Friday, May 7, 2010

unwritten until it was.

our day was unwritten. without pressure and chaos, but still i woke up with that feeling...

the one that makes you want to stay in bed and not face the day. i wanted it to rain and thunder and i'm pretty sure lightening would have been the icing on my lumpy cake.

this happens every single time i return home from michigan. it's the combination of wanting to return to my own pillow and not wanting to leave my family. it can be tough saying goodbye and it takes me a day or two to get over it.

so with a big, pink quilt, a cup of coffee and a quiet house (daddy took the kids for some quality/give mama a break time) my mood began to plummet. my bed was calling me back and i had to return some emails. you would have thought i had to climb a mountain the way i was carrying on.
my friend happened to call at the exact moment i needed her to and she listened to me sob. she listened and only interjected a few times to say she couldn't understand me. so i repeated it more evenly this time until the last few syllables where i'm sure i could have won the who has the highest pitched voice in naples, fl contest. then, for a brief moment i looked down and caught sight of my unpolished and very unmanicured toes which only made matters worse.

she confirmed that i do this each time i return home from michigan. and like a good doctor, she suggested i watch you've got mail and to call her in the morning. ha. in all seriousness, that movie is a sure way to boost a mood. with it's fall fair in new york city and talk of 'newly sharpened pencils,' twinkle lights, and twirling with your can't go wrong. it is exactly what i would have suggested she do if the roles were reversed.


until, i decided to write my day.

good grief stupid girl. get up, shave your legs, do your make-up and treat yourself to a pedicure. so with blaring music and a new salt scrub, i exfoliated my bad mood away and it felt wonderful to do so.

and...i had a fabulous day, one i will never forget because good things just kept happening. funks suck and they are bound to happen to everyone once in a while but it feels good to have not wasted a full day on it.

some good stuff...

i don't have a photo, but my husband organized every single closet in the house while we were away. he spent days on it and surprised me yesterday. thank you, jeff. xo

ultra cold mich lt after a phenomenal mother's day photo shoot.
kelle and i decided to go to our favorite place for beer, parm fries, and hot chicken salads. we talked nonstop and it isn't a night until we
make each other cry with stories of life and the future and just being who we are...

we took photos for two hours after closing time in the parking lot after we were kicked out of hurricanes. how many
times do you think we did this 'flying away with the umbrella' shot? lol. it was really fun but i think i about broke
my ankle gauging from the pain i feel now.

having too much fun! love you, k.

another happy, the time i was able to spend with these two in michigan. we missed daddy, but it was kind of nice to have them all to myself.
who needs wind to fly a kite?!


old photos of daddy that we found around sito and gido's house always made us happy especially one of him playing beckham's favorite sport
of the moment...

mickey mouse waffles we only get at sito and gido's house. we like that!

the bread company we love to visit when we are in michigan in downtown northville. one of our favorite places to stroll.

lunch downtown with peyton and becks.
moments after this photo was taken, they bit each other. i don't get it but we had lots of crying afterward which cut this lovely lunch with
auntie taryn short.

thee chocolate store where the kids get to choose one thing each. they take their time choosing something special.

unwritten. not so much.


Anonymous said...

i so understand the "leaving family and going home funk...kinda like you have these two little voices yelling at you at the same time...I wanna go home..I don't wanna leave all of my family...just means you are loved and you love is a good thing! my family lives all over the US and it requires traveling to be with them...makes me sad at times.

My sister/bestfriend/arch rival/confidant/other half of my heart lives in florida and before gracee came alongs my sister would "borrow" me her children and i would have 2 or three lovely weeks of being a mom...oh when it came time to coming home and leaving them i would cry for weeks. isn't it great that we love till we hurt!

your photo on this post reflect so much love and i just love friends that help us to survive those low moments and when you get together it normally ends in crying, laughing and even an occasional peeing of ones pants...which i almost did when i saw kelle's and your post.

the picture of jeff is like looking at your so you have a mini you and jeff has one as well. have a great mother's day is my very favorite celebration of the year! ♥

Lisa Hewlett said...

Your son is the spitting image of your husband - so cute! Isn't it great having mini men that look just like your husband? I know I love it :-) And I know how hard it is to leave your family - one of the hardest things to do! And thank goodness for girl friends who let you cry your eyes out on the phone - God knows we need them!

tish fernandez said...

my how i love reading your posts, what a great mama you are! i can think back on the times many many years ago and i knew then what a great mama you would be. i love to see the kids and know that you are doing well. much love is being sent your way.

April said...

the after vacay blues, so know about it! and the after-vacay blues when you leave precious family and a place you call your second home, even harder! it's hard being pulled in two different directions, but it seems that your girls' night out may have healed you ... i'm hoping so! happy mother's day weekend, heidi! i hope you have a grand one ...

Kelle said...

That jam picture? I made jam. Remember? Ha. I had SO much fun last cheeks still hurt from laughing. The tears...they felt good too. Love you so much and I hate when you go to Michigan. LOVE the, what a blustery night. We could have really blown away on that umbrella. Brett has no idea what his umbrella went through last night...ha. And your babies are beautiful...I miss them!

Tara said...

That beautiful first picture looks like a glossy magazine advertisement. Love the umbrella pics--glad you were able to snap out of your funk so quickly. Family far away can do that to a person for sure.
Happy Friday:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi! I totally feel you, as just last week I saw my sister off to Australia- for, possibly indefinitely!! I'm still so sad about the whole thing, thinking it's going to be a LOOOOONG time till I get to see her again. My funks come and go, but they are still sticking around, I need a serious girls night!!

Your babes are seriously gorgeous!!!! P is going to be one pretty babe in school, and B is going to be the cute younger brother to look out for! Seriously!! I saw your comment about you being Italian and your hubby Portuguese...what a great combo :D

If you try my pretzel recipe...use about half cup less flour and a touch more water!


Unknown said...

oh i know the funk u are talking about and i was in it for like 6 months after i moved away from my home town. you've got mail, pedicures, chicken wings and beer are pretty much my top 4 favs ever!!! lol love your pictures!!!
Happy Mothers Day

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

oh em gee. you have a blog too. adding this to my reader RIGHT NOW.

i'm now prepared to dive into this and be sucked in for hours. woot!

iColossus / Monster said...

OMG. Awesome post. Those pics of you and Kells Bells with the umbrella?! I was laughing so hard I had to cover my mouth from spitting on the monitor. Oh my god. Oh my god. And then I had a coughing fit and almost passed out. See what you do? I blame you!
OK, now that I've composed myself (somewhat) the pics of your kids all lovely-dovey are amazing (I was thinking, tho...."yeah, if those were my kids, a fight would have broken out a second later) and then BAM, I read the part of about them biting each other!!!
Too amazing.

Love you,


P-nut said...

HEIDI! i've missed you!! i haven't logged on in a few days and i missed all this excitment in your life!
i love love love the pictures of the kids in b&w together... your date with kelle looked fun... i love how you're all in black and she was all in white! ha!
and my least favourite word ever is - GOODBYE - so i feel ya having to say it to your family... glad you broke free from the funk though... gotta go read the rest of what i missed on your blog! ahhh

Malu said...

Dear Heidi,
Thanks for your sweet and kind words.Your photos are great and they give such a joy . Thanks again for your friendship, it makes life much more easy.

Anna Ruth said...

Welcome back! Glad you are back in Naples. When I leave NC apart of me always says, maybe we should move back. But once I get home to Naples I know that we are where we are suppose to be.

The pictures of you and Kelle after hours were great.

Way to go Jeff with the closets. The small things are what matters the most.

SDM said...

SO happy you're back -- missed reading your sweet words & seeing your beautiful pics!! Can you send your hubby up north -- my closets are ridiculous looking... and pretty sure in my wildest dreams that would not occur to my husband to do! he might repaint the whole house but NEVER organize a closet! but then again I wouldn't travel to see his parents without him so I guess we're even!

I felt so much better reading that peyton & becks bit each other -- I was beginning to think you had this super ideal life and it's nice to know you're a normal mom! can you post a pic of the tears sometime so we can make sure they're real?? LOL!!

looks like you & kelle had a blast -- you two definitely know how to live it up!
were you friends from before or did you meet in Naples? I've wondered that a long time & keep forgetting to ask... one of you must write a background story! I feel like I picked up a book in the middle & am trying to catch up!!

have a fantastic mother's day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am going to sound like a stalker, but I found your blog through Kelle's (who I admittedly follow weekly) and I got uber excited reading your last post! I live in MI, I am Middle Eastern and no lie, my daughter always sito and gido's house! (only we say siti and sedo) And I take my daughter to the Great Harvest Bread Co. in downtown Northville every single time we go to Mill Race or Baby Bliss and The Moon and Me! I already feel like I connect with you and Kelle on so many levels and I just had to comment.

This was the first post I read of yours, but I see myself becoming an avid follower. Thanks for sharing and way to fight the funk!!!

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to say "My daughter always eats Mickey Mouse pancakes at Sito and Gido's house"

I was so geeked to comment, I apparently lost my ability to type :)


Tahlia said...

U 2 girlies r 2 funny!
i can only imagine what was goin on in that parkin lot!
love it!

Tahlia said...

an seriously...
that "old photo" of daddy...
r u sure u didn't use a lil editin magic 2 create the vintage look an have beckham pose 4 that shot? holy twins!!!

S.I.F. said...

You seriously take the most incredible photos! The pictures of the beers made my mouth water! And your kids are the cutes little ones ever!

Heidi said...

tish, i miss you so much. loved hearing from you too, xoxo.

lori, that must be hard, but imagine how amazing your reunions will be. that is the one thing about living far from loved ones...meeting up again is so special.

welcome to the family becky and p-nut, i have missed you too.

michelle, i was so excited to read that you are from mi and too, take little trips to northville. love that place like i love chocolate.

mickey mouse pancakes too?! crazy. love it. welcome.

thalia, you would think, but it's all jeff. crazy how much they look alike. seriously, i don't see it, but everyone else does so i have to agree:)

happy mother's day, ladies. xoxo

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

Though I haven't left my family for anything other than my honeymoon or holidays I do DEFINITELY get the stay on the couch mountain. I have those slumps when there have been too many clouds in the day for too many days and not enough time out of the house! But they are usually the ones that flip around! I had my own pedi-mani and my sisters after one of THOSE days!
Love closing down a place! Parking lot shots are the best, although I think yours are beautiful! YAY for being home as four again though! We are enjoying our Daddy time now too! :)

Anonymous said...

oh are truly one of my favorite people. i know we have never met but if we did i would be joining you and kelle to share laughs, tears and a little "dancing in the rain"..girl you and kelle would have made gene kelly proud that night!

new posts on my blog..tribute to are a good mom and i can see through your cameras len that love!

Leslie said...

Hi Heidi, I can't believe how much Becks looks like Jeff. Unbelievable!!! Does Beckam think so?
It looks like you and Kelli had a blast. How fun. Can't wait to get together. Love ya Sista

Nicole S said...

Love the thought of "exfoliating" a bad mood away. I think I might have to remember that one! Also you and Kelle look like you had so much fun! Coincidence that you were wearing black and white, like each others ying and yang? And my goodness does your son look exactly like his Daddy! Talk about a mini-me! Love this turn that frown upside down post! Definitely put a smile on my face! :-)

Anonymous said...

just saw the pictures of kelle and girls...i bow to you my friend...beautiful...made me cry!

have the best day heidi with your little ones..happy mothers day!♥

The Manrings said...

yipppee for a bad day turned happy post. i am the worst at getting out of a funk. and to think i am writing this after just saying goodbye to my brother as he flies back across the country. ugh!
on the positive side....the kite pictures are beautiful and way to go jeff on organizing the closets. love that! miss you and glad you're back! xoxo

Kelly Hutcheson said...

Omg, that picture is of becks 30 somethin' years ago! omg! i had to do a triple take on it! so glad you're home! must be hard to leave family; i can't imagine!!!

Tisha said...

happy mothers day! sounds like your funky day turned out to be truly FUNK-Kay! :) that was lame, but i tried.

:) love the pics of posh and becks! and your mothers day shoot with kelle rocked!

Anonymous said...

nudge...girl. ♥

Anonymous said...

Came to your blog from Kelle's and wanted to say it's great! I too am a mom who has a love of photography, sharing and reading about other mom's thoughts on our daily, regular lives, sharing fun recipes, getting photo inspiration... great job, keep it up, I'll be reading! :)

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