Thursday, September 9, 2010


i'm sitting here after an entire day of procrastination. when i have a lot to do, i tend to find other ways of occupying my time instead of doing what needs to be done. i've worked on this little bad habit of mine and with much though-not so much.

instead of working i have tweezed my eyebrows, painted my nails, used the can of air on my desk (i think it's fun), played football in the front yard with my little boy and then helped HIM cook lunch, talked on the phone, printed borders coupons off the internet,...

when i did eventually sit down again, i heard little becks say, "mommy, today is a loving day. not a work day."

my heart swelled with surprise and love and i did what i really wanted to do...i left photos unedited, turned the computer off and went to enjoy my 3 year old. that little boy of mine. he has my heart that's for sure. i am so in love with these kids. i am \eternally grateful to jeff for making it possible that i get to stay home with them.
love you, jeff.

so i've caught up a bit and i am listening to mama mia...the movie. i think that maybe i should have gone into musicals. after singing and dancing in the privacy of my living room (more procrastination) i've decided that somewhere deep inside lives my inner meryl streep and i have this strong urge to wear silver lame' bellbottoms and rock out dancing queen with a couple friends! why not? i think i'll add that to my bucket list.

so this past weekend was my birthday. i turned 34 years old and aside from breakfast in bed and a few felt really good (so opposite my 30th)... i was feeling really, really loved and who doesn't want a day that is dedicated to their own birth date.

i can't help but feel closer to my mom on my birthday as i know my birth was just between her and i for a few moments before i took my first few breaths of air in the real world.

i wonder if all moms feel like they share this special and very sacred bond with their child, outside of even the daddy, the moment their baby is born. i know i did, almost to the point that i forgot that jeff, too, had become a parent in the same moment that i had.

the bond is just so strong and it seems to become stronger as they get older.

my birthday started off with cards and flowers and gratitude for another healthy and happy year.
and something new in our home and the exact reason i have always dreaded this sort of! people can see you mere moments after you roll out of bed and serenade you with happy birthday!
xoxo, sito and gido.

and this year, my look-a-like, my womb-mate visited just in time to share our 34th together with some uncontrollable doubled over, sides hurting-make-it-stop-kind of laughing.

the kind of laughing that comes from an intimate understanding of one's family dysfunction and how learning that laughing about it can be the healthiest way to acceptance. we accepted over iced tea and fried food...


and a little antiquing!
heather has that eye. she can sniff out a treasure in a room full of dusty crap like no ones business. she is amazing in that way. she could accessorize a brown paper bag to look good... as a dress. ha.




i found the most beautiful white lace table cloth that i dream of hosting a vintage tea party with. it's divine and old and i felt like i won the lottery when the tag said $28 and the owner hooked me up and let it go for $10. i'm not sure if that means it will fall apart after one use, but i don't care.

then, we all went to a japanese steakhouse...
where the kids are riveted to what's being cooked in front of them...
and where they get to eat, "with small shovels, mama!"
and with a bonus...auntie hi-0! maybe the best auntie in the entire world! we love her and we miss her so much.
we have lived apart for years now, but i still feel like a piece of me is missing with her not around.
love you, heather. happy birthday.
living this life to the fullest had us making an impromtu visit to isle of capri after heather left. we only had a couple hours of light left and it is a 30 minute drive, but without thinking about it much we changed out of our pj's, ran to the car with a few towels and a change of clothes for the kids and it. was. worth. every. bit. of. rushing it.

we made it in time for some of the sunset and that was exactly how i wanted to end the week...






kells, thank you for taking these photos for me to wrap up my 34 years. love you.





~in my 34 years i have learned so much about life and what happiness is to me. i have so much to be grateful for but most importantly i have healthy kids, family, and friends.

~i used to worry about the day i would see the extra lines i see in these pictures...bring it! life lived, baby!
~happy that growth and understanding and acceptance (of others and of myself) is easier as the years pass.
~knowing that a simple smile can make someone's day a little better.
~knowing that parenting, for me, is really about loving and listening more than anything else i think i need to be doing.
~laughing. it heals. being goofy...even better!

there you have it, my short,somewhat cheesy and emotional brainstorm of a list about what i've learned this year.



and a couple of sneak peeks of two beautiful families...

loving, beautiful, fun, and up for anything. my kind of shoot.
thank you, natlalie for letting my capture your little ones.

and our friends who also share our love of isle of capri...



goodnight. to the readers of this little ole' blog...thank you. the amazing friends i have made on here, i hold you dear to me.



iColossus / Monster said...

Yay, good that I live on the West Coast and can leave the first comment!

You, Heidi, also have "the eye." I can tell with your beautiful photos!

Speaking about body also have beautiful TEETH. I know, a strange thing to say but it has to be said.

Happy birthday, fellow Virgo, haha! Be happy that you share a birthday with your sister and not Wacko Jacko. Yep, so much for astrology.

And the pics of you with your kids kissing you? GORGEOUS! Framers.

Love you, miss you...

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!!!

Looks like a great day!!
You sister is your twin?? Wow, you really do look alike....beautiful!!!

I am celebrating my 35th tomorrow...I too am embracing getting older. I am so happy with where life has brought me with my beauiful babes, loving family and great friends!!! We are blessed!

Cheers to us, and another year!!!



Molly Melnick said...

Happy Birthday. I finally have you on my blog list so I get to read you as soon as I see something new. What a cute mama you are. I think birhtdays's are so much more fun after having kids because teaching them to celebrate life is such a gift for everyone!! Here's to a fun year and many more to come.

Kelle said...

Finally! I new birthday post. Aw, I love that you and your sister got to have so much fun together...and the owl glasses? please tell me you bought them! Love the pics and that you drove out just for the's so worth it. xoxo Happy Belated B-day, my friend

Tisha said...

happy birthday!! i'm so glad you did it up right! love the pics as always. now where's the pic of the tablecloth?

i didnt know you were a twin, happy birthday to your sister too! :)

Sallinger said...

What a fun post to wake up to, thanks for sharing your life! Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

You're a twin? How fun! Happy belated birthday! It's been so fun reading your posts over the last little while, I hope you have a great year and that those wonderful kids of yours continue to shower you with kisses!

Kara Brown said...

Happy Birthday!!
Wonderful post and great pictures!! Glad you had a good BD!

Kara Brown

Jen Biasi said...

You're so gorgeous, I can't take it. Love you. Love this post. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.

Daniele said...

Happy birthday!! You have a twin? So cool!
I'm on the countdown to 30 right now...6 months left of my twenties. I think just saying I'm in my thirties will take some getting used to...I'm so looking forward to them though, the women of my family always tell me that your thirties are the best years of your life =)

April said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi! What a fun birthday post. So glad you got to spend time with your womb-mate and even catch an IOC sunset ... just perfect.

PS - Congrats on your pics making their way to the pages of parents magazine!! How amazing. I was crazy scouting the magazine section of target looking for my copy :)

Amie said...

Your family is beautiful, Heidi. Happy 34th Birthday! (Mine is coming in a couple of months, too.) Glad you got a day filled with what YOU wanted to do!

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

That is wonderful! Happy birthday Babes! Nothing is much better than antiquing with your Sis, I know! You are one stunning Momma and it's been so fun connecting with you on here! I hope that this year you are spoiled rotten with many more moments of nail polishing and boysie loving procrastination! xoxox :)

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

Happy birthday again and I can see it was everything you wanted. The kids looked super cute and as always, love the Isle of Capri pics. I can't get over how much Heather DOES look like you...or you look like her? LOL either way. Super cute the both of you are!

Taylor K said...

VERY happy birthday to you. My sister came for my birthday last month and it was exactly what I needed. I'm glad your sister could be there for yours.

Rosa said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! I loved 34 (the year I had my first baby). Alas, in a couple of weeks I turn 40 ugh. It really does just sneak up on ya! Thanks for making me smile...p.s. I refuse to turn 40 until midnight on the night before my birthday :p

Joann said...

Great post. Love your blog!
Happy Birthday!

Kate said...

What a beautiful and stunning 34 princess you are. Happy Birthday my friend, and may your year ahead be filled with countless blessings with those you love. Great photos Heidi, now I got my fix for the weekend ahead. Sending you love from Cali


Tammy B said...

Happy Birthday my friend. It sounds like you had a great time, and how awesome is it that not only did you get to spend it with your family, but your sister too? And that sunset at IOC, beautiful. O how I can't wait to get back down there!

Here's to wishing that your next year is as good as your last. May you laugh at least once everyday.

SDM said...

happy happy happy belated birthday!!! cheers to a beautiful 34 year old!!

Maria said...

A belated Happy Birthday & congrats on the photos in Parents Magazine.
You two could rule the world. I'm so excited for both of you.

Aysha said...

Happy Birthday to you and your twin (how cool!). I am turning 33 on Sep 15 and kept nodding 'yes' to each of the things you listed about what you learned this year ... great list!

Your photos are simply beautiful and your children are stunning.

All the best for your 34th year ... :)

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday heidi!!!
been following your blog for a while now, your kids are too delicious for words. PLEASE tell me you bought those owl glasses??!!
Lindsay :)

J Scheppl said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the pictures of you and your little ones! BEAUTIFUL!

Patti said...

Happy belated birthday! That is so sweet that your sister flew out to visit two look incredibly alike. You must be indentical twins? The pictures Kelle took of you and the children are gorgeous- I think you should use them if you ever change your banner!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! You seem to be doing such a great job balancing it all and enjoying the gifts of life. I sent you a msg with a sweet story about boys loving their mamas!

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kacey Haffner-Bruce said...

I am a twin to!! and a virgo!! and OBSESSED with mamma mia! I based my wedding around the movie wedding.. and honeymoon'd in Greece!
I hear you on missing your twin.. its a great bond that many people dont understand :)
happy belated to you!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!!! I wish I lived near you, I would take you out for a birthday martini!!! Looks like you celebrated to the max!!! Beautiful Beautiful!! xoxo Abbey

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday heidi! We must be close...mine is the 2nd, when is yours? No wonder I feel so in touch with you, us Virgos...stick together! Love all your pics but guuna keep this short my fave- you and your kiddies in color you looking up and them as well...LOVE. IT. Blow it up large and hang it front and center that, my friend, is what love looks like!! Happy 34th!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think what shines through in all that you write and the photos you take are all the things you mentioned you have learned in you 34years. You friend are the real deal. I love that you love your babies the way I love my baby. I remember the moment they put Gracee in my arms...I too forgot that Gregg had become a parent..actually I forgot Gregg even existed!HA! It was as if the stars and moon aligned and the earth stopped for that one moment and it was just my moment. I would have to say that my favorite thing about your blog is that when I read your blog it is like reading chunks of my life and how I feel at times.

You and your sister are drop dead gorgeous...God must have thought so as well because he made two of you!
I love the antique/thrift shop my neck of the woods the only thing we have more of than barns and churches is antique/thrift/second hand shops. Seriously it is like a sports event when we girls go. Don't get in between me and something fabulous because I might hurt you!!

Happy birthday Heidi and I hope the next year brings you more love, laughter and brings us more of your incredible blogging. ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy 34th Birthday Heidi and Heather!! You two are gorgeous!! I'm a twin too!! Isn't it FUN celebrating your day with someone so special!!
I've been following your blog for sometime now but first time to comment. You take the most breath taking photos!! I have a passion for photography and I've been inspired by your beautiful work. I also enjoy reading your blog-not only do you write with inspiration, you are soooo FUNNY, you truly crack me up! Rocking it out to Dancing Queen with my girlfriends as a grown-up (ABBA was my band as a young child, so I rocked it out back in the day) is also on my bucket list-LOVE ABBA!!
Your posts make me smile...the big kind that stretches from ear to ear!! Thank-you!!
Congrats on your photos making their way into Parents magazine along with Kelle's amazing birth story-that Mama and her baby Nella are changing the world I tell ya!!! And you're a gem of a friend to Kelle!! You two and your fun-loving-crazy ways remind me of my soul-sister friend :)
I could go on and on, but I just wanted to wish you a happy-happy bday and thank-you for sharing your beautiful life!!
(from Calgary, Canada)

Anonymous said...

me again, I agree with the comment that you have to blow up that picture of you and the does scream out LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Beautiful kids Heidi!!

Anna Ruth said...

Happy late birthday! I love the pictures of you and the kids at the beach, just beautiful.

Shaams said...

Heidi...I just have to add (hope it's ok to put on here!) you and your sister have impecable skin, seriously impecable. what do you use? Loved the post, loved the pictures. As always, waiting for more! :)

christine said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Awesome blog:D

christine said...

PS I added myself as a follower to your blog! I hope that is OK?! Please visit my blog and feel free to add yourself as a follower:D

Kiki said...

I am so glad you had an awesome birthday!
You and your sister are both beautiful! I didnt get the womb mate thing and thought wow you look alike and then realised you were twins :)

Love the pics of you and your babies!

Kris said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Heidi! I hope your 34th year is filled with good health, and much happiness! Love the pics with the kiddos. So sweet.

Loosy said...

A twin? Very cool. And 34? Seriously. Get out. No way. You look all of 28. For reals.

A VERY happy and belated birthday. 34 has never looked better. ;)

Jen Bacarella said...

Hey you! Happy Birthday looks like it was a special day and the family took good care of you! Want to start planning our trip to Florida in January or February to hang out with you guys!

Heidi said...

woah, all of these sweet messages! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH...from the bottom of my heart!
omg, monster (nads)...lolololo. the teeth comment made me LOL!!! fo real!

rhonda, yes...twins. two sets in my family. another identical set 6 years younger. girls.

catholic mama, agreed. xo

daniele...thirties are the best. not sure why, but they just are. get excited!!!

tammy, sharone, &rosa & domestic diva. ah, thank you. me too!

maria & april...the parents mag is so beautiful. i forgot for a minute that they put my name on those photos...chills when i read your comment. i called my mom today and told her about it! she was all like..
WHAT?! how could you not have told me?" i'm like, "mom, i just did!" SOOOO excited for that but mostly for kelle. that story is real love man.

lindsay. no owl glasses. they were so expensive. antiquing in naples was fun, but expensive. i mostly window shopped, but i fell for those glasses. i think they were like $400...!

kasey, your wedding must have been stunning then! fave part...pierce singing in the funny. i love him.

kiki, christine, ar, jenny girl, everyone!!!
thank you. i had a great bday. low key and beautiful. fall is coming, kids are house is a pit, but life is good!!

wish i could have this whole group for coffee.
brooke, yes, stalk me. would love to meet your little cannon!
jenn, h to the YES!

April said...

a heidi comment, yay!

i just stopped by. just thinking there might be a new post ... just sayin'!!

The Manrings said...

happy happy birthday, birthday girl! this post is such a great snapshot of your happiness. love the black and white pics of the three of u on the beach. so much love! thought of you on your special day and sent you a text...glad to see it was a fun day.! was fun seeing you at the preschool the other morning, even though it was so quick! that was my first time bringing samantha fun. xoxo

Carrie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Heidi! Thank you for sharing a piece of you with all of us - I so enjoy reading your blog!

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