Wednesday, June 2, 2010

absence, heart, fonder.

last week was a big one for me professionally and personally.

professionally, i was honored to have shot my very first wedding! it was crazy exciting and it feels really, kinda cool that i made it through considering my nerves the day of. it's really funny now, but more on that on my next post where i will post the sneak peeks!

personally, my husband and babies went to this little piece of heaven sans me. the mama. the person who makes tired babies happy with non-stop cuddles and lovins. in another silly little story called, the mama is also an idiot, we booked and paid for this family trip with a bunch of the other friends for memorial weekend.

the mama who is also an idiot, also booked her very first wedding for the same weekend as her family vacay! and the only reason, the mama is an idiot is because she didn't know she did this until ONE WEEK prior to the vacation and the wedding.

obviously, the bride wins! ha. can you imagine?! ha.

i decided that it was totally okay that they were going without me because it would give me time to zone into wedding photographer extraordinaire. three days to myself? holy...amazing.

and talk of swimming with the dolphins and swimming in the blue lagoon was the topic of choice at the dinner table each night. peyton could not believe that she was going to swin with the dolphins. i just smiled and felt happy for my family.
what a cool vacation this was going to be!

i'll make sure i pack surprise treats in their travel bags so they won't miss me as much.

then. they. drove. away.

sadness swept over me with gentle waves of boredom and loneliness. and although grateful for my free time, by two in the afternoon, i was waiting by the phone for more phone pictures.

but by four... and a few phone calls later...
i love you, mama!
we live in a hotel!
we are going to see the dolphins!
what are doing, mama?
we have a dinner table in our hotel. we can eat here!

i could hear how excited they were and how much fun they were having with their daddy. they didn't need me. they were good and happy and well taken care of.

my sadness was dissipating away and i had to kick the guilt to the curb when i realized that i was okay missing out on all the fun. it only mattered that their fun wouldn't be hampered by my absence. it wasn't. not even a little bit.

my babies are growing up. i'm so proud of them because there was a day when an hour without mommy would send my little ones into a tailspin. crying and tantrums.

not anymore!

jeff asked me to say that these photos were taken by him...
leslie, thank you, thank you for helping so much and loving on my kids for me! (and for hooking jeff up with mayo and mustard for his
sandwiches. ha. that was a big one!

jeff & beckham caught dinner. a recipe for you...

crispy red snapper with honey-ginger sauce

i made this recipe from a few others off of the internet. i am clueless about preparing fish, so i just took what
i wanted from each site that i thought would be good knowing that i wanted to make a honey-ginger sauce.


juice from one lemon
1/2 cup honey, i used organic, grade B
1/2 cup of tamari soy sauce
4 tsp of minced ginger
5 garlic cloves
1/2 cup olive oil
you can make this ahead of time and store in fridge until ready to use.

i mixed the lemon, honey, soy sauce, ginger, minced garlic, and EVOO in my mixer.
pour into sauce pan and set aside.

heat butter and olive oil in large pan.
salt and pepper, snapper. lightly dredge in egg and then flour.

saute the fish in hot pan until golden brown on both sides.

heat honey-ginger sauce in sauce pan. do not let boil.

serve fish with white rice and sauce poured over top. it's really yummy and really rich. i suggest serving this with
a light salad dressed in oil and vinegar. the sweet and sour go well together.

i also served the fish with buttered carrots and stir-fried spinach, onions, and sliced portobellos.

* a lighter coating of flour or none at all would work just as well and it's what i will try next time!

so, i did what any person in my situation would do. i rocked out my first wedding and only cried tears of happiness.
then, i headed to the good ole' isle of capri with friends who are like family and new people that will forever be
in my heart. as usual, we had an amazing time except this time, i didn't have my own children to love on, so
i loved my friends' kids. it was lovely.
we took photos.
i saw things i never noticed before.
we played the 'if' game!
who is the one living and non-living person you would love to meet and have dinner with if you could?
SJP and jackie o!
fab out of towners!
and fab neighbors too!
nella made us laugh and fall in love with her even more if thats possible.
and we happily ran to catch a naples sunset like it was the last one we'd ever see. and it was worth it. the drive, the sand, the sun burned
shoulders and noses.
we loved our friends...
and then got goofy!
and some people sliced their foot open on a shell;)

good old ioc. it's a good place.



Many Titles said...

I hopped over here by way of Kelle's blog. Your pictures are very lovely. And I can't wait to hear and see your first wedding!

iColossus / Monster said...

Hey Heids! Beautiful post...can't believe those FISH, yum...made me super hungry. Looks like an awesome recipe you put together...very creative of you!

So funny how you captured my hubs in a nutshell, ha!

That pic of you is so INCREDIBLY beautiful, girl. Drop dead gorgeous.

Thanks for the pics of my fam. And I guess you did catch a few of me, ha.

Miss you so much already.

Love you,


Kate said...

Amazing post and THAT VERY LUCKY BRIDE!!! In my field I have worked with many a photographer and to have such a talent like you what a dream!!! Can't wait for the sneek peek. You look gorgeous,I love my Heidi fix!

Sending you a biggest hug from Cali!

Kate xo

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

If you meet SJP I will keel over with jealousy. No joke!!! Wedding photographer extrodinaire I am SURE you will cause many tears of happiness as the lucky couple gets to oogle your pics!
Deck jumping would be lovely right now.... Sweltering in the summer that finally decided to join us here!
Loved this as always...
PS I think you've taught your Hubby well. Those pics had the right "feel" :)

Anonymous said...

Word. This was awesome! Seriously, I long to go to the IOC just by reading your blog(and Kelle's too) and seeing the pics and all the fun you guys have, and the beauty!! I definitely am going to make it a holiday one year :D

Sad that you didn't get a small holiday, but glad all worked out for the best!


John, Leah and Adrey said...

How do you find time to cook meals like that?!?! You're a super mom for sure! Can't wait to see wedding pictures! Xoxo

Jen Biasi said...

Hey Heidi-girl! Your photos are AMAZING. Per usual. I sometimes can't get over how talented you are. It's so nice to see professional shots of Lila and AJ! Please let's set up a date for a shoot soon...?
(Man. You want to meet SJP? Now I feel a little bad about my SATC2 comments on my last blog post. heehee)

Kara Brown said...

This is a great post. The pictures are gorgeous! Good for you 'letting go' of the kids for a weekend. I know that feeling. I didn't let my hubby take our oldest daughter on a solo outing to the store till she was well over a year, how bad is that!!!???? :) Can't wait to see the wedding pictures, that is one lucky bride!!!

Kara Brown

Kelle said...

Yay! Such a great when you have your cooking posts! You make everything look so much better than if it was in my kitchen. And the food photos are always a fave!

Nicole S said...

Your photos are really amazing! I can't wait to see the photos from the wedding! Also, I think it's very cool that your kids got to experience a vacation with just Daddy! I'm sure he did an awesome job, but maybe it also makes them realize all that you do! Love that last photo of sunset . . . gorgeous!!! :-)

Daniele said...

Yes the cooking photos are amazing, you should be a photographer for a cookbook =)
That fish was pretty awesome.
And yes, a lucky bride to have you too! I love weddings, being a wedding photographer would just be such a dreamy job!!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

Know what's aweswome? Reading Kelle's take on the same day and then reading yours. Y'all have such different perspectives and different pictures but they're both FANTASTIC. Makes me want to move there just to go to the isle of capri! And I know the feeling of sending the family off on a trip and missing out. It stinks. But I'm glad they had fun and they were taken care of. Gorgeous entry.

Stephanie said...

Hey Heidi-- Quick question...I've had my first dSLR for a couple of months now and love it but I'd like to know what you guys lug your gear around in. It get's a little hairy with the 4 kids, a purse, diaper bag and camera you have any suggestions or tricks of the trade for lugging the camera around. I'm just so paranoid I'm going to break it or a lens..TIA

Loosy said...

A few things...

1) Thank you for your words about my upcoming trip to SA. It made me feel loads better. Seriously. Thank you.

2) You are beautiful. Like stunning.

3) I need some IOC in my life. Maybe we'll vay-k there next, this time WITH my son. ;)


Tisha said...

looks like a great time had by all, i can't wait to see the wedding pics!

Tara said...

That last picture is breathtaking! Swimming with dolphins? Wow.

Glad your first wedding went well. The first wedding my hubby shot he almost broke his ankle--and I almost had to take over (I don't know anything about photography), luckily he pulled it together:-)

P-nut said...

congrats on your first wedding! you're so strong because if my fam went on vacay without me i would have probably been quite the suck about it! ha ha ha .. i guess when life gives you lemons you make that lemonade right?!
tell jeff he took great pics! and i loved your last post too with your little vacay with your hub! very needed and very refreshing i'm sure!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful pics Heidi. Not sure if you got my email but I am having a Matilda Jane party this Tues. the 8th and would love for you to come...cocktails and kiddie couture 7pm. Let me know if you can make it and I'll email you my address.

SDM said...

Looks like your hubby & the kids had a great time & amazing how fab his pictures are too!!! Must be in your family...
As always love your take on life & your words hit the spot... Stunning pics (as always)... I must get myself into a cowboy hat - you always make it look so gorgeous!

Heidi said...

many titles, welcome!!

kate, rebecca, nads, kara, becky, danilelle, pnut- thank you the wedding was really fun...xoxo

jenn, saw it tonight. i still love me some SJP! xo

stephanie, i use the canon bag that they sell at best buy.

when i have my hands full with kids, a purse, an iced coffee..:) i use a smaller camera bag that fits just my camera with a small lens attached. i believe i bought the smaller one from walmart for about $25.

loosy. you rock.

adrienne, i'll email you:)

sharone, i bet you would look amazing in a cowboy hat!!! xoxo

Sarah said...

absolutely beautiful!!! I love the recipe:) I'll try it some time soon.

April said...

you are so sweet ... responding to all your commenters! did i ever tell you that i get all giddy when i see a new post? well, i do!! your pictures are just gorgeous, heidi, really, they are! i just love the golden light ones ... you know, the one where the cutie is sitting on the kayak, those ones. and the last two are pretty amazing, too! what editing software are you using with your pics?

happy weekend, florida girl!!

Anonymous said...

hey friend...know that feeling when your loves are pulling away and you are not with is like a double edged sword! looking forward to some alone time but your heart is with your loves..i love being a mommy!

i did some pictures at the farm for my friend's son who is graduating...they turned out fabulous...the farm has sooooo many places that make a picture rock!

i love your recipe...ginger is my very favorite flavor! i make killer chewy ginger cookies.

can i just say i really love your pictures and this blog! i did not have my computer for a week or so (protection is important on the internet..go figure..HA!) and i couldn't wait to check out your new post! ♥

Trisha (Kent) Davidson said...

love the pics and your are awesome!

Anna from TX ;) said...

hi heidi! found your blog through kelle's. and i LOVE IT. i'm a fan, and i've bookmarked your site. your pictures are amazing! great job on the wedding, and your IOC pics make me want to move to FL! btw, if i ever have a little boy, i would name him Beckham, after your son. Peyton is such a beautiful girl! you are so blessed!

Jen Bacarella said...

What's up Heidi! love the wedding pics...especially the one of her hand holding her dress...patent heidi pic! Arizona was amazing...I love the pic of you and I...Cant wait for July

Heidi said...

anna from texas!
thank you so much. yes, we need more beckham's in the world! i hope you have a little boy bc my little heavenly. he loves me and i am in love with him. it's just so precious!
thanks for stopping by!!!

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