Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sending a little michigan love & a HDP Q&A!

we made it back to michigan last week! i feel like we have been traveling even more this past year, especially to michigan. this is where most of our biological family (the one not consisting of the friends that we have turned into our family in florida) lives and we love to visit as often as we can.

peyton and becks were invited to the cockpit as we boarded the plane. there were 100 people behind us waiting to board and i thought someone may throw an orange at my head to move my butt out of aisle, but i just HAD to grab my camera with one hand (the other hand had an iced coffee and two travel bags occupying it at the time). i nearly fell forward, bum in the air trying to get my camera out it's case in time.

jeff works out of both states easily and up until this year, we never had to worry about the kids missing school or friends and their activities...

of course, we all know that will be changing in the fall, due to our baby heading off to the real world of kindergarten...i know, i know-i am a big baby, but more than ever i am enjoying the freedom that comes with having children that are not of school age. i get to hold on to that for about 6 more weeks. my knuckles are white with strain, but they're holding up well. ha.

for now, at least for the the summer we are here in our hometown located in michigan. the magical place that merges both the oldest friends and family with lots of work and some play. we take our annual vacations while we are here. a camping trip to canada with my family and a golf trip up north with the husband's family.

we are jam packed busy, and while i sometimes/once in a while complain like a bitchy old ingrate, usually when i'm overwhelmed with work or obligations, mostly i drink in the beauty of our summer trips to michigan.

we fill our time here with late night walks while the air becomes cooler and the sky darkens causing all the colors around us to naturally saturate. the flowers, the grass, the black-eyed susans look even more delicious in this light and i silently scold myself for not taking these walks each and every night. the kids are always on the look for a furry cattail even though they tell me they want to find the flower with the hot dog "that you can't eat on the top!"

last week, we headed to an old farm called guernsey farms. it's pretty close to where we stay and it's an excellent way to reunite my big family after not seeing them for a while. so, one quick phone call to one sister and soon the phone chain begins and the text messages and calls start flowing in to my phone

i heard we're meeting for ice cream? what time?

did you call mom?

how about elaina and jeremy?

peter's working, but i can make it. where are we meeting? are we hanging afterward?

make sure you call so and so...

bring wipes, extra clothes, and a blanket.

oh shoot, we forgot taryn. someone call her...quick.

NO, you were supposed to call.

lets call grandma and grandpa!

heidi, they've been in bed for hours.

yes, we are a crazy chas-filled bunch, but a bunch that is filled with love for one another. and while i turn away in embarrassment from the loud italian herd that i love so dearly...i wouldn't trade 'em for anything and i love to share these memories together.

here are some photos from the other night. i have sooo much more and i promise to post more! swear, i really want to and i will, but for now...


ice cream!!!






cousins chasing one another in the makeshift playground in front of the shop...



cute baby boys...



brothers turned sisters into dragons with a wave of peyton's new homemade and sparkly wand...


mama's were lazy and turned in time to see this...


stop him or grab the cam? stop or grab?



cool auntie tawny,






papa and boy, together again!





please note that no children were harmed in the making of this perfect summer's night!

and yes, the paul frank monkey shirt is beckham's fave! he wears it almost everyday!

other stuff we do...



(nads, we LoVe the shirt. love you. miss you too.)

we take play doh arguably the safest of all kids crafts. i mean, you can eat it and nothing happens.

however, we add the most unsafe element to it, fire. and what do we have,

a playdoh birthday cake for gido complete with candle and a birthday jingle.

happy birthday, gido!


i don't have any recipes for this post, well, i have an abundance of recipes that i should post, but i promised some heidi darwish photography information, so i will focus on that this time! this post may not be the best one to do this post on as, there are no pro photos on it, just real life pictures...out of focus, unscripted, but real and fun!

i have been receiving some questions via email and through my blog with photography questions and comments. first off, i am honored that anybody would ask me questions about photography, but some of you are and i can't tell how amazing that feels. with that said, i am just giving you a little bit of information on what i use and what i do to create the art that i like. to what pleases my eye. every artists/photographer has their own style and i am still exploring and defining mine.

Heidi Darwish Photography Q&A

the photo editing software i use is...

adobe photoshop lightroom 2 & adobe photoshop cs4

an upgraded version of both have now been released.

i use lightroom on all of my images. i upload them into the program and i concentrate on exposure and skin tones. i use the exposure, blacks, vibrance, and the noise control sliders the most.

i also play with the adjustment brushes if i want more control over a specific area. for example, skin clarity or saturation.

i use photoshop cs4 on very few of the images that go onto my blog. my blog was started as and remains my personal blog that i use to document our life. photography is a huge part of it, so that is why i still post some of my professional photos on the blog. with that said, only a few family photos get to take the 'cs4 ride.'

all professional photos (photos i have been hired to take) get a little extra lovin.' they get take the 'ride' through photoshop before going to the client.

in photoshop, i always work in layers (command j).

then, i use curves (command m) to brighten and add contrast.

next, i go to



and i mess with- hue/saturation & color balance, shadows/highlights.

finally, i lightly sharpen the photo and save it.

this is a very basic break down, but it may help some of you who feel overwhelmed and with no place to begin in a very big and powerful program like photoshop. i am not a huge 'photoshopper,' so i do not know how to swap heads and make your pet monkey look like a real baby. ha. honestly, i know about 1% of cs4. maybe not even.

here is an example of a photo right out my camera that is not especially sharp or properly exposed, but it's real so i figured i would share it...


and the same photo with a little extra time invested in cs4...




and with edits using lightroom only...


maybe a tad bright, but it doesn't bother me. some photos i work on more than others as far as punches of color go. if i am

going for a more editorial look, i definitely have a way of doing things to make that happen. however, most of the

time, i like a more natural look. it just depends on what i feel when i look at the photo.

on both of the 'after' photos, i did smooth the skin and brighten the eyes a bit. it is a pretty subtle change though.

both of the SOOC photos were under exposed, so i needed to brighten. my hubs says that some of my photos are a tad too

bright, but i just go until i see what looks right to me. again, properly exposed photos taken in camera is the best

place to start!

do you know the difference between aperture and lightroom?

no, i have never used aperture, but i hear it is very comparable and similar to lightroom and

it works well on a mac.

mac or pc?

my pc and i broke up about 6 months ago. i cried and screamed and missed my pc,

but now i am happily married to a macbook pro!

how did you learn photography?

self-taught!!! bf is a photog and has helped me tons, AND lots of late nights reading

books and googling. the book i learned the most from though is understanding exposure.

my friend, deena turned me onto it and it helped me sooooo much at the beginning and

still does today. i think i have a retention disorder, so i am the girl who has to

read something 20 times before it sticks. then it sticks for like 6 months and i need to learn it again.

PRACTICE. shoot everyday day! i practice every single day. it's easy with two babies running around:)

how do you get your photos to look good indoors?

usually, i don't try to get good photos indoors. most often, the photos i take indoors are blurry or grainy

but that is because i saw something that my kids did and i wanted to capture it in a split second

so i just started shooting.

if i'm doing a shoot indoors or trying to get a really good shot inside, i try to be as near to

a light source as possible. i try to have my subject facing the windows or sliders so their faces

are being illuminated evenly. i have south facing windows which is the BEST, but those

windows are covered which is the WORST. just look for good light in your home and try to

remember how the light moves throughout your house. i am not great at lighting, but i hope this

helps a little.

do you use flash?

NO, never! & sometimes, yes.

i am a natural light photog. i love the way it looks. it is softer and more luxurious.

with that said, with non-pro photos and the wedding i did last month, i was forced to use my on

camera or accessory flash when enough light wasn't available to grab focus.

which slr camera and lenses do you use?

canon 50D. i love it!

*canon 50mm, 1.4

canon 85mm, 1.8

canon 24-70, 2.8

i want a good lens to take better pics of my kids. what do you think?

50mm, 1.8 (about hundred bucks and a great lens) or 50mm, 1.4 (just under $400)

if you are shooting with a nikon, i am pretty sure the nikor 50mm, 1.8 is NOT an autofocus lens,

but the 1.4 is.

i want a better camera, but i don't want to spend a grand. what do you think?

i don't know, but i have a few friends that have the canon rebels and i have seen that they

take beautiful photos!

nikon or canon?

ha. peyton or beckham? they are BOTH amazing companies and leaders in photog equip.

go with either, you can't go wrong. personally, i went with which camera felt good in

hands. i like heavy. i find it stables me a bit. actually, that could be in my head:)

where do you buy your stuff?


i am trying to think of all the questions i have been asked and i am drawing a blank. i should have

done one of these posts months ago, but i hope you find some of this basic info helpful.

again, this is just what i am doing/using. i am know there are other fabulous ways of rocking

out the photog thing!


and before i go...


girls just wanna have fu hun!!!!

jenn, aka., a kindred spirit, my amazing sister-friend who i love so dearly and could spend everyday with recharged our batteries.

we didn't spend much at all, but we looked and oohed and ahhed over more than our share of duds. we did it just enough to be

basically kicked out of the store on a sunday afternoon. we closed the place down but not before contemplating what it would be like to

be locked in the store all night with nothing but the threads around us and the godiva chocolate bars that are kept by the cash machine!

that would be so cool.

so after we had to leave, we headed over to target! i needed vitamin c drops and a red shirt for peyton.

what we found...




some really cool hats and a few rockin' fedoras! i love target!

thanks for reading and i'll be back soon. more posts...more posts, i'm chanting now. loosy, you

got me started ;)

too tired to read this over and check for errors. i apologize in advance:)




Anonymous said...

Oh I love the photos of the Italian herd, gorgeous haha! Looks like a great holiday. My Mum just arrived in Oregon City yesterday, for 3 weeks, she is so so excited! Just spoke to her on the phone and she saw a squirrel while eating breakfast, that doesn't happen here haha! Have a wonderful holiday and keep updating us with those wonderful piccys!

April said...

thanks for the michigan love! i knew from the post title it was gonna be a good one!! we're heading there this weekend ... can't wait!!

ps - where was it that you said you get your photo equipment from? i know you said it was a place in ny, just don't remember the name!

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

Okay, so I've actually missed reading your blog the last few days!
First off I completely am a shoot not grab kind of a mom. No damage has yet to be done that a little bandaid can't heal and then there is the evidence to prove later in life that in fact the children were a little crazy and secondly I think candles in playdough is fun fun fun!
Thirdly where do you go camping in Canada?
Fourthly, well, there isn't a fourthly except that I love reading your funny posts every time!

Kate said...

How great to have you post while you are on a holiday. I loved all of it especially the touching ones with your family. The girl hat parade gets extra bonus points from me. Have wonderful time enjoy!!!

Sending you love

iColossus / Monster said...

Hey girlfriend, what a great post and thanks for posting more often than...I dunno!

Beautiful pics of your family but especially Becks and Posh.

LOVE Peyton in that shirt, so cute on her and looks just like her. Miss you too!

And LOVE also the pic of you in that red look glamorous and serene and just lovely all rolled into one. Isn't shopping in Target a treat? How effortlessly things just throw themselves into my cart, I just don't know how it happens, LOL.

Oh and I didn't know you had a MAC! I also have the Mac Book Pro, 15" that Work got me (that I have used FAR more for "personal" stuff, hee! I make all my "special" videos using iMovie on the Mac. Not talking about the videos I just upload to Blogger without editing them. But the ones with music and stills...iMovie all the way! So you should have no troubles using that program...very easy to use.

Keep posting.

Miss you, love you!


- iColossus

Taylor K said...

oooh, thanks for the swell photo before and afters! I just bought a t1i and downloaded the free trials of aperture and lightroom. I'm excited to play with them both.

Amy Grau said...

Thanks for sharing your Photoshop CS4 tips! What tool or filter do you use for smoothing the skin and brightening the eyes? Always trying to better my working knowledge of Photoshop; it seems like you can do almost anything in that program in you play enough! Have you seen the new features in CS5? Ridiculous! :-)

Tisha said...

hooray for family trips! looks like you've started your MI time out right. :)

thanks for the mini tutorial, i always wondered how you got your pics so bright, and what lightroom really did. thanks! :)

this weekend i think we're going up to bay city to watch the fireworks.

Lisa Hewlett said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting those answers! I have always wondered which canon you shot with. It's definitely time for me to upgrade. I have a couple other questions specifically about that camera/lens, but I'll wait until you're back to ask. Have a great vacation!

dig this chick said...

SO much beauty in this post! Good grief your children are adorable, Heidi.

Michigan and your peeps seems very warm and lovely. Down to earth and honey. I always get that feeling when you or K post about it.

Isn't photo editing software amazing? I have never used lightroom but everyone keeps raving about it to me...


Heidi said...

b&h photo. after i saw this question, i added some extra into into the body of the post. some of the things we talked about on the phone last week:) jirell is the guy i speak to at bnh, he is so helpful! xo

Daniele said...

I love cs4 but also feel like I only know 1% of it...I am not even an aspiring photographer, but have just always had fun with photo editing software since when I was a teacher (making newsletters and worksheets haha)...
Michigan looks lovely, we're only a couple of states away right now! ;)

Happy 4th!

Anna Ruth said...

Family pictures are the best. I love the swinging around with children. I don't know how she didn't get dizzy.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, your spirit, and your photo wisdom!!! I'm not that into the nitty gritty of photography but you are so generous with your words of wisdom, it almost inspires me. I live in Virginia but am home with my family in Tn, and there is something just sweet about it. It is a lot of hassles with a 4 yr old and a 4 month old baby but I tell myself, "we're making memories for the girls with their grandparents." Thanks to you and your bf's blog, I'm more inspired to take pictures of these memory making moments. Happy Summer to you:)

Sallinger said...

Oooooh, I love the sparkly wand, lots of family around, ice cream and Target! What more do you really need?

Greta said...

Yup, I l.o.v.e. Target, too.

I just started getting super serious about photography in January this year. I have learned SO much but have soo far to go. I wish we lived closer so we could compare notes. You would be a great teacher! I hope to one day start my own business on the side, a part time thing.

Looks like you're having fun! Love reading your blog.

Unknown said...

Wow. This was such a great post! I loved seeing your family and the ice cream night. Grandparents totally make my day. Too sweet!

Thanks for your great tutorial too! I am so super glad I clicked over today. Fun. Fun. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures! I made your recipe for chicken with basil and proscuitto and my hubby and I LOVED it! Thanks!! :)

SDM said...

hi Heidi!!
I feel like I haven't checked in in ages... crazy busy with work, kids, life... the usual! so happy to see a new post & some fab pics! I love target too & pretty sure they love me back since I think I help so much to keep them in business... did you really think you could "run in" for vitamin C -- fat chance!
enjoy michigan -- there's nothing like being with "real" family (although the friend family is a very very close second!!)

Jen Bacarella said...

Heidi...can't wait to see you this weekend. You know I am going to pick your brain and I think Jeff and Tony will have to pry our cameras from our hands while we are sleeping. Is it Friday yet???

Trisha (Kent) Davidson said...

You rocked this one out girlfriend!!!! OMG...miss you so much!!!!!

Dawn said...

Heidi love your pictures! Thank you for sharing all the photography tips. Your family is beautiful & you are so cool!!!

Loosy said...



I'm just now getting caught up on my favorite family in Florida....or I guess Michigan. Whateves, you all are totally in my fave five, blogs, not phones. Don't get scared and go private on me.

I want you to know that the little french botique that you and your girls probably spent way too much money at, you know, TARGET...yeah, we have one, er, 300 of those in Seattle too. WEEEEEEEEEEAKNESS.

Totally unrelated, can I have your kids?

Anonymous said...

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