Monday, August 16, 2010

french salt & the magic of a new season. (*giveaway)

i love to cook. not every single day, and not something elaborate enough to have me broke from collecting intense and exotic ingredients. however, i do love to cook, to create, to watch fresh ingredients come together in an explosion of color and texture.

i am not a chef. i have never gone to school and i learn so much from my sisters, my mom, and the food network. perhaps one thing i love the most to do in this world is to pour over cookbooks; the ones with the large glossy photos are my favorite. i would say that bags, shoes, scarves, and cookbooks top the list of my favorite things. okay, maybe Victorian homes, comedic love stories, and baby clothes rank up there as well.

my mother-in-law, or one the kindest, most generous women i know... thoughtfully orders two of every cookbook she buys that she thinks i'll like. she recently bought something called a Salt Box. it's used by chefs around the world for easy dispensing of salt or various herbs. i read in one of the many cook books that i read that your hands are your best gadget in the kitchen. ha. i'm pretty sure that's not how it went, but you get the picture. basically, you keep this box next to the stove for a quick pinch of salt when cooking. i LOVE it and i'm doing a giveaway for one on this post!!!

i'm also giving away
an amazing french salt to be used sprinkled on the food after it's been cooked and before serving.

good luck and next week i will be posting some of my favorite recipes on a more regular basis. I've had some requests for the chocolate cake
recipe with ganache frosting and that will be my first one!


sometimes, i think too much. i analyze too much. i feel too much. ha, i know that sounds funny, but it's true. i have so many thoughts running
through my head about my baby girl going to kindergarten in a week & my baby boy starting pre-k for a few days a week. those thoughts have
been violently invaded by my suitcases that remain untouched and resting in my closet since returning home from michigan last night.

my husband and i are in this weird transitional phase where we will have no kids in the house three times a week, for about three hours each
of those days. i look over at him and realize that we no longer devour one an other's words or go to bed at the same time with me being a
night owl and him an early riser (re rocks out the gym at five AM. every morning i wake up to his kiss goodbye and feel proud of him for getting
up and another emotion pops up...gratitude. i'm grateful that i'm not up that early. ha.

we've decided to reconnect with one another with date nights and chats throughout the day alone. we may start camping more often. we just
feel lucky to have what we do and we want to take it for everything it's worth. it feels good to make those kinds of conscience decisions together.

my mind has been a like a train station of thoughts and ideas. it's that time of year. fall is coming and i do this every year. i want everything
to be in order for fall. the season of both peyton and beckham's birthdays. i can't wait to begin planning those. so far we have a superhero
party and another princess party...but i'm sure this will change.

another train arriving and departing the station is my quest for health this season. taking care of my body is taking center stage this year and
i can't wait to set a better example for the babies. in baby steps, we will learn how to eat 'cleaner,' cook healthier, and become more active.
do you ever have good intentions on starting a program, but a few days in kids, laundry and dirty toilets take precedent---that chocolate cake
at midnight was earned. i know it was sistah friend. i feel ya!

stay tuned for a couple of silly girls signing up for 5k's. over a couple of beers and a smiling nella bean, my bestie and i decided to do it...
together...cause that's the way we roll. that way if one of us doesn't make it...we can drag each other over that damn finish line. yup, i'd do it
for her 'cause i know she'd kick, roll, or drag it for me.

i am so excited to celebrate the rest of the summer by celebrating my home and my family. i have this overwhelming desire to hang a few photos,
paint something in my house a bright, eye catching color (just one thing), and hand twinkle lights on my patio for year round ambiance.

in fact, if you can send me a photo of your patio or outside space that you have made special by decorating it a certain way, or by doing
something in that space that you just love and it makes you proud to show off, i'll enter your name one more additional time in the drawing for the
salt box and fabulously french fleur de sel. i just want some good ideas on how to make my outside space that is crowded and in need of tlc,
a little more lovely and comfy.

a couple of my favorite things:
these freckles.
this quilt that was made for me when peyton was born by one of jeff's clients. at the time, i didn't respect the beauty of this quilt. the time and love
that must have gone into sewing the little dolls and farmer boys onto this quilt just amazes me. i leave it in michigan, so i can enjoy it all over
again whenever we visit.

another favorite thing: peyton eating her favorite food, bacon on the couch at evergreen while slowly waking up looking out at the rolling beach.

this ugly blanket. i have complained for years that Evergreen needs to upgrade these blankets that sit on the beds in the cabins.
well, this year, after the 22 years we have been visiting evergreen resort, they have finally started replacing some of the ugly yellow blankets
with prettier pastel colored quilts. oddly, i panicked for a quick second, that our yellow blankets may not be there next year. those blankets
that smell of the beach and wood from which the cabin is made of. i never want to forget them.

fall 'stuff' being sold at all stores now!!! i can't wait to garnish my door with a fall flavored wreath.

a sito, who takes over bath time and the kids who take advantage of the extra time they get with her.
my niece, evie.

my goofy girl and how much she loves her mama.

this little guy!
and my last of my 'favorite things,'
these kids. i adore these kids. my kids adore these kids. carin's girls. kelle's nieces. i didn't know it was possible to
love someone elses children as much as i love these kiddies. they are creative, fun, witty, and keep me busy. they live in michigan and we
try to get together once or twice when i am in town.
the lazy river with an impending thunderstorm made that much more divine. it was a fabulous gloomy day!

and then, off to the movies to see beezus & ramona in our pj's!


the anatomy of getting that perfect photo.

sunset, golden light. check.
all kids within earshot of my call for a cousin photo. check.
two adults behind me; one to clown around and make the kids look and laugh and the other; to run and wrangle the little buggers back
when they get antsy. check.
a patient photog. check.
with no more than one minute to make a miracle happen, this is what i got and it makes me happy in that perfectly imperfect kind of way.

a little more of what we love about evergreen:


and to end this really long post, i will tell you a little story about an ice cream truck.

this one, to be exact...

i was in the house helping my sister, heather prepare for a bbq she was hosting for us. i hear a screech, a trip, and the screen door slam so hard
that it brougt back memories of my childhood grounding for slamming the screen door one to many times. anyway, the screeching was
coming from my two kids.

"mommy, we need money. an ice cream truck is coming. can you hear it? can you hear the music?" i heard it. i heard it and all the memories
came rushing like a wave that crashes into a peaceful shoreline. i don't know what came over me, but without even thinking it through, i started
running! running like a bat out of hell. I started screaming, "really?! an ice cream truck is coming?! yes, i hear it. it's coming!"

i start booking for the front door, nearly knocking over my two jumping for joy kids. in a movement that can only be rivaled by a jungle cat
attacking it's prey in the open savannah grasslands (don't be impressed. i googled 'where do lions live.' LOL).

in one swoop, i missed knocking out the two and five year old, grabbed my camera, slipped on my shoes, opened and slammed the screen and
started screaming to anyone who would listen, "we need money. we need money. the ice cream man is here!!!!!"
(thanks auntie heather and gido for the cash!)

good grief. it was rediculous to all those watching except for the kids who were so happy that mama felt the ice cream truck was as important
as they did. what can i say? i was afraid it would miss us. come on, you've been there. at one point in your life, you sat at the end of your driveway
waving dollars in the air that you worked your ass off for (you begged your mom who was cooking dinner in the kitchen) and then...bam. that
driver didn't see you. hello. what's worse than that? hearing the truck, but not seeing it. i had good sniffing abilities. i would run outside and
point my nose,ears, and money in the direction of the music. sure, i did my fair share of running frantically down each street looking for the
truck too.

all in all, if you hear a truck and your kids come running in with little expectant faces...remember what it felt like to be able to CHOOSE your
own ice cream and then hand the money over to the driver. on a lucky day, you would get change back!!!!!

ha, happy summering.
email patio/space photos to


Belinda said...


I love your blog it's so lovely, EverGreen sounds perfect...

How do we enter this awesome competition is it just by commenting???

Hope all is well.

Terri said...

I am excited to read your recipes! Oh, and I still get way to excited when the ice cream man comes!

Kiki said...

Lovely Post

LOVE the pics of the ice cream truck! Also the one of you and Peyton :)

Cant wait for the recipes!

Tammy B said...

Glad you didn't hurt anyone running out to that ice cream truck! what kind did you get?
Love that pic of you and your girl, you guys are beautiful. Love your posts Heidi, so jam packed full of life.
Are you happy to be home? Is Peyton excited for school? Are you READY???


Anonymous said... would love my collection of cookbooks. When we redid the farm I added endless shelves for my ever growing collection. My favorites are my Nana's and some that came with an old house that we bought. The house looked like someone just walked away from it one day..the lady had a large collection of cookbooks and in it was a first edition "Joys of Cooking". I have to tell you when I saw it I felt like I had gone to heaven. I think my favorite thing about the book is the inscription "To Kappy, for your information and guidance, love Bob". Christmas 1932.

I ADORE your description of the ice cream truck and the emotions and energy that you get when you hear the music...I bet if I would have been there I would have kicked your butt and hit the truck faster than a speeding bullet!!! girl the neighborhood kids relied on me to pick up that sound with my super sonic ears and then to bellow with my sonic boom of a voice the location of that magical truck. You know the funny thing about growing old is we don't lose those little pieces of who we were when we were young..we are still kids at heart!

I do not even have to tell you how fabulous your photos are,but I will, just beautiful! Sorry this is so long but friend we had a lot of catching up to do! glad you are home with your "other half" (kelle), I think she was missing you! ♥

Sarah said...

What a fabulous mom you are!! I deep down dislike the ice cream truck, but you helped me with some perspective!!!

I love reading your thoughts on family, fall, health, decorating......and good luck on running. I signed up for a 1/2 marathon race in November and I think paying that entry fee is the next best thing to a trainer from the gym....Of course, you'll rock it out. I wonder if you'll be those girls who wear makeup on race days? I'm always curious/envious/smiling at those gals:)
Oh, and is Beckham only 2? He seems quite mature for 2...
Have a fabulous week! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Great blog, it looks like you've had a fantastic summer with the kids. I've tried a few of your past recipes with great success and look forward to seeing some more as we move into fall.

Tisha said...

ok so I am SO glad that I am not the ONLY adult that freaks when the ice cream truck comes!! Jonah is trained to hear the music and we both book it like a bat outa hell when we hear the truck.

and dont get me started on the food network! if i could only have 1 channel on my tv it would be the food network. there is ALWAYS something good to watch.

oh and if you like french salt you should try french sea salt butter. divinity!

Lisa Hewlett said...

You can totally do a 5K! I'm doing my first one since before I was pregnant 2 years ago on labor day - I'll drag myself across that finish line :-) You go girl :-)

Amie said...

Love this post! Great work on the photos, as usual. I think I must cook lke you cook! And I LOVE cookbooks- a major obsession!

Christy said...

Beautiful photos! I love your blog and look forward to some recipes!

Sarah said... and kelle should get nike can do little challenges together. they fit in a nano ipod.. you will have the best music to run to I'm sure of it!!!

SolDucky said...

Oh, your photos are so lovely. I love that quilt too!

Kelle said...

The ice cream truck!! I miss it! Oh my word, Evergreen looks like so much fun. Aw, I'm so glad you're home. Had so much fun last night. xoxo

Kate said...

Hi Heidi! I came across your blog from Kelle's Enjoying the Small Things and as I was reading through your recent posts I saw you made a stop at Guernsey's dairy! I live in Northville, Mi and stop by there at least twice a month. When I read your post I dreamed of my own someday babies sitting on those giant rocks licking messy icecream on a hot summer day! Love reading your blog and seeing your Michigan/Florida balance!

Kate from Northville, MI

Jen Biasi said...

So, first off? Awesome post. I love love love all of your pix, but especially the one of the red lake chair looking solemnly out over the horizon... Wonder what it was thinking about... And secondly, there was a story on NPR a few weeks ago on sea salt. How salt from every sea tastes different and how cooks have their personal faves, etc. (Also, I never knew you weren't supposed to add it to liquids, just stuff like proteins and greens. Hm. Maybe I will try it out on my 3rd-nite-in-a-row hot dog dinner tonite...) And lastly, am I the only one a bit taken aback by the ice cream truck driver's tattooed forearm? His ink reads "faith" one way and "truth" upside-down. Just. Like. "Illuminati" on The Davinci Code!! Something to think about the next time he hands your sweet, trusting children their treats. Perhaps he is a member of an ancient religious cult.

Sallinger said...

Love everything about this post, but especially: "we just
feel lucky to have what we do and we want to take it for everything it's worth. it feels good to make those kinds of conscience decisions together." That is my fav, almost makes me tear up! Keep making those decisions, that's what it's all about!! <3

Daniele said...

Oh my, I'd love to be in that adirondack right now :)

Can't wait for the recipes, and as always, love your photos!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

as always love the pics! and i love that you and kelle are gonna run a 5k! i'm gonna start doing that couch to 5k but after it cools down cause it's disgusting outside right now! the joys of living on the gulf, right? glad you're back home!

Rhonda said...

Great post...Love the Icecream truck story...too cute...beautiful pics as glad you and Kelle had a great night out!! Cant wait to hear all about your clean eating and your training for the run!!!

Jen Bacarella said...

So a part of me is so happy that you are nestled in your home in Florida but part of me longs for frequent dinners like we had the other night! Love the pics as always and the sea salt container looks way cool...ate a donut this weekend and thought of you :-)

Aysha said...

Although it doesn't happen anywhere near as much as I would like, I too love to cook an elaborate meal for my friends and family. I always look to my husband for his approval of the meal and a huge smile comes across my face when he says it's delish! Me and my kitchen would love that salt box and amazing french salt.

I love reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful photographs. You are an amazing photog and I aspire to be anywhere near as good as you one day. Sounds like you've had an awesome summer and I can't wait to read all about your adventures this fall as your babies start on new paths.

Looking forward to your recipes posts too for inspiration.

Happy running ... I'm sure you and Kelle will do amazing! Runners highs after a race are the best!!!

Adrienne said...

Aww Heidi Welcome Home!!! Love this post for so many reasons.
1. Love Evergreen and wanna go-don't know where it is but wanna go! "No one leaves Baby in the corner!"
2. You had me at Fall-LOVE it!! Perhaps because I have never really experienced a true fall (growing up on Marco Island). I long for leaves in shades of orange and red...this delicious cider and doughnuts you all talk of. Girlfriend wants to experience this so bad!!!!
3. Major life changes w/ your baby girl going to K and baby boy going to Pre is unsettling and different, but know that you have laid the foundation and given them wings to fly!
I too am about to embark on new adventures-returning to work after 8 years of raising my babes. Bittersweet!!! But we can do this as hard as it may be and know that you have a friend who will take extra good care of your boy while you are not there. My best to you in these life changing weeks ahead.

PS- Enjoy this special time w/ your husband you have earned it!!

Sam said...

I adore thumbing through cookbooks especially those with big glossy photos as well. Do you find you return to a select few cookbooks when it comes time to find a recipe or try something new? I do!

Heidi said...

oh, kate! awesome to hear from you. i hope that when you do have your future babies perched on those same rocks one day, that you will share those photos for me. full circle, baby. i can't wait.

my inlaws live in farmington hills, and we stay with them in the summer. we make it point to get to the farm at least once. maybe next year i;ll see you there. you can meet my crzy family.

they'll embarrass me in some small way, but i think that's what will make it so fun!

i couldn't read your comment without crying. i'm fresh off the emotional my-baby-is-going-to-kinder-and-so-is my-baby-boy...
no kids in the house for three half days...wth?

i've already plannned a brunch with my other friend who is sending her baby to kinder. we're hot messes. LOL

I LOVE LOVE LOVE and appreciate you being at becks school. loving that so much.

can't wait to see you at the open house.


sam, i am in love with giada delaurentis (sp) and ina garten. they are wonderfully clean and fresh ingredient cooks. they inspire me. check them out, they won't disappoint!

iColossus / Monster said...

Why, lookie here...Miss Mysto posts!

Miss you too, gurley.

Love the beautiful kids you've got there, Peyton with her soulful eyes and delish freckles and Beckman's beautiful smile and his gorgeous eyes! Sounds like you had an awesome trip, you are sooooo LUCKY!

One word: BACON.

Why, oh why on the bacon? Are you trying to torture me?

Here you on the getting-in-shape, healthy food thing.

The local 99 Cent Only store had a WAY too good price on Toblerone. Yeah, guess how much. Most places they are 3 bucks per. You know Toblerone, the Swiss chocolate that looks like a rack of mountains, pure chocolatey, nougaty bliss, and who can have just one mountain when there's a whole mountain RANGE to conquer and by gum, all that mountaineering and pretty soon oops, the whole thing is gone.

And the engagement ring doesn't fit anymore (ok that was years ago) and 10 pounds since the wedding has come and gone and eeek, now the fricking wedding ring has gotten too tight and where did those 3 additional pounds come from, WTF?

Course, I have NO motivation to exercise. NONE. ZERO.

But, I was whining about this with a friend today so we made a commitment, ha. We have to work out 3 times next week, at least 30 minutes of cardio (and a brisk walk counts.) OR


We owe each other fifty bucks.

Sooo, who knows? That might work!

Wow, this is getting way too long of a comment, you're not gonna read this.

Keep posting, post often!

Miss you, SO glad you're back in your nest!

April said...


We have returned home from our two-week stay up north. It was wonderful and fabulous and everything I hoped for and needed. It is so hard to leave, but, as always, good to come home!

I have some blog reading to catch up on. You'll be hearing from me again soon!!

PS - I didn't know your summer vacation destination was Farmington Hills!! That is where my cousins grew up ... crazy, crazy, stuff!!

Welcome home, Heidi!!!!!!!!!

Heather C said...

I love checking your blog (and Kelle's)....even though I don't know you two, I feel like I do. Does that make me a stalker? :) I love photography and cooking, and just being a mom so I feel like I relate to you guys in many ways. Anyways, just wanted to say you've got to try Ina Gartens recipe for Herbed Baked Eggs. It's my favorite recipe of hers and super easy for breakfast. I made it for my husband for Father's Day and now he wants it every weekend :)

Shaama said...

HAHAH! I love the ice cream truck and the description you gave had me rushing out the door right along with you!

Outdoor space? Yello, bright blue? Spice it up and have fun with it!

Glad your back, loving the post! Shaama

Anonymous said...

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Nadine said...

Love the pictures of Peyton climbing on the slide and your husband playing with the kids on the playground, so sweet.
Looking forward to your recipes...I need some new ideas!:)

Brandy said...

I wish our ice cream trucks has such an assortment! I'm jealous! My sister had super sonic hearing when she was a kid and could hear the ice cream truck about 30 minutes before it came to our block! I could hear it maybe a block or two away depending on the wind!
I'm really bummed I didn't get to go to a cottage this summer!

I love salt. I have 3 different kinds right now in my house! Smoked salt, pink salt and regular old sea salt! I grew up in a house without salt, yeah you read that right NO SALT. So when I got salt it was like my taste buds went bonkers!

Brandy said...

ps...put up some pics for you since you asked....

Anonymous said...

This post is filled with fun things to talk about and look at, but I will keep my comment simple.

Your family and friends are beautiful. If we lived closer I would have you and Kelle over for a BBQ.

Jennifer L

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