Monday, May 24, 2010

the hot place.

so i took an unintentional hiatus from documenting our lives this week. i have to say though, that we have been so busy making memories that i haven't had time to write. a good reason to be neglectful, but i do have some catching up to do and how i miss this space when i haven't been in a while.

i have to write simple disclaimer:

this post is full of fun stuff, most of which posted is sans kids.

the post is deceiving, as i only post a very small portion of our life, so it looks like we are party animals, but that could be not further from reality. and
the mama and daddy need to get away from time to time, so we rocked out arizona and i have stopped giving myself a guilt trip over the no-kids part (kinda;). now if the kids would let it go...

each year around this time, jeff is invited to a conference somewhere in michigan. it is a trip we have taken three times so far and i look forward to it, like i look forward to an iced grande coffee with half & half, a dash of cinnamon, and as much of the cocoa powder starbucks will allow me before they rush over and ask me to save some for the other good patrons, ha!

it's invigorating to travel somewhere new and unchartered for us. it was beautiful and it was free, so you know girlfriend was ALL OVER IT! i wish i could have taken everyone i know as that is the only way it could have been better.

this year, it was even more special because we went to tucson, arizona. a place i have never been before.

peyton and beckham said they wanted to go with us until i told them it was really hot there. immediately and without skipping a beat- the crocodile tears/give-mama-the-biggest-guilt-trip-ever-ended.

"oh, it's a hot place, mama?"

"yes, really hot."

"oh. we don't want to go there! beckham, we don't want to go there"

"okay." beckham said in a shaky-trying-to-be-strong voice. tears still sitting on his cheeks.

okay, with a heavy heart, we were clear for take-off!

i'm not much for traveling without the kids. i HATE it, but i have to say it was nice to read/sleep/daydream/whatever
i wanted without multiple bathroom breaks and two sugar highs 35,000 feet up in the air. it was like vacation.


both mornings i awoke early (thanks to the three hour time change) and i tried to take photos of arizona's landscape which
was breathtaking,but my camera charger broke, so i only had my little pocket camera for most of the trip.
if you would like to see some photos, clickhere.

simply put, when we walked into the resort, i felt a little guilty. i wanted my mom to be with me. i wanted
her see the mountains. i would love to save for a trip and go with her and my dad. they would love it!

i hung by the pool most of the time because it really was pretty hot.

we were surrounded by mountains and i was struck during this trip how lucky we were to be where we were.
together and with awesome friends we don't often get the chance to spend time with. we love them.
we love you!
it was fabulous and a wonderful way to recharge.
we stayed up late and woke up early. we were kid less which always makes me like i'm missing an arm, but it felt
okay after the first day.

country western night was amazingly fun even if i did about shoot the side of my face to oblivion. hey, i didn't know they put real fire
'somethings' in those guns.

needless to say, the gentleman running the 'Quick Draw,' looked at me like i had three heads
(please note: twenty people were watching this go down) and then said to me,

"what the hell are you doing? you are crazy. don't you know you can blow a hole in your face?" he was laughing.
in my embarrassment, i answered that my gun jammed and i wasn't able to shoot making it possible for my
husband to 'kill' me TWO times. not fair.
so we kept to safer activities afterwards like making smores, line dancing, and trying to catch a fake bull.
our glamour shot photo. ha!

it was a concentrated trip, but lovely and we feel so lucky we were invited to be there.
i have to say also, arizona is the perfect hair humidity.
i pretty much have to wring my hair out when i step outside here in florida.
the nights were cool and breezy and perfect.

gido and sito, thank you for watching our little loves and for sharpening their diving/jumping skills!

we're thinking about it...
we do it...
we are so proud!!!!

i am so proud of that little girl. i told her i couldn't dive. her response...
"you are a darwish and darwish's don't say can't. besides, it's really easy mommy. ill teach you!'

love this kid. i really don't know where she gets that from, but it cracks me up.

flashbacks of my junior year in high school invaded my brain at that moment...
the whole class staring at me, in my white, yes...white and very see through bathing suit.
i walked around with my hands covering all the places
one needs to cover in this situation.

anyway, our p.e. teacher, mrs. dick. yes, that is her name and rumor has it that her husband's name was...harry.
seriously, i'm not making this up. moving on...

mrs.dick asked that the whole class of girls, my friends and classmates, sit at the pools edge,
surrounding me. (let's all stare at the pathetic one who can not yet dive. not to be mistaken with one who can,
it's the girl in the see-through white bathing suit!) okay, she didn't mention the suit, but i am pretty sure she
was laughing to herself. quiet laughing tinged with amusement and revenge for all the times we tried to ask
her what her husband's name was.

yes, this was revenge.
okay, maybe not, but it was pretty traumatic.

so, as the whole class sat there, staring at me for what seemed like the entire hour, my butt was
perched in the air and i was bent over like the kid who dresses as gumby at halloween and gets
stuck walking up someone porch stairs. yes, i was all bent down toward the water, toes
placed carefully at the deck's edge, basically super glued to the white cement edging.

i looked at everyones feet, while listening to the kind chatter of the lucky 'divers' that
had already made their final dive for the year.
i willed myself to stop being so afraid of the damn water. i prayed too.

dive, dive, you can do it. if the water shoots into your nose and into your brain causing
some weird teenage death during swim class...well, atleast mrs. dick will get into big trouble.
i can surely take one for the team.

words of encouragement were flying around like skeeters during a summer bbq and i felt like an ass.
well, that was partly because of the way i butt was up in the air for
an hour. i looked like this...
except i was in a see through bathing suit;)

finally, as the bell rang to end the class, i dove/dive bombed into the water. i am pretty sure i fell into the
water face forward after the bell caused my tired bum to become startled and it lost all will power to
stay in the air any longer.
it didn't matter. i did it...finally! claps and screams and hugs were next!

i passed the final and i never had to see mrs. dick again. but i've heard she is still teaching.

i'm just happy my peyton is able to dive and her mama has better sense then to purchase her a see through suit.
the matrix.

and lastly, photos from girl's night out last weekend! it was so much fun to hang with the beautiful girls i am lucky to call friends.
i love 'em all. there are a bunch here, but we took so many it was hard to choose.

i just have to say...
girl's nights rock my world. it is tough at first to get in that 'going out' mode.
i pretty much wanted to rent a movie and have a slumber party instead, but once madonna started belting
out her tunes and the flat iron was steaming hot, it was hard not to get into the moment.

so with katie's new smoky eyes palette from sephora, LOVE it! we were kicked out of the house by the dads,
and told to be safe and have fun!
we were and we did...
good girlfriends, music, and a point and shoot camera. recipe for a fab evening out.
i meant to say goofy friends.

muah, muah. i've missed you.
lots of love.

i tried to post the video, not working yet;( i'll post it when it loads.


Sharon said...

Looks like so much fun! I live in Tucson. It's always funny to me to see people taking pictures of cacti since I grew up in Arizona and it just seems so normal. I sometimes forget that few places have them. Paradigm and all... =) Where did you guys stay?

Kelle said...

This post solidifies three things I already knew about myself:
A) That I want a holster because they're hot.
B) That I want to line dance in Arizona under lots of lights.
C) That throwing my hands up in the air on a dance floor when no one else is doing it really does look as stupid as I thought it did.

other than that...

Beautiful pics and funny commentary. So happy you could go away with Jeff and have fun and do something a little relaxing. These days, we have to force ourselves to do it and a lot of times, that means getting on a plane and going far far away.

But glad you are back! xoxo

Daniele said...

Nice pictures...looks like a fabulous time!

My middle school had a teacher named Mrs. Weiner and we had the same rumor about hubby being Harry. LOL!

Tisha said...

ok so were you standing on the wing to get that shot in the sky! it's so beautiful! how cool that you got to go somewhere new this time (and hot so the kids wouldnt get jealous). :) good for you for going!
In the vollyball pic the volleyball looks like the moon or some weird star wars planet. the pic of the guy shooting the gun is really cool.

GNO looked awesome! and the diving story - hilarious!!!

this post was worth the wait!

Kara Brown said...

I LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, you are how you write...the pics. of Arizona are fabulous!! You are gorgeous....
so fun!!!!!!
Makes me want to steal my hubby away for a getaway!

Kara Brown

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

Omg yes Arizona IS hot but since I'm in Houston which is JUST LIKE FLORIDA humidity wise I would crave a week of NO HUMIDITY. It looks like it was tons of fun. And I know exactly how you finally get a night out or a trip w/o kids and you feel like you're missing something the whole time. It's hard to get over but worth it. We need our time too, ya know? So proud of Peyton and her diving. Those were all great pictures.

Rhonda said...

Great post.
Looks like a great time in AZ....Your hubby does the cowboy stuff very nicely ;) But also looks super great throwing kids in the air too....Looks like so much fun!!
Your see thru bathing suit story was a hoot!!! hehe... Good Memories or not!!
You and your Besties are all SUPER HOT!! All of you...Usually there is one in the bunch, but not you girls!! Looks like a great girls nightout!!!
Your babes and those brown would be very easy to miss them....Vacations are great, but always so nice to go back home!!
Your posts are delightful!!!

SDM said...

glad you're back!! that last pic of you is gorgeous! not gonna lie... the gun pic was a little scary -- but the horse pics were great :) Haha!
looks like girls night was a hit -- I just spent the weekend away with some girlfriends... it's always nice to get away but my kids called/texted me so much I felt like they were with me - plus my husband texted me video every few hours... he thinks the three of them together are so funny... he just had to share! and I'm glad he did -- as fun as it is to get away it's so hard to not miss my "littles"!
welcome back...

PS we have a mrs. dick at my girls preschool... it's hard to address her without giggling... and then I have to remind myself that I'm an adult (which truthfully just makes me laugh harder!)

Trisha (Kent) Davidson said...

Those pics rock!!!! Can't wait to hear more about Arizona and see you!!!! So much fun

Anonymous said...

Love all the beautiful pictures! Amazing, really! Glad you had a great vacation! It's good to get away; you always come home more appreciative of even little things that are so easily taken for granted. You have such a beautiful family!

Heidi said...

sharon, we stayed at the hilton!

daniele, ha. yes, the harry thing must have been something we kids came up with! that made me laugh.

tisha, that shot was taken with my canon point and shoot. it really does look like i was sitting on the wing.

kara, thank you so much. you are so cool!

rhonda, thank you. i love those babies and my friends sooo much.

sharone, i know. i'm not sure how i would do it either.


Rebecca MacIntosh said...

This is fab. Seriously fab. And I want your pool. The pictures are beautiful. You never fail to provide eye candy. But you also have a beautiful life. That makes it all the more sweet! :) (Wow, that came out awesomely cheesy!) Lol. :)

Kate said...

Once again I am captivated by your post, every picture had me right there in the midst of it all. Love the photos of you and your husband so gorgeous. The girls night out pics were terrific!!!

I would hug you absolutely!!!!

Have a wondeful Memorial Day weekend!!! Thinking of you here in Southern Cali xo


Anonymous said...

Holy make me jealous post! Loved it!!

You and hubby take some seriously good pics :D HOT!

Annnnndddd....those kids of yours just keep getting more beautiful! I think it's the serious joy I see in their eyes and faces that makes them so rich and alive. It's awesome!

April said...

it's late and i'm tired, but i wanted to leave my mark ... let you know i was here. and i'll probably stop there. b/c have you ever noticed how you get crazy sappy (and sometimes weird/silly) as the hours get later? yup, happens to me all the time!!

sweet dreams ...

iColossus / Monster said...

Wow, you and Jeff are one cute couple, especially the "glamour shot!" You'll have to print that one and frame it.

And love Peyton's attitude, so good for girls to be BOLD.

LOVE the GNO look so beautiful and alluring in the pics, girl.

Love ya...and see you SOOOOON!

- iColossus

Nicole S said...

Oh my hottness with you and your hubby in these photos! Seriously, the one of you guys all cowboy'ed up is magazine material! :-) I'm sure it was nice to get away and relax, but even sweeter to get home and get the "i missed you" hugs and kisses from your kiddos! Also, I love your girls attitude about "darwish's don't say can't", reach for the stars right!! How awesome that she'll always have that!! I'm so happy I found your blog and get to read these happy uplifting posts! Thanks for sharing!!

Brandy said...

I had a public school(K-6) substitute who had the unfortunate name of Ms.Frankenston. She was incredibly tall and wore big brown shoes. My grade 5 class was so horrific(well the boys were, my class was mostly boys.)to her that she broke down and left the room and locked us in it. When the class was finally released I stayed behind and appologized for the boys. I later blackmailed the same boys for smoking until they snitched on me and I had to give back the money but they still got in more trouble then I did!

Aww girls I'm going to have to get the ball rolling on one of my own!
Arizona looks amazing even if it is hot, although you live in Florida so what is considered hot!?

That looks like a very dirty martini!

Annette said...

Can not see the pictures- the darn filter at work is going crazy-- but I will tell you she is still teaching under a new name!!!! LOL! Remember my swimming cap to protect my long golden locks!

Tara said...

Love the pictures, and glad you got to get away!

By the way, your lettuce wrap recipe rocks-I made it for dinner that evening and we all loved it!

Nadine said...

I've been waiting for your Arizona post a long time and it was worth the wait! Beautiful as always and it looks like you had so much fun! So true, Arizona has awesome hair weather, this is the only place where I can keep my hair straight.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

hey friend...been busy with life..end of school, family visiting and such, so have not had much time on the computer. i came and visited your site to show my mom and she, like me, adores you and your blog!

love these pictures..we spend two weeks each year in wyoming/montana/both dakotas and love how you captured the beauty of "out west"! man...the picture of the red hat is killer! oh and the picture of you and jeff just made me smile!! ♥

Tammy B said...

Holy long post Batman!! AZ getaway, fun stuff and girls night! Sounds like you are having lots of fun down there! Makes my life seem pretty boring. Your getaway looked very nice. Love the glamour shot of you and your man. You look great in that hat! Can't wait to see the pics of you and Kelle with your holsters :)

Annette said...

You like great Heidi!! You are so beauitful!!! Looks like a great vacation! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

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