Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the calendar says May, but it feels like Summer to me...

totally digging the coming of summer and all that this beautifully bright and hot season has to offer. saying goodbye to spring is easy to do with summer rolling in to take it's rightful place on the calendar. this hot and short season is like a big colorful ball, blown to it's limit with the promise of no school for the little scholars in our lives, extra garden watering (for those who...grow things), big homegrown tomatoes sprinkled with salt (because my mom grows things), more free time to be friends and family, and longer days and longer days can mean just about anything is possible...in the summertime!

bbq's almost everyday; and nonexistent bedtimes; the green hose is always in use and i love the smell and the sound it makes against the house when it is turned on and off; frozen treats are normal and a daily part of our lives in the summer. we especially love the real fruit lime pops but i can not discount an old childhood favorite...otterpops.
*CVS sold them last year.

however, a simple frozen grape bar will work just as well...pedicure from a friend is optional, however






chair spinning is not!


sweet and sticky watermelon wedges and BLT sandwiches are on weekly rotation in the dinner department and even more fun, peyton and beckham asking why we say the watermelon is seedless when they see seeds.
"if i eat this seed, will a watermelon grow in my stomach, mama?"


golden light streaming through the windows is even more beautiful because everything seems a bit more simple during this time of year.

simple pleasures. simple meals. simple plans.

a simple breakfast with friends who share similar interests in waffles, bacon, and babies.
*my ebay find, a quilt top that i now use as a tablecloth/beach blanket.

i think we eat healthier in the summer because it's too hot not to.



(i can't believe that bunny lives in our home.)

other things that i am sucked into like a cheerio is to a vacuum in the summertime:
~the colors red and yellow.
~being with my family...non stop.
~after dinner walks with peyton and baby brother which will yield a sleeve or a hundred of abandoned golf balls that each child will proudly display in their hands.
~cattails and the general excitement of discovering them all over again!
~our upcoming trip to michigan.
~ice cream, of course.
~oranges, cherries, and tomato basil soup.
~more time to blog.

before the summer beach ball rolls spring completely out of town, we still have some things to appreciate about this week...
my little guy and i went ice skating together.
let's just say he's a little mad for hockey and anything having to do with it.

beckham dressed up with as much gear as daddy has scored for him at play-it-again-sports.

he patiently waited for me to crawl over to the ice...i was a tad nervous to fall on my bum and not be able to get myself back up.

he skated circles around me, literally.

he made ice angels...

he asked me where the real hockey players scored goals and when i showed him, he asked me to race him to the line. i fell...hard.

my little guy helped me up and asked me if i was okay.
what a little sweetheart. i am so proud of him. he has such a sweet and caring heart.


"mommy, can we eat lunch now?"

my mother's day plant proudly sits on our dining room table and almost everyday peyton asks me if i like it. she reminds me that she planted it and that she decorated the outside of it.


and she has learned how to make me a cup of joe. my little cinderella.

sometimes when i see the kids playing with this bunny...i almost scream out in panic to stay away from the bunny...it's wild. however, it is not wild, it is ours and it makes me laugh when i see photos like this.
our pet...bunny, Marshmallow Fluff.

ML likes watermelon.

we are painting the kitchen...


and we went country for a bit while we celebrated lainey's 4th birthday!
my girl.
i love everything about you. you are everything good and i love that we are in this mother/daughter journey together. learning more about you each day and i am so proud of you. you should be proud of you too. xo
Photobucketthe birthday girl!
as always, kelle had every detail perfectly thought out. it was full of love and fun and celebration for lainey! it couldn't have been more lovely and all of kell's hard work equaled the party lainey had been dreaming of.
happy birthday, sweetheart. we love you.





miss you already.




horse rides and the best damn bbq pork this side of the mississippi!
and kell's beautiful & delish cupcakes didn't hurt either, just ask the Sheriff. Sheriff Beckham, that is.

summer is around the corner ending the beautiful winter and spring we have had. peyton will complete her kindergarten year in a few short weeks and beckham is preparing for his first full year of preschool.

so, maybe saying goodbye to this time isn't as easy as i claim, but we will make the best out of the time we have coming to us this summer.
a giveaway is coming up on the next post! look out for it!

and finally, another guy starting a new chapter in his life...

congratulations on your coming year, donald. i know you will cherish these years. live it up, stay safe, and call your mama...often!


Sian said...

Yay another post! Your posts are like a little treat to find in the morning while I sip on my cup of tea. Dude that bunny is beyond cute lol.

Jeanne said...

Great post! I love summer. It brings so many wonderful changes along with it...mostly the lack of rain. sadly we are still waiting on spring to come to the door and stay.

I love all of the ice skating pictures. Your little man is so cute all dressed up and ready to play hockey. I love the ice angels.

Rebecca said...

Oh this is beautiful. As I type this I am making the Hubby get me coffee b/c I haven't yet trained the youngens but I can't wait till they know how ;)!

You look beautiful, and the kids are lovely.
While I cannot wait for summer, it's so bittersweet... Getting to enjoy the sunshine with my family here, but in July we move to Cali, leaving the people we love most. I'm so looking forward to the adventure, but not to the goodbyes.....


Liz/ said...

Oh, I just LOVE your posts!!! That bunny is freakin adorable, how fun! Love all your pictures and your kids are just so darn Beautiful. Peyton's eyes get me every time..... Yay for summer and fun and all the things you mentioned, bring it on!

Eva Marie said...

Everything about this post screams out to me.. from the amazing popsicle holders, to the painted toe nails. Summer is my calling, summer is in my bones, i love how simple it is and the unstructured although to some can be overwhelming I relish in it those few months we get here.

great post girl!

Jannice said...

Your little bunny looks like it came straight out of the Enchanted Forest ;) I love the picture of it by the pool.

The birthday party looks beyond adorable! I always think I can do something like that and then panic because I don't where to begin and book it at Chuck E. Cheese or some other over stimulating crazy place!

My daughter Ella is also coming to the end of her Kindergarten year and my baby Ava, who is turning 5! in August will be beginning! I told my husband he will find me in a corner someplace sobbing and rocking myself!

Have a great week!!

Kris said...

All the fresh fruit in this post is making me drool. It totally screams summer. Along with the freeze pops! We can't get enough of those during the hot spells! LOVE the pic of you and your girl in your cowboy hats. Precious. And Beckham with his 'stache! The bunny is so adorable. I want one! My bubba starts K next year and I am tearing up just writing that. Here's to enjoying the HECK out of the summer!!

Angie said...

I love your posts, always so heartfelt. And the photos are incredible! Thanks for the smile :)

Angie from Ohio

Maria said...

Heidi ~

Thought of you today while watching Oprah. When she walked off with Sadie, I did more than the ugly cry.
Sobs & moans wracked my body & I needed an ice pack when it was over. Oy..4pm will never be the same up here.

Just checked in & what a much needed post. Beautiful
words & pictures. Today, finally, all of my windows are open & warm breezes & rays of sunshine are being welcomed in. I can feel summer in the air & I am relishing every second.


Sarah said...

Lovely!!!! The line about cheerios in a vacuum cleaner was so cute. I saw the pictures of Lainey's party on Kelle's blog and there is a gorgeous one of you on the horse!! Happy Summer!!

J said...

Love the fact that you can find a sheet of ice in Florida in May! The hockey pictures were fantastic!

Anna Ruth said...

The pictures are just beautiful. It does feel like summer and I cannot wait to join the Wednesday morning breakfast. The first Wednesday when I am out of school will be at my house:)

LCR said...

All beautiful, wonderful things... put so nicely into your words and photos. Sounds like a fun time, Heidi! Love reading all about it:)

Anonymous said...

Love you blog Heidi.. wish you could update everyday!! it's fun getting a peak into your life.. thank you for sharing

Leslie said...

I can not express to you how magnificent you are. You have probably the MOST photogenic faces I have ever seen. You are gorgeous. You have an unbelievably creative mind that I do envy. WE shouldn't envy, I know. But you know how honest I can be...I treasure you and everything you are.

Kelly Hutcheson said...

WOW! The vibrancy of your pictures are stunning! The colors just drip off the screen. Hello adorable hat at the ice rink? I love how excited your kids are about the bunny and how well you've all adjusted to the new addition (handing u tissue box)
Gorgeous pix!! xoxo

Amy said...

Otterpops! You are hilarious..and I love the fact that even in the hot hot sun.. you manage to find HOCKEY!! Coming from Minnesota, and having a little boy of my own, I know the obsession. Great post..

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