky and grateful for all the fun and quality time we have had with people we love and especially the little people in my little valentine's peyton and beckham!

**and to all of my friends huddled in the colder areas of the by Derby, If Ever There's A Reason

If ever there’s a reason
to be swept up in the season
of the fallen leaves
And if the days grew shorter
And the darkness drew it’s order...
...from the autumn grey...
If ever there’s a need to watch
the afternoon just roll into
the evening sky...
find comfort in the finer things
That keep you close that keep you safe
Within this room.



Kelle said...

Woohoo for new blog posts!! Gorgeous pics. And I LOVE, love Peyton's little gum caves where teeth once lived. xoxo

Just me said...

Sunday morning in Geneva, Switzerland. A random Aussie named Ali randomly finding your blog and not-at-all-randomly loving your writing.

Reading happy writing written by happy people like you is like a cooling balm, a delightful contrast to too much time spent reading the non-happy international media.

I don't know how you feel about random web viewers reading about you and your family, but I thought you might like to know I feel carefree after reading your post. Carefree!, now that is a pretty nice effect on a person.

Thank you for sharing and for your writing and photo art, Heidi.

Rhonda said...

Glad to see you are enjoying some down time. Love the story about how different you and your sister are...very cute!!
Your love day pics are killing adorable is that pic of the kids in the frame....You just made my day!

Happy Sunday!

Maria said... my mouth,too, was agape & I expressed shock over your sister's beach comments! I have been dreaming since..oh, like November, for a day at the beach. I'll even take a grey, dreary day at the beach. Ocean, sky, sand, shells, sun...God, what else could be better? Tell Heather to enjoy the city & I'll come to the beach with you, I wish!

nicirae said...
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dig this chick said...

Peyton's toothless smile! Love it. And love that clover photo. xo

Nicole said...

Yay! What a fun post!! It's got everything! Gorgeous babies, fun with friends and family, and fabulous looking food:) Absolutely looooove you V-day pics of the kids. And your sister makes me think of mine...always making "you're such a cornball" faces while we're all up and living in the moment, lol--what would we do without 'em?
Happy Sunday!!

patsy said...

laughing at your siter's beach comment...reminds me of my sister, when her family goes to florida every summer for vacation, they stay at the POOL!!!! they don't like the ocean and the sand! that just amazes me how they would rather be at the pool (which we have here in tennessee by the way) instead of soaking up all the wonderfullness of the ocean! luckily all 3 of my girls LOVE the ocean and when we come every october to florida we live on the beach...all day, everyday :) beautiful pics, as always, and especially love the ones with miss peyton on her red tu-tu...they are too-too cute:)

Amie said...

#1. B has the BEST eyes. EVER.
#2. P's skirt is TO DIE FOR. Totally love it.
#3. You have great friends.
#4. That last pic is killer.

Have a great Sunday!

Heather Polleti said...


Heather Polleti said...

Heidi i LOVED being at the beach with you!!! ahahha...i just didnt like the COLD sand...i sound awful...but i am a city girl at heart. I love the pictures...i had an amazing time and i love and you miss you already!!!

Anna Ruth said...

What beautiful pictures. I love all the food ideas and the pictures.

Kari said...

I love your posts...always such beautiful photo inspiration and ideas for how to live life to the fullest! XOXO

Just Trying Not to Blink .... said...

I love the V day photos and the clover photo. Hope you get your camera fixed quickly, but good that you are enjoying your camera-less state in the meantime.

Happy Monday ...

Lisa Hewlett said...

Love that last photo!

Eva Marie said...

Your posts just simply melt my heart. They are honest, fun, care free, funny and most of all inspiring.

The toothless smile just screams childhood i love it..

and i will be trying that turkey avocado wrap..

Unknown said...

hi!!! love the new post... and sounds like I'd get along fabulously with your sister -- I'm much more of a city girl & as much as I love love love looking at your pics of the beach & thinking that looks so amazing to be so relaxed I'm really not so into the sand in my toes kind of thing :)
LOVING your new header -- so clever with the hearts & dots!! you always put a smile on my face!!


Sallinger said...

You and your sister could be TWINS!

Niamh said...

In that second last pic Heather looks JUST like Marion Cotillard!

Anonymous said...

I too shall miss your other baby...your pictures ALWAYS make me feel warm and fuzzy!!!! Get your baby back soon!
I am always freaked out a tad when I see your sister and for a moment I think it is you...I think it would be wicked fun to have two of me and I hope you two take advantage of what most of us can't..messing with people! I would love it!
I just adore the picture of your kids in the frame and the sweet cheeks at your kitchen there anything better than a set of sweet cheeks to pinch!!
Thanks for the good read..had it with my cappuccino while snuggled in my quilt..and the poem was perfect for this cold morning! ♥

Anonymous said...

ps..Gracee wants Peyton to know that she has a pink skirt almost exactly the same as her red one...and she also wants to know where Peyton got her PURPLE girl is a shoe freak and she is swooning on those boots!!!!!! Cracks me up that we spend more time in the shoe/boot section in stores than the toy section.

Heidi said...

ha, becky...we are twins!!!

she minus a bunch of extra pounds tho;)


April said...

Smiling a great big smile ... thank you for that!!


Kelly Hutcheson said...

Ok, i took mental notes and wrote some down like you suggested bc this post was filled with so many gems...and for some reason it didnt post on my google reader. what the??

~super cute story about the computer breakup and i know what you mean about enjoying a little break for a little bit with the cam-cam!

~love p's idea to prank daddy and your headline about becks scissor scare

~can't believe she's missing BOTH teefers now! adorable!

~top center picture in the princess collage is PRICELESS!!

~love the girls on tiptoes cooking

~the sub/seagull incident made me laugh really hard and then the buildup to the story about asking Heather if she liked the setting/beach and her dismay had my laughing out loud even harder!

~ i didnt see myself first glance at the group picture on the couch.

~last but not least your cooking is TO DIE FOR!!

taking notes is a great idea!


iColossus / Monster said...

Hi girl, reading these posts really make me miss you and your awesome sense of humor (although it's even funner in person.)

Remembering the waffles you made the day I first met you!

LOVE the tutu skirt on Peyton and her new toothless look, absolutely melting.

And I totally get the love that you have for your boy. Oh, do I get that, it's so pure.

Big time hugs and thoughts going your way.


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