Thursday, September 23, 2010

11 years & the tooth fairy!

i look back on my wedding photos and for the first time ever, they finally look really, really old. you know what i mean. it's like when you discover an old wedding album of your mother's or your grandmothers and you touch each page gingerly and you imagine what it must have been like to think it was really cool to wear your hair like that or wear a dress of that style.

well, my photos have the 'feel' now. i wonder what peyton will think when she looks at my album? with eyes of someone with an opinion on what a wedding should be or look like. now, when she cracks open our album she says things like, "mommy, you look so different," or "you are a princess in these pictures," or "mommy, you had a party and i wasn't there."
(insert sad face followed by pouting and the 100Th explanation that she wasn't born yet)

"well, if i was born then, would i be at your wedding?"

"yes, honey. of course you would be. you would have dressed up like a princess just like mommy!"

the reason i even picked up my wedding album was because it was mine and jeff's eleven year wedding anniversary last week. i can't even believe that is possible, but it is and add two little kids to the mix and we are officially a little family of our own. darwish powers unite!

i've gotta say...i love that feeling. the feeling of being a grown-up and having our own little way of life. our own traditions and routines. our way of doing things, right or wrong, the little things that make us 'darwish-party of 4!'


happy anniversary, jeff! i love you.



i love our beautifully unique, imperfect, and lovely life together. i love that we keep 'growing up' together and in a lot of ways still learn new pieces of one another.


(j and i wanted to replicate this photo of my mom and dad at their wedding in 1977! i just love this photo of the two of them)



guess who stopped in for another visit?



the tooth fairy (daddy), left a note that mommy didn't know about until after peyton discovered it under her pillow. it said something like this:

peyton, congrats on losing your second tooth. i am so proud of you for not are such a big girl. i just wanted to say, next time you have loose tooth and it feels ready to come out-daddy's are the best people to pull them out! they know how to do it just right and it won't even hurt.

again, i am so proud of you. i love you.


the tooth fairy.

ahem. daddy thinks it's some rite of passage of being 'the daddy' to pull out any and all wiggling teeth in this house (please note: i disagree). i had to laugh last night when, again, peyton came to us with her tooth in her hand and proud smile on her face. i looked up at jeff and it between the hoorays and hugs, he was mouthing to me...

"i didn't get to pull it out...again. i'm supposed to get to pull it out."

ha. ha. ha.

anyway, it all went well again and i'm pretty sure peyton is getting used to this whole money under her pillow thing. although, she said she made a wish on a wishing star last night that the TF would bring her a baby. so, this morning, she kept looking around the house, the closet, her drawers, until finally she gave up on that and focused in on the fairy dust. less fairy dust than before per her request, but dust just the same.



then, she woke her brother up to share the news. quite honestly, i think he's tired of being so supportive of this tooth fairy thing. after all, he's not getting any under-the-pillow-treats, but he's still going strong and with no complaints...yet.



i love you so much, peyton mae. you are my little sweet girl and i am so proud of you and the little girl that you are.

you have such a sweet and caring heart.




our little guy woke up on the sick side today. our sweet little baby boy. he was sad at first, but after daddy left...he and i just cuddled and watched tv for a while. he asked me to scratch his back and lay down with him and it felt so good to turn off the responsibilities and to do lists and just make him feel better. no better excuse to play zingo four times in the middle of the day.

sick cuddles is what i call it. is that weird? maybe, but i kinda look forward to these days.

and then, p kinder teacher called and said peyton wasn't feeling well. i nearly tripped over my words as i pushed out, "i'll be right there. on my way."

i was there in record time and as i walked into the office, i saw her sad little face behind the big desk. she was holding her teacher's hand and i couldn't get to her fast enough. i didn't understand why that moment felt so important for me? why i needed to be there as soon as i could possibly find my keys and get becks in the car? why i felt such a wave of emotion at seeing her face...after all, i could see instantly that she was fine. i think it was more of a i-miss-my-mommy sickness than anything else (that and it was hot outside and she didn't wanted to go to P.E. and 'get hot and feel worse'-i heard this later).

i think it is because i have never really been away from her when she's not felt well. rather, she's never been in the care of someone other family for such long periods time and when she has become sick. i guess a part of me wanted her to know that,

hey, i'm still here, baby. whenever you need me, big or small...mommy's here.

it's funny how we grow emotionally. you don't always know what will trigger a reflective moment, a moment in time that may open the door to their little hearts or minds. their concerns, maybe their fears. my concerns, my fears.

it was my need to let her know i was there when she needed me.

here i go again on one my deep tangents on motherhood and how our roles keep changing and how it takes some getting used to. it is amazing and it sucks all rolled into one big fat cheesy burrito.


last week, beckham and i made bran muffins! they were soooo good. could have been better had i had molasses in the house or had thought to use honey, but this was a spur of the moment activity and it was fun and delish.







oat bran muffins with applesauce

1/2 cup light brown sugar, lightly packed

1 1/2 cups of all natural oat bran

1 1/2 cup of all-purpose four

1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda

2 large room temperature eggs

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup of chilled applesauce

5 tablespoons unsalted room temp, butter

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

teaspoon vanilla

1 mashed up over-ripe banana (because i had it in the house, but i loved the favor)

preheat oven to 400 degrees

line muffin cups with liners

combine the bran and applesauce in a bowl and let it sit.

in another bowl, mix together the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon.

in a third bowl, cream together the butter, sugar, vanilla until fluffy...about three minutes with a hand blender.

then, add the eggs slowly. then, add the bran/applesauce mixture.

with a mixer set to a low setting, add the dry ingredients to the batter, be gentle. do not over mix the batter. finally, fold in the mash banana. ( i think you could add one additional banana if you have one.

spoon batter into cups, let them sit ten minutes, and then pop them into the oven. bake for 15-20 minutes or until they are golden brown.

***note, i over baked mine...not fun! i would set the timer for 15 minutes and check for doneness.

****also note: i'm not a professional baker, so if the steps seem off, they may be, but this is what worked for me:) i welcome any baking suggestions that is for sure!




beckman LOVED these and they are healthy! he asked if i would pack all of them in his lunch box!


and from a mama that does know how to bake...


this is just a sneak peek of the party she threw for her babies, sophie and griffin, peyton and beckham's cousins.

that is for the next post which i will do in a couple of days.

and as promised, i dug up the link for my photog Q&A that may answer some of the emails i am getting. i don't mind answering questions, so keep them coming if you think i could help, but this is easier since i already answered these.

i will be adding this as a tab next to the other two tabs under the header, but until then...

HDP Photography Q & A

dinner idea:


i know it's fall, but i had a ton of peppers left over and i had to use them up, so i used some to make

grilled brats on grilled potato hot dog roll, covered in peppers and onions that i sauteed with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and one of salted butter (i didn't say it was healthy).


i served it up with boiled corn on the cob. easy, cheap, and it may inspire a dinner one night when your mind draws a blank:)




iColossus / Monster said...

Ooooh, catching up on a couple of posts here; it's been busy going to Chicago and now catching up!

Aw, Heidi-girl, you were a beautiful princess of a bride - so full of bride-full promise and that glow!

Looks like Peyton's first lost tooth is already growing back? She's such a cute fun girl. And wish Becks and Mingus could play together...I know they would get on like hotcakes.

Speaking of hotcakes, love all your cooking pictures and your IOC pics as well.

Miss you too much!


Kenzie Rice said...

LOVE the idea that you reinacted the photo of your parents. darling! on another note..the pics of beckham baking with you just melt my heart. truly. i adore watching the beautiful bond between a mommy and her boy. there's something so..unique about it! of course any relationship with a mother and her little is lovely to behold..BUT. is there anything sweeter than a little boy who just can't survive without his mama!? naaah :)

Patti said...

I can't believe my daughter posted a comment before I did- MACKENZIE YOU BRATTY!! you didn't tell me Heidi posted :P
I looooove the first wedding photo! I wanna go back and get married all over again and pose like that! You were a gorgeous look like your mama! Happy belated anniversary:)
Such a sweet story about Peyton wanting her mommy! And Beckham looks so pitiful on his Daddy's lap, of course you had to play zingo 4x!
The recipes look nummy, can't wait to try..
As usual, another fabulous post. Coming here is like opening up my favorite magazine, only better!

Jen Biasi said...

Great pix and recipes! I definitely need to snap out of my McDonald's - slash - frozen food rut and use some of these recipes. Soon. Happy Anniversary!!!!! (Will we be seeing u at the beach tonite?) xo

Kelle said...

Aw....the picture of Beckham sick and sad broke my heart! love Nad's term "get on like hotcakes." Hmmm...I'm going to have to say that now. Love your wedding pics and Jeff's little round spectacles too. And Peytey's second tooth...girl's on a roll! Miss you and the kids. Okay, Jeff too. Ha xoxo

Anonymous said...

Heidi, thanks so much for all the great pics and love that you shed on both your kids. Seeing the way you love Beckham really helps me to see what it will be like with a little brother to keep my princess company. I always wanted 2 little girls but through your blog I'm seeing the joy of a little girl and boy together. Thanks again!

Steven said...

No TEARS - Awesome. Yes, dad is the best teeth puller.

the tooth fairy

Free coupon code to share: Fairy-Proof

Daniele said...

Happy anniversary!
I know what you mean about the wedding book! Our 9 year anniversary is in about six months...I remember when we looked at it this year too... while I wouldn't say it looked old, it is starting to look the slightest bit dated. Can't even imagine in like thirty years when our photos will be *those* old photos our grandkids are looking at! ;)

Rebecca said...

This is lovely. We've all been battling yucky colds and celebrating our anniversary this week (from here to Cali b/c Josh is on tour for six weeks!) Have a lovely, beautiful week! xo

Heidi said...

you sweet!

steven, THANK YOU for the link. i can't b it was free! peyton will love the photo i just created for her. i will post it too!

daniele, perfect way to say it...dated! ha.

Kate said...

Hi Heidi
what a perfect way to start my Friday morning. I love looking at wedding photos, perks of the job. I just did a post and inserted a few of mine and they still look new haha since I'm still a newbie with only two years under my belt. Your babies are too precious I want to meet all of you one day and EAT at your house!! You are a super star mama you inspire me.

love from Cali xoxoxo


Rhonda said...

Oh that note from the tooth fairy just got me!!! How sweet is your hubby!!! Adorable!! Nothing more attractive then a father who wants to be that Dad!!! Tell him he made us proud!!!

Batman and those lashes...Beckham is going to be a heartbreaker!!

Those muffins look delish...going to try those....
Lunch time ideas would be so helpful....what are you doing for Peyton...We have a nut allergy and an egg allergy in our class...makes it tough!!
Lovely post and what a beautiful Bride!!1

Kris said...

Yum, Brats are one of my fave summer dinners! I must smother mine in peppers and onions next time.
Your wedding photos are gorgeous! Happy belated Anniversary!
The bond you have with your kids gives me the warm fuzzies. I just love reading your honest and insightful posts and can relate to them so much.
have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Andersen said...

Hi Heidi! I found your blog through Kelle's and fell in love with it last night! Gorgeous! You take beautiful photos and your children and just darling. Love it!

Would you mind sharing where you got the super cool safety bed rail on your son's bed and the to die for ruffled bed skirt on your daughter's bed? Absolutely dreamy!

Many thanks

Amie said...

1. Happy Anniversary! I think you look just the same, minus the big white dress, of course!

2. Sad, sad, pics of B being sick!

3. What is WITH dads and the tooth fairy?!

Sarah said...

I love it...the way you write and live and love.

So I have to share...I bought a canon rebel and am in love. Your and Kelle's blog inspired me to think I could do it, and it was worth the investment. Cheers...Sarah

April said...

Happy Anniversary, Heidi! My sister is out celebrating hers tonight ... September memories. So sorry to hear about your sick kiddos. I know those bittersweet moments, the ones where you can't stand to see them under the weather, but on the other hand you love that all they want is you loving on them!

Goodnight ...

Rhonda said...

So I tried the muffins!! Yum!!

I did do things a bit differently due to allergies at my kids school but basically followed your recipe to a T!

Instead of eggs, I added 3 tbs of cracked Flax seeds with 3 Tbs of water.
I only had about 1/2 c of Applesauce, so I added 1/2 c plus a couple of TBS of Balkam style plain yogurt to add some moistness.
Also, I was out of bananas but I did add a cup of Blueberry's which was delish, I gave them a wee bit of agave syrup just for good measure!! Next time I would add raisins.
These were so moist and so kids are raving about them.
And I love that they are chalked full of fibre!!
I took them out after 15 minutes, and they were perfect!!
I feel like a great mom today ;)
Thanks H!

Tisha said...

too sometimes almost get a little excited when my kids are sick and i get to stay home with them. :)

oh and you husband's note? hilarious and just too cute.

where'd you get the batman mask?

P-nut said...

Congratulations on your anni!!! you both looked beautiful then and even more so now (jeff has cooler glasses now too.. ha ha)
What a big transition time.. peyton in kinder and loosing teeth... seems like you're doing a fantastic job heidi!
those muffins look delish.. gonna have to try them!

Heidi said...

oh, missy, that makes me so happy!!! i never knew i wanted a boy until i had one and now i want every mommy to experience that lovin! however, sisters are the BEST so it's amazing both ways! xo

jennifer! my mother-in-law bought them here in naples at a place that has since closed. i will look up the brand and see if i can find them for you online!!!


rhonda...i want your muffins. they sound sooo good and so much healthier. flax seeds!!!! don't know:)

sara, CONGRATS! life changing that purchase. capture the details...the smallest little things, i find that those make me happiest when i look back on them!

april, miss you.

pnut, how are you?!! :) tisha...we're both guilty! , kristine, thank you so much!

Loosy said...

11 years? Wow. That means you were what, 24 yrs old? And although you were a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS bride I think you're only more gorgeous today. Your two stunning and extremely charming kiddos have brought out the best in you (And I only know this via blogging).

Please post more. I can't get enough of you and your cute little family in Naples.

SDM said...

hi! Ok... it's been forever since I've had a minute to comment... LOVE the pics from your wedding -- you were such a beautiful bride! we look back on our wedding pics and my girls are amazed at how daddy had hair back then -- haha!
so sad that your little guy wasn't feeling great! I'm not going to lie -- when my girls don't feel great I do enjoy the snuggles I get from them because when they are all well and running around there isn't much time for their mommy!!
can't wait to hear what Peyton thinks of "catching the tooth fairy in the act"... that would freak out my kids! as it is they are at that stage where a light must be left on for fear of i'm not sure what LOL!

Heather C said...

I saw your pictures in Parent's magazine and was curious if I can ask you a couple photography questions? I'm just learning the manual settings on my camera.... I am about to have a baby and I wondered what settings you'd recommend for hospital/birth pictures. I know the lightening in hospitals is weird so just wanted to ask your expertise :) Thanks!

The Manrings said...

so first....the muffins are calling my name. i'm jotting down the recipe to make very soooon. we are sharing in your sick days over here too..its never fun when they are sick. glad you were able to cuddle and play with beckham. oh and way to go peyton and the tooth fairy. wohooo! happy fall. hope to c u soon. xo

Heidi said...

heather c,
yes, just email me at


Esteban said...

Hi Heidi
I think that you should take a look to this guys in Spain. They are using one of your kids pictures to tell a story about an ill kid from a lone father from Chile. So or you have a double arround there or somebody is playing with your pics.

Hope it helps =(

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