Saturday, May 1, 2010

and we're off...again!

i feel like i have been wanting to post again since the last one, however, last night i told myself that i would watch my guiltiest pleasure that i had dvr'd thursday night. real housewives of new york city...

how i love that show. the drama, dysfunction, bellies, egos. the show has been resting in the digital hard drive on my cable box waiting for me to indulge. much like a pint of breyer's mint chocolate chip sits and waits for me in the freezer. i look forward to them both. ha.

anyway, am off to a museum here today. we have three days left of our vacation and we are filling our schedule up with dinners, and trips to fave places, and all the things we do to make sure we lived it up right while we were away from home.

so a quick little note and a few pics, but first, a few people asked me where to find the jacket that my girl wore while ice skating in a post last week. i bought the jacket at a matilda jane trunk show that kells bells held at her home.

i am pretty sure you have to attend or host a trunk show to purchase this clothing, however, i have also seen it a art in the park shows in michigan. regardless of how you get it, it is beautiful and well made. we only have a few items, but i cherish each one.

and we are off again to historic greenfield village in dearborn, mi. it is a beautiful day, like, the perfect day to walk around and enjoy being outside exploring old homes and then eventually we will make our way to the thomas the train exhibit. kids are excited and i can't wait to return after so many years.

some photos of the thousands of memories we have made.

i tend to believe that peyton and beckham are going to move out soon, find jobs, and move to another state. crazy, i know! however, at a certain point in every year i start to panic over the rate at which my babies are growing. the time is now and for another few days or so, i'll start to make mental lists of what i need to fit into toddler years before they become 'too old' to like that as happens.

at one point or another, i am sure you too have wanted to throw the nearest and heaviest shoe through your tv or singing toy. barney...that damn purple dinosaur. dora...da da da da dadora.


don't fight it. you've been there. ha.

i think that maybe these things may mark the end of that baby stage. the a first few years of motherhood. dipes, wipes, paci's, blankies, color videos with flying shapes and dancing balls to the classical music...ha, i wish had invented that.

that beautiful transitional time of party/young/college girl to then, married girl, domestic girl, pregnant girl, mommy!

obviously, it's not the end, but another beginning for just as exciting stuff. pre-k school girl, kinder girl, big girl.

it's so weird to see your baby grow into this beautiful girl, with her own independence and voice. a big one;) she's going to kinder next year. seriously though, i can't wait to see what this exciting year brings for us. in this moment i am so anxious to live life. make memories, fill my albums, cook, have a girl's weekend...with my five year old girl.

those photos later, for now...

had to share this because i loved it and i know many people use this recipe already, but just in case here it is.

dill & pickle tuna salad
my friend, chrissy and her daughter came over for a playdate last week. i try to avoid onions when guests come
over because you never know if they are into in either.

so instead, i found some fresh dill in the fridge and my new favorite sammy j was born.

one can of white albacore tuna fish
garlic salt
fresh pepper
spring mix lettuce preferred.
and diced dill pickles.

you can add chopped celery and tomato too.

toasted bread, i toast my bread. i'm hooked on it.

mix up all ingredients with a fork. chill for a little. enjoy.


marley had a little second birthday shoot. we love her so much. it was lovely to be with her and her mommy this week. we miss all of our good
friends here in michigan. so we cherish the times we get to hang.

my assistant.

a list of warm & fuzzies:

*gido and becks. i adore the relationship these two share. it is special.

feet smelling. roses or raisins, mommy? weird, but sweet.

*evening art.
with crayola 3d sidewalk chalk.

*cinnamon roll baking with sito! she teaches my kids so many things.


sito's easy & quick cinnamon rolls

dough (pre made or homemade)
cinnamon, 2 tablespoons
1 cups of sugar
3/4 cup of melted will do

quick directions,

roll out dough on a lightly floured surface.

brush on lots of butter with brush .

sprinkle sugar evenly then, cinnamon.

roll it up about an inch thick.

cut into small 1 1/2 inch pieces.

put cinnamon rolls into glass 8x8 buttered & sugared dish. you can place them pretty close together. remember
to let the rolls rise until the dough doubles in size...about 30-45 minutes.

bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or when they look all heavenly and golden brown.

next, poor glaze over warm rolls.


4 tablespoons of butter
2 cups of powdered sugar
teaspoon of vanilla
and a cup of hot water

mix all ingredients together. add hot water a bit at a time until you have thicker than syrup like consistency.

i would make these just so my house smelled like butter and cinnamon. all warm and gooey and lovely.

okay, another happy thing...

*my little guy's love for dogs. my heart breaks that we can't let him have a dog. allergies. bummer. seeing him talk to's a plush-like, battery operated dog that will do commands on demand. it is the cutest thing and i will
find both kids at random treating and talking to lucky like the family pet.

*aunties' that love my kids. favorite part of my trips home.
auntie taryn!

*peyton's little sassy self. auntie taryn styled her up with a hannah montana up do and rock star purple make-up.

*sitting around with my sisters...catching up. rain, cool weather, and hot coffee was a bonus!
peyton darwish photography.

*my sweet niece, evie.
*mama lovins!

*wishing on 'wish flowers!"
Photobuckettomorrow is a new day. tired but happy. i can't wait to get home from my vacation, so i can rest:)

what's the one thing that has made your day happier since waking up and reading this post? tell me tell me, i want to hear! i'd rather
read about that from you even more than watch...the real housewives. yes, that's love;)

love. xoxoxo


Belinda said...

Love the blog - loved the last photo of Peyton with the wish flower - stunning!!

Fav thing this weekend was celebrating Trent (my fiance's) 21st with him and celebrating with our family & friends - stll on a high from that. & the fact today I saw my family (they live about an hour from me!) & I just cooked & ate a really delicious roast chicken & vege dinner <3

You are brilliant!
Thank you for writing such a great blog!

April said...

oh how i love sundays, my one lazy day of the week! sleeping in and then cuddling with littles until we decide it's time to move on. enjoying coffee while reading and watching my boys blow bubbles. staying in jammers as long as we like. and today, this sunday, is my baby sister's first bridal shower! so many happy things to enjoy and soak up!

i am missing my baby girl, though! she is busy enjoying a morning out with her auntie ... and loving every minute of it, i'm sure!

loved your post, heidi! and wish flowers? never heard that term, but LOVE it! my kids love to blow and make wishes! just posted some in my last post :)

enjoy the rest of your trip ...

Nicole said...

Oh. my. goodness. Peyton all done up!!! I totally just saw a glimpse of her at 16!!! Those eyes of her are somethin' else.

So bummed I don't have enough stuff to run in the kitchen and make cinnamon rolls rught now--but tuna salad for lunch it is! I'ma hard-core tuna fan, with sweet relish and celery, the best!!

Looks like you've a great trip, spending time with fam & friends--have a safe journey home!

Anonymous said...

the picture of peyton after auntie doing her up...spittin' image of you!

sitting on the sofa with sisters, quilt and coffee is the best and even better when it rains. my sister lives in florida and since most afternoons it rains...we do sofa time almost everday. when she comes to pa she loves it when we have blizzards and can't drive anywhere..good day for chatting, quilts, favorite movies and hot chocolate.

it is sad when our babies growup...i cried for a month when gracee went to is as if we will never be the same, she and me and nobody else. i had another one of those moments this week, a second grade boy spelled out the f-word to her and she asked me so innocently what it was and what it meant. she had never heard it before and i swear my heart broke..i felt like the age of total innocence just ended. i cried just a tad...felt like we had just lost something that we will never get back.

my favorite thing since reading your blog is happening right now...gracee and daddy have every stuffed animal out and are playing "animal" doctor/groomer/babysitter...and every minute or so one of them come running into the den to retrieve a stuffed animal from our real dogs mouths!

love that you are having such a good time with all begins and end with them. ♥

Anna Ruth said...

The weekends are the best! The cin. rolls looked delicious. I love Saturdays because I know I have one more day until I have to go back to work.

SDM said...

My sundays tend to be the same -- that's how I like them!! Take all three of my girlies with me to the gym (daddy has his morning biking) and then we are off to starbucks where I enjoy my delicious latte and my girls get their water served to them in a coffee cup with yummy bagels and today as a bonus we got to sit outside & people watch... it was so nice out!! Love my weekend mornings with my girls when nobody has to rush out the door to get to school & they can throw on flip flops and we can sing as loud as we want in the car and the day promises to be filled with fun things ahead...
(unfortunately there's always a little "she did this to me" kind of stuff as the day progresses but we start off hoping that won't happen :)
cheers to fun spring/summer days ahead!
safe travels!

PS looked up the matilda jane jacket and of course only available now in size 2 & 4 - boohoo!

Leslie said...

Hello Again,

So nice to get a new post out of you. We are all very excited to see you guys!! I love the pic of DAve and becks. So cute!! C u Soon.

iColossus / Monster said...

Wow, STOP with the yummy photos of food! Too irresistible.

Speaking of THAT, how beautiful are your kidlettes?! Love these pics. And yay, you are in some of the pictures!!!!

Very exciting...good of you to show that gorgeous-ness of you.

And...we had tuna sandwiches tonight...with avocado instead of mayo...sounds weird but it is yum. Hubby made it.

Looks like you had a great time...can't wait to see more pics, especially Thomas the Tank boys are huge fans. Huge.


- iColossus

Tisha said...

love those parasols (yes, i had to spell check that word)!

i would comment more but now i'm famished!

Anonymous said...

gentle nudge...just sayin'. oh and i just have to tell you i do "the real housewives of new jersey." teresa had me at the table flip! those girls are a hoot. my brother lives in philly so i know a few jersey girls and the show is dead on! i do check in on the ny housewives every so often and am loving the jill/bethany drama...just loved when the "message" was delivered to jill by alex..and ramona's crazy eyes...oh my!

hope you had a great time with your family!

Heidi said...

joy, on it today...before midnight-lol!

bethanny and jill drama is crazy. can't wait for it to end.

bella, you are so sweet.

sharone, maybe try ebay. sometimes they have stores where you can buy new items:)

Anonymous said...

ok...loved the new post...oh wait..there isn't one! HA..i am glad you had a good time with a good two crack me up! ♥

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

what gorgeous beautiful pictures.

P-nut said...

again, pics of your kiddos - gorgeous! sounds like you're having a blast there...
totally gonna try those cin buns!

Tahlia said...

i wanna look like hanna montana 2!

that peyton... she is jus gorgeous, really!
an the pic of her doubled in the mirror w/ the disgruntled face... i see so much of u there! nothin 2 do w/ the disgruntledness tho, of course... lol!
u r both amazingly beautiful!
what's up w/ that flawless skin sista? let ur secret out!

an ummm... i also have a sudden cravin 4 cinnamon buns... yummy!

lovin ur work!
oh an welcome home =)

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