Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer weeding has begun...

is it just me or am i always in the weeds? like. oh. my. goodness i am drowning is stuff to do and get done. whew. it feels so good to be logged into blogger ignoring the housework, photo editing, and kids for a few minutes. ha. kidding, the kids are with daddy, but i would be ignoring them if they weren't.

let's face it, we all have to ignore the kiddies at some point just to get. it. done. part of my problem is the mindset i have about taking the kids somewhere everyday. i used to be guilty of this., and even though i am better about it, i am still riddled with guilt if i haven't done something special with the kids.

special could mean a walk around the block, or an ice cream off of the ice cream truck...but i do pressure myself to give my kids experiences each day. it's exhausting. finally, at the brink of exhaustion, kelle told me to stop it.

(vote for kelle here! she is throwing her hat in the ring to win her own tv show. it would be amazing because she is amazing and has so much to share with us!)

what's wrong with letting the kids play inside? it teaches them to find ways to entertain themselves instead of having to be stimulated out of the house. SOLD. i took it and ran, and while i feel the guilt creep up every once in a while, i am way better at letting the kids just do what they do. with this said, we have been doing a lot, trying to fit it all in before we leave for michigan!

we are having a great time and with the daily thunder/lightening/black sky storms we have been having...it's been like heaven.

father's day came and went. it was a wonderfully lazy day with an impromptu dinner with friends, and lounging around on the couch. man, i really love my couch. does it ever feel weird to be laying on your couch, because you don't do it enough? it felt so weird to actually lay my head on a pillow on my couch this weekend. totally means i need to do it more often!

i didn't take many father's day photos, but here are the ones i did take...
peyton and beckham chose a couple of bouquets of flowers for daddy and then they helped make breakfast for him.
then, daddy golfed and when he returned, they went outside and looked for baby lizards...
after we released the baby back to the comfort of our lanai....
i prepared daddy's father's day dinner...
happy father's day, daddy! we love you so much!
here is the photo book peyton and beckham made for daddy. we made it at snapfish.

jeff is an amazing father in so many ways, but mostly just because he loves his kids so
deeply and shows them every single day. we are a touchy family, we kiss and hug and
say i love you a hundred times a day. i love that he is the kind of dad that shows his love
with actions.

i know my kids are lucky to have him, and i can't think of anyone else more perfect.
thank you for being an exceptional father to our babies, xoxo.

and to my own dad, i love you for taking care of all of us through so many rough times.
for getting up for work after only three hours sleep without complaint. and for being
papa to my own little ones. xoxo

i can't forget gido! what can i say? you are amazing. we love you.

and my grandpa. unconditional love forever. i love you & yes, i'm carrying mace;)

***out of order, but i served the basil chicken with pasta made with my homemade sauce! it is really, really good and
it's the way my mom taught me minus the wine-jeff's not a fan of the vino. it's super easy. you can find this recipe here.
if you have any questions, just email me. i realize i need
to be more detailed with my recipes. i have gotten some requests for that, and i promise to do better...
on the next food post:)

we filled our week with this...
oh, this little boy is the sweetest thing ever. i am in love with his personality and he's funny. really funny.
i think he's learned some of his wit from his sister. lately, he's been responding to things with an enthusiastic
"oh yeah!!!"

beckham, did you score a goal?
oh yeah, mama!

beckham, did you have fun at the park?
oh yeah!

beckham, did you finish your dinner?
oh yeah, mama. (this one was a lie. the kid won't eat these days)

it's always followed by the biggest, kindest smile ever.

our little mother hen. after i took this picture, a kid i had never seen before, walked out when his mother
called him to leave. i heard him tell her,
"a little girl was picking me up and carrying me around. it was fun."

ha, i didn't see it, but it made me laugh. and... girlfriend is strong!

then, we got our hair cut. i wanted a bob, she wanted it long. we compromised and i don't see much
of a difference, but she loves it and we had a great time at the 'adult hair salon.'
becks couldn't stand it, he had to have his hair washed too. the kind hair stylist did it with a smile. no charge. score!

our baby girl did great. i had to hold her hand for most of it, but she was so into it. she didn't move...or smile the whole time. she was
taking it all in.

when we left she told me it was boring. go figure.

then, home for some sparklers. i bought the wrong kind, these are big and freaked me out a bit, but we were cautious.

i love summer nights. i feel like we're on vacation every single night. we have late night popsicles and we
eat more fruit. we listen to the residual thunder and spy heat lightening!

we dream up more places to go. more than we will ever have the time or funds to do, but there's nothing
wrong with talking about it. it's like winning the lottery in your daydream and then saying to the person
in the room with you, "hey, let's pretend we won a million dollars and talk about how we would
tell our families and how we would spend the part that wasn't going to charity-bc, of course that's a given.!"

bus to pick up my mom, sisters and grandma for a spa retreat. a cherry red pick-up for gram, a vette
for daddy parked in the drive with a big blue on it, random anonymous checks to friends to help pay off

ha, we don't often play the lottery, so we are not likely to win, but it is so much fun to pretend!

*i have been busy with a few photo shoots!! to have fun and be inspired by something other than a little guy
wiping his own poopy butt is not only essential, but very creatively fulfilling as well.
i have to say though, as a mama, a child wiping his own poopy butt is as good as a glass of wine and new us weekly.
throw in a free twenty minutes to enjoy it and we have ourselves a tie!

it's been hot out so i have been trying to make it fast, so when we were kicked out of an area for trespassing
apparently the hotel guests shouldn't be disturbed by my 'screeching' that early in the morning...ha.
well, i totally understood that! luckily though, only a few minutes was needed to capture this
beautiful mama and her babies, lila and aj!


and i have so many great ones, that i could go on forever, but instead i will show you what else keeps jennifer busy these days besides
these two beautiful babies...
she designs and makes the most beautiful, organic bracelets for mama & child.

how cute is this? bracelets can be made to match for both mama and daughter, they are called Bonding Bracelets. she is in the process
of designing a line for boys as well and they are to be called Buoy Bracelets! oh, i love it. jenn designs these beautiful
creations out of inspiration she gets from her favorite places by the sea! you can learn more at her blog site.

*another pretty girl...
lauren looks so much like lauren hutton to me. she is enchanting and so natural in front of the camera. she is
amazing and so sweet and beautiful. she earned her ice cream that hot night!

oh, i had the best time with her and her mommy. lauren cured the killer headache that had been attacking me that day. it was too much
fun, and the headache didn't stand a chance!!!

*and, as promised, a killer cherry chocolate oatmeal scone recipe! my kids LOVE scones. really, they love the
starbucks scones that are coated in glazed sugar. which is fine at times, but i wanted to try a healthier
alternative and i LOVE these. they are so good and easy to make.
2cups flour
1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats (not instant)
1/4 c sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
6 tbsp cold unsalted butter, cubed
3/4 c buttermilk
1 large egg
1/2 c dried cherries
1 cup dark chocolate chunks

preheat oven to 350. lightly butter a baking sheet or line it with parchment paper.
stir together the flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. using a pastry blender (i didn't
know what that was so i used two butter knives to cut in butter the butter until the mixture looked like crumbs.

in another bowl, whisk together buttermilk and the egg. add this to the other bowl with the flour mixture.
add cherries and chocolate as well. if you knew me well, you'd know that i upped the chocolate amount
from the original recipe. the original recipe called for 1/2 cup. i think it NEEDS a full cup. these are dense
and heavy. and true to a scone's making, not very sweet, so for me the chocolate makes this an amazing
treat or healthy breakfast.

stir with a fork until evenly moistened, try to not to over stir. dough will look crumbly.

scrape dough onto floured surface and with floured hands, work the dough into a bal. divide the ball into
8 equal sized pieces and gently pat each piece to about 1 1/2 inches thick.

bake until tops are golden, about 25-30 minutes. cool before you eat one! i burned my mouth on a melted
ps of chocolate. not fun, i have to say:)

i found this recipe from the william-sonoma eating well cookbook. it's my mother-in-laws cookbook,
but i loved it when i leafed through it.

one of my favorite past times is to go through cookbooks and make
lists. it's a great way to learn and when you are in a what-to-cook-tonight-funk, it lifts ya right up!

okay, that's all i've got for today, but i have so much more to share.
*a hat fashion show at target.
*and due to the frequent photography questions i am getting, i will be answering some
of those in a photog q&a of sorts. i'm not a big time photog, but since you ask, i am soooo honored to share what works
for me. it may not be the best way to do things, but maybe it is...who know. lol! i love to help because i know
how it feels to not know jack crap about it and want to know so much.
*more recipes in the que and of course, more of my babies growing up.

have i mentioned how insanely happy & insane they make me. all in one.

happy summering! here's hoping that your summer nights are filled with races to the
car to get to your nearest dairy queen after dinner and WAAAY past the kids bedtimes...
and just so you know, it's always better eaten while sitting on a non-chair in front the dairy queen. when we were kids, we would sit on the
curb in front of the shop...all six of us kids! memories.



Anonymous said...

yay....this is better than a cold beer! i feel like i am in the weeds and i am ignoring my girl..at least that is what she told me like 20 times in the last two days! we are getting ready to go on vacay with family and i think i always make everyone crazy with my pre-trip clean the house, do the laundry, make everything perfect before i leave ritual!! chill..right..glass of wine and reading your post is EXACTLY what i needed.

damn...your pictures are sooooooo good! i hope to someday take photos like you do..i bought like 5digital photography books to take with me on vacay..i can't wait.

your babies are just beautiful! i have been trying to talk gracee into a shorter bob cut..big NO on that one..i think i liked it better when she said a big YES to anything mommy wanted!

you are right about the little girl looking like lauren hutton..dead ringer for her! lovely!

voted for kelle...she is so amazing...you two are like two peas in a pod! have a good night friend! ♥

Unknown said...

Hey Heidi, Happy Father's Day to Jeff! Looked like a magical day for him! Love all the photos, so nice to see all the smiles and happiness! Love it! Voted for Kelle the other night, well done you for putting together that amazing video! Have a wonderful week, I will post the rice bubble slice recipe on my blog this week! Sending you some NZ love! xx

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

I voted for kelle already!! I love this whole post ESP the chicken recipe and all the photoshoot pics!! You and kelle are two amazing and creative people. If she wins that show you must guest star :) and Peyton's remark about boring after her haircut is exactly something Hannah would say to me. Lol. It's way hot her ( south Texas) so I feel your pain.

Amie said...

Love your blog! Your photos are to.die.for. And your children are beautiful! Now I would like some Dairy Queen. DARN IT!!

Sallinger said...

When I read the title to this post I thought "Yes, finally, someone else's yard has been overtaken as well..." :) Can't wait for the photo tips, and some editing tips? I just pull mine straight from the camera, so clueless on editing! Love your blog.

April said...

a post chock-full of summery love, i just ate it up!! why is it when i hit the comment button my mind goes blank? prob. b/c your post is no longer in front of me, duh!! oh, now i remember ... the part about loving summer nights and feeling like you're on vacation ... loved that line!! so very true. i love that, too!!

and i'm looking forward to your photography q&a post. i need some serious pointers ... specifically on a good camera to buy and why. i am on my second panasonic in a year and a half (for warranty reasons) and i'm so disappointed! not like it was a complete waste of money b/c i've captured so many memories, but i wish they held up better!

have a safe trip ...

Sarah said...

You seem so real and beautiful and i love it!!! I am a teacher so I feel that guilt so much in the summer to do something EVERY DAY so it was so refreshing to hear you talk about it! Love the expression "in the weeds" :) Sarah

iColossus / Monster said...

Hey Heids, what a big, beautiful post! I love the "getting rid of the guilt when kinda ignoring the kids!" I'm like, if they need me and are clamoring for me, I'm there. But if they're busy with videos or playing, well I can be on the computer!

And so funny about what Peyton said about the haircut...what a teen! Love the new 'do.

Oooh and I lOVE the new header, VERY COOL!

Miss you, girl. Hope I can come out for a visit soon. I NEED to meet your FAMILY!

love ya,



Rebecca MacIntosh said...

It's like eating a hefty meal every time I read your posts! Love the header... Very artistic... Love the food, me and food have a special bond and I have caught myself taking way too many pics of food, though usually not of my own making!
You clearly become a more phenomenal photographer with every pic, cuz I adored that photo shoot!
Your kids are adorable as always!
PS cast the vote already!

Kate said...

Oh yeah Mama!!! You rock the blog world. I love the new header very creative!!! What a terrific post I enjoyed every single bit of it. Perfect Heidi fix for me. Loved all of the pics of your babies they are too precious. Your photography still grabs my heart every time. I wish I could fly my Gracie out and have you shoot her pictures.

Thanks for checking in on me.

Much love to you my friend

Anonymous said...

Heidi! This is great! So many things to relate to, one being ignoring the kids for a time, so that they can develop an imagination! It's so true, and I've had to learn that and let the guilt feelings go...but not so much that they only have that and no momma time :)

Oh yum, that recipe looks DELISH! I definitely want to try it :)

I think Kelle, would be awesome for her own show!! I totally voted, and hoping she wins :DD


Stephanie said...

You know, I'm not a patient mom, I'm not crafty and there are many many times my kids make me want to scream, pull my hair out and run away like a crazy person. Honestly you and Kelle pretty much give me an inferiority complex! But I know my kids never go a day or even an hour without knowing how much I love them and they know it from the hugs and kisses I constantly shower on them. So us moms need to not be so hard on ourselves. Life happens and we all have different parenting styles.
Your scones look delicious BTW and as always your photography is lovely.

Tisha said...

love the long posts! thanks for the catch up. :)

Lisa Hewlett said...

Definitely trying that chicken dish!! Great pictures, Lila is GORGEOUS!

Kelle said...

Finally...a post! Yay! Beautiful pics of Jen's kids too...and love sparkler summer nights! Love the new header and the photo book...love it all! just wish we had ice cream trucks here. xoxo
p.s. I want one of those scones!

Kara Brown said...

Yes, a child wiping his own poopy butt is heaven, hahahah!!! That made me laugh, because I SO agree!!!!!! Beautiful pictures as usual. So fun to read your words!! Hope you are enjoying the summer so far!! :)

Kara Brown

Jen Biasi said...

Umm... My obsession with you and your photography is getting to be out of hand. Seriously? Watch out because I may just quit my job and stalk you around the clock, versus just the current few hours a day I already do.
You managed to take insane monkey children and a horrifically unphotogenic mama with a lazy eye and random sweltering jeans she decided to wear on an Africa-hot day, and capture something truly amazing. What you have given me is like Christmas in June. I am waiting in such anticipation for the photos from our shoot... (I'll admit, that's an understatement. Now I know what it's like for all of your other incredibly lucky clients to wait for SUCH BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! I want to maybe wheel over a keg of Amstel in the kids' Radio Flyer and set up a lawn chair outside of your home and just wait there. I could wave "hi" to Jeff in the mornings... Maybe do some drunken chalk drawings on your driveway.) Oh, ahem...
You are a gorgeous, talented, wonderful woman/mom/wife/photographer/sister/daughter/blogger/cook/writer/FRIEND. I'm proud to know you. You're inspiring me in ways you don't know, so thank you, thank you, thank you...

Tammy B said...

Love the new header!! And can I just tell you - I'm a dork. I thought your title was Summer Weddings have Begun - so I'm reading and reading, and wondering when you'll get to the weddings part. Just noticed two hrs later that it "weeding" not wedding :)

Can I move in at your house? I want you to cook for me.


Jen Biasi said...

By the way, Ang's comment when he saw the dad's day breakfast pix: "Ooh, what is that, an omelette? Looks so good. Yeah, that would've been nice..." (Latent, passive-agressive response to the lack of a dad's day breakfast at our house. *sigh* Way to make me look bad, Heidi-girl, geez! heehee)

Leslie said...

Your header looks great! The pics turned out so good as usual. There are some blue eyed beauties there!!

Adrienne said...

Read your blog late last night after and icky kind of day and you inspired me...trip to grocery today your Basil chicken is made and waiting to be popped in the oven-can't wait to try it! And the scones made those too-this morning...mine tasted a little bitter so I checked back over your recipe-whoops put 2 tbsp. of baking soda instead of 2 tsp...YEP that'll do it. Next time I'll get it right but I have a feeling they'll still get eaten. Also, I noticed almonds in you pic. how many did you put in?

Love your photography and your recipes-keep em' comin! Your friend Jen and her kids are beautiful as is her jewelry, may have to get my hands on some of those braclets for me and my girls.

Looking forward to seeing you at school next year and getting to know you better. Have a safe trip to MI

Heidi said...

tammy, that made me laugh.

joy, five books, huh?! how fun. i've got the last twilight book to begin and i can't wait. i heard there some lovin in that one. xoxo

becky & amie, thank you:)

april, the rebel and the 50 1.8 would be an amazing combo! can't wait to see the bachelorette pics!

i have to start my fifth hour of packing, ladies....and beckham is running around naked with a cape. gotta go:) thanks for the sweet comments! xoxo

aw, adrienne! you had a 'cave' day! that's what k and i call 'em. nothing like a cave day and fresh ingredients to make new food. how much fun!

throw in some rain and...well, is there much better than that:)...maybe a few candles!

ohh, you will the chicken! it's so good. and the scones...yes, i added slivered almonds. i went over it to make sure i included the extra stuff that i sometimes do to a recipe, and i forgot. i think i added a 1/2 cup of almonds.

pecans would be good too!

hope you are feeling better and rockin' out that dinner. xoxoxo

Loosy said...

You really need to post more. POST! POST! POST! I love losing myself in your blog. Your words, your photos...Florida. Ahhhhhhh, Seattle needs some consistency in the sun department already.

Have a FANTASTIC vacation.

Ciao bella! (Michigan is practically Italy)

Anonymous said...

oh yes...there is some lovin in the last twilight book! good book..team edward for me babydoll! and my favorite thing to do on vacay is to START and FINISH a book so i am taking a mountain of them since my family will be there to entertain...my girl thinks there is a law against mommy reading more than ONE sentence a month!

have fun on your vacay, mine starts tomorrow..my SIL called to tell me that they had an earthquake today in ohio (where we are going)..jeez hope it isn't a sign!HA! ♥

Tara said...

Loving the updates--great pics of your kiddos, yummy looking recipes, and outstanding photo shoots-you are so talented.

And I am now off to DQ...that ice cream looks yummy!

Daniele said...

loved it all...your posts always make me smile :)
at the end I'm always like wanting to say "oh yeah me too" about so many things you mention!
*clinking virtual glass of wine with you* .... lol

The Manrings said...

wow....LOVE this post. the fun summer pics, the father's day dinner, the recipes make me STARVING oh and the photo shoots are beautiful. i HAVE to go to dairy queen now...great idea! when do you leave for your big trip? xo

Brandy said...

Man oh man the weeds. When I think of all the things that have to be done before this baby gets here I can literally feel them wrapping themselves around my ankles and holding me in place!

I am sooo making those scones. And going for ice cream. Ohh maybe I'll buy ice cream and make a scone ice cream sandwich.

Totes voted for Kelle. I hope that even if she doesn't get the most votes that Oprah(or one of her minions) sees it and realises how awesome she is and gives her a show anyways.

Shannan Martin said...

Yowzers - that was a LONG post! And a super fun one. I want to eat all of your food. And I adore that pretty blue blouse that the lovely lady wore to DQ. And I TOTALLY agree with making the kids entertain themselves. That's certainly what my mom did with us! Fun post and your pics are fab!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes -- in.the.weeds!! Don't I know that feeling?! This year I am trying so very hard to "Be more, do less". I've learned my kiddos aren't always looking for fun and/or perfection, they just want my time. Even if the time is spent indoors being my "helpers" folding the laundry or cleaning the bathrooms! Also, playing alone means they come to me with pride every few minutes saying "Look what I made" or "I did it by myself".

Checked out your photo book. Loved seeing the pics of the kids when they were younger. Just wanted to let you know...it brought me to a editing page (vs. viewing). Hate to have anyone accidentally rearrange, add or delete pages after all of your hard work.

Off to bed...dreaming of ice cream from DQ. Love those pics!

Jill B. (Overland Park, KS)

Jenn Bluestein said...

Love the pics especially the ones of the beautiful Lauren. Your not kidding about her in front of the camara we just did a group shoot with the kids at tin city and i could not help but take a few of her alone even though deena is going to have so many awesome ones to choose from from you. She is such a great little poser!

Bummer we didn't get to catch up with you guys before you left. Have a great summer. We will be here sweating away in Naples :(

Rhonda said...

I always look forward to the end of May to start getting my garden ready. I hoe and I turn soil, I fertilize. I spent so much time making it perfect, so my flowers will grow and bloom all summer long. Then we get busy with life, and every year I say I am going to keep on top of those damned weeds....but they win every year!! What are your secrets?? Nothing I do works, except to ignore them. Embrace the weeds...they are nature too ;)
Baby lizards...oh how my boy would love to find those randomly. He really wants a pet and gets so upset when he loses his little creatures outside. Maybe a lizard is the key!
Your scones look delightful. I am making your chicken tomorrow night for supper...I was going to do it tonight, but was too tired after spending the week in LA!
another lovely post...will look forward to more recipes!

Anna Ruth said...

I loved catching up on what you have been doing. The pictues of Jen and her kids were beautiful. You are talented!

Anonymous said...

I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

Anonymous said...

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