Sunday, August 29, 2010

a little magic always starts the day off right... (*and a giveaway doesn't hurt either)

out little girl's tooth surprised us all with a little wiggle here and there. we clapped, laughed, celebrated that little wiggle. we calmed fears that it wouldn't hurt and that daddy would NOT under any circumstances pull it.

with giggles of relief and anticipation of a special under-the-pillow treasure, peyton ran into the kitchen and yelled,
"mama, daddy...i think my tooth fell out!"



the celebration began...
with phone calls to family and friends and talk of a morning visit by the tooth fairy who, according to peyton, has some major magical powers because she told me she was going to ask the tooth fairy for some wings so she could be a fairy. then, quickly changed her mind because birds eat fairies and she didn't want to take the risk.


our sweet girl, she keeps on growing!

thinking quickly..."a mermaid! I'm going to ask the tooth fairy to turn me into a mermaid and i want her to give me a magical necklace that will turn me into a mermaid when i want and back into peyton mae when i want!"

"cool, peyton. i'm not sure the tooth fairy works that way, but if you see her when she comes in tonight, you should ask her!"

yes peyton, the tooth fairy will use her magic to lift your head off the pillow.
no, she will not forget where you live. promise.
i'm not sure how she get's into your room, but she will. promise.
i love you, goodnight.






the loot was a nice touch, but fairy dust kept her believing in the magic of it all...
however, i was told that she will be telling the tooth fairy, "No, fairy dust next time because it makes my room a little messy. do you think that will hurt her feelings, mama?"

peyton, we are so proud of you. what a big girl you are. love you, sweetheart.

every once in a while, i start to crave my mom's cooking. my mom cooks italian food the most, but also ventured out a little with other dishes that we came to love and find comforting. one of my favorites was stuffed peppers. she always cooked them in a rectangular pyrex and never made enough of the sauce to go on top. the polleti girls like their sauces!

so, with the craving kicked in, and without the metabolism of a 16-year old, i decided to make a healthier version instead of denying myself something i enjoy. they turned out really, really good!


healthy stuffed peppers
preheat oven: 400 degrees

2 red peppers, 2 green peppers, 2 yellow peppers
more than a pound of ground turkey
1 cup cooked whole grain brown rice (cooked in water with half chicken flavored bullion cube)
1 red onion, chopped
1 large can, peeled plum tomatoes, dice tomatoes & save juice.
two cloves of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon light extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons worchester
1/4 cup hand grated parmigiano reggiano cheese

**to add a little sumthin sumthin to the top of each pepper:
1 tablespoon ketchup, a dab of dijon mustard, and 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar, mixed with the remainder of the tomato juice from the plum tomatoes.

i chose to cook the turkey before i stuffed them for this recipe because i think it makes it more simple.

*first, heat oil in pan and soften the onions and garlic in a pan for about 4-5 minutes. add turkey meat and cook until done, make sure the turkey is crumbled up well. add the diced tomatoes and half the juice into the pan. season with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and worchester sauce. let simmer over low heat for ten minutes.

cut and clean your peppers. cut the top off, and use a knife and your fingers to clean the seeds out of the pepper. turn the pepper over and slice an X on the bottom of the pepper. you also may need to shave a bit of the bottom off so that the pepper will sit upright.

taste your meat. does it need more sea salt or cayenne pepper? if so, add it. you can also add fresh herbs such as thyme or oregano as well.

add cooked rice to meat and mix together.

place peppers in a pyrex or baking sheet and scoop the mixture into each of the six peppers. add your salty hand-grated cheese to the top (not much, just a little for depth of flavor and remember that we are trying to keep these healthier than the originals).

**you have a few options for the topping of these peppers...
1. pour the remaining juice from the plum tomatoes on top of each pepper and your done.
2. pour campbells cream of tomato soup over each one (my mom does that).
3. what i did:
in a bowl quickly mix together the remaining tom juice, ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar.

pour some on top of each pepper...pop the dish in the oven and bake for 40 minutes.
i served with green salad.







a while ago, a couple of friends and i were enjoying a rockin' brunch of bacon, waffles, coffee, and friendship. simple and perfect.

i notice that my friend was wearing a beautifully made necklace that held the finger prints of each of her children. i noticed how her hand would find it's way to the charms that hung from the chain as she spoke of her chldren. she would touch each charm without even knowing she was doing it. finally, i got a closer look...


they are so sweet and meaningful that i knew immediately what i wanted for my next birthday present.

tina steinberg of tina steinberg designs creates simple, classic, and most importantly; truly unique pieces of jewelry that represent the most precious people in our lives.


her pendants and charms are made with sterling silver and your loved one's fingerprint. oh, i love them and i can't wait until i get mine in a few days.

one of my fave pieces is from the love touch collection...

tina also designs a line of lockets...

tina has generously offered to give one of my readers some free lovin': a single love touch pendant valued at $135! holla!!!

what do you have to do to get in on this action?
it's as easy as leaving me a comment...leave me some love and tell me about one thing that inspires you to get motivated in the morning? what helps set you off in the right direction and mindset. what gets your creative juices flowing...

the problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.
~ dee hock

could be a cup of coffee with enough cream and a dash of cinnamon. maybe it's a song that gets you moving.
maybe its a morning conversation with your little innocent one. the purring of the washing machine; the way the sunlight enters your home in the morning; a morning run; a pair of jeans that fit just right...

yes, tooth fairy magic is special, but we are at the mercy of little dangling teeth, so her visits are few and far between so sometimes we need to seek out what inspires us in our lives. if you look around, you are sure to find what that something may be if only for today.

tina was inspired by her children and a dream to begin her line of treasures; the beauty of life and the memories that keep us young. i love that. that girl is a doer, a passionate and creative mama that just does what's in her heart and that is some good inspiration! you can also check her out on her facebook page here.

are you following me? simply comment and inspire the rest of us to a more fabulous day! let's face it, sometimes we need a little pick me up. hell yes, we do!! nothin' wrong with that. ha!

here's to you finding your magic and, making it through these first few weeks of school. holy busy we have been.


Anonymous said...

She's just going through one milestone after another here, your little Peytey! Oh man! Such a sweet lil pumpkin :) Magic is wonderful.

The giveway...oh my word! YA! So what gets me motivated in the morning.

Well I have three children, each beautiful and different in their own unique way. I love how my eldest(4) comes straight into our bedroom in the morning, quietly slips under the covers and snuggles in between daddy and me. I love how my little little one, coos and talks so we know she's awake, and when I go get her out of her crib, I get the sweetest biggest toothless smile, which could melt a solid block of butter on a hot sidewalk in less than a minute(you like that huh!?!!)
AND I LOVE my sweet and sensitive middle guy, who can't sit still for more than a minute, but that precious minute is used by giving me the sweetest love and snuggles, that I can go on to face the fiercest and wondrous of days ahead.
I am seriously in love with those babes, and I am honored and blessed to stay each and ever day at home, loving on them, and having them love me back.


Patti said...

oh darn, I thought I would get to be the first comment:) Been waiting all weekend for the recipe for the peppers, woohoo! I'm going back to read the rest of your post now...

Bernice said...

Your posts are so inspiring. I love this one about the tooth fairy! What inspires me each morning is the thought of revelling in the wonderment of my one week old daughter growing each second. Those fingerprint pendants are lovely! I could imagine rubbing mine just as you described if I were to win this giveaway. :)

Kate said...

Hi Heidi
ok I am going to sound like a spoiled princess here but this is it. Every single morning and I mean Every my hubs comes in with my coffee even before I pull back the covers and has my coffee made perfect with my creamer and sugar places in on my night stand. Then pulls back the covers to find my face and gives me the fist kiss of the day and whispers "how's my girl this morning" at 44 it doesn't get any more motivating for me than that. Your give away is amazing as so it your beauty Peyton. Excited about your giveaway.

sending youlove

Patti said...

OMG this is so easy- in fact, I was just about to blog about this tomorrow. It's like it was meant to be or sumthin:)
My 10 year old makes THE PERFECT cup of tea for me- every single morning. (I trained him!) He brings it to my bedside first thing in the morning in my favorite giant red starbucks cup. Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast tea is heaven in a cup! Seriously- I feel like I can take on the world each morning since Caleb started doing this 6 months ago! morning devotions. I need that time to connect with God and get my priorities for the day right. I suffered from very real depression awhile ago and one of the things that pulled me out was starting my day out this way, and thanking God for very specific things in my helped keep my mind from the downward spiral that was threatening to take over my life, and set the stage for the rest of the day.

Thanks for the awesome chance to win, good thing it's a single pendant or I'd be doubled over at the neck with all my kids' fingerprints, ha.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my bloggy;)

Belinda said...
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Belinda said...

Hi Heidi!
Oh yay another give-away!!
Well I have no babies (yet...)
But during the week what really gets me up and moving is my little wallaby I am caring for (Paddington) he nudges, licks, sniffs my face until I wake up stumble out of bed to make his bottle & my coffee and we sit on the kitchen floor together every morning... He is so incredible. It motivates me to get going, help him get bigger & stronger (as he soon will be going into a slow release program so he can go back into the wild). It is so rewarding caring for Australian wildlife and being able to spend time with such incredible creatures it really inspires me to do better things. Just watching him skip around my house, follow me & sometimes if I'm lucky snuggle me is the most amazing reward...

But on the weekends what also inspires me to get out of bed and enjoy the weekend is my fiance' it's always exciting to have a little sleep in then get out of bed and plan a fun day together even if it is doing yard work it's great to have him home for a day or 2 and spend time with him!

I have a lot in my life that inspires me... So I think I'm pretty lucky.
These necklaces are beautiful and I would love one with my fiance's print in it so I always have him close to my heart even when he is working or is away.

Heidi, I really love your blog it's so lovely and inspiring you get me excited to have babies (well one day... )
There are pictures of 'Paddy' the wallaby on my blog.

Kenzie Rice said...

heidi- my mom (patti) just started following your blog and told me to come check it out. and ohhh what a darling blog this is! your children are absolutely beautiful. precious. i can't wait to read more! i'm just starting to really get into photography so i've decided to save for a nice camera, and take some classes at a community college close by. photography is my passion. i'm trying to make do with the camera i have now, which is not that great..maybe you could stop by my blog and give me a few pointers! teehee;) i'd love it!

Esther D said...

What inspires me in the morning is the way the sunrays hit my room. I used to have room darkening shades and ditched them when we moved. Out with the drab, in with the light and sun, and fun, giggling mornings snuggling in bed with my son. :)

Terri said...

I will have to try that pepper recipe! How exciting that she lost her first tooth and I love the fairy dust! Where did you get the cute tooth fairy bird!? The necklace is beautiful and I love that your friend touches hers when she speaks about her children. My guess is that you will also.

Heather said...

Love that I found your blog! Love the pics. And love the LOVE you have for your children!

What gets ME motivated in the morning? Well, this morning it's the chocolate chip pancakes made from scratch. Made just because it's a Monday. And just because I love hearing my 2 year old called them "chocolate chippy's".

They taste good. But not as delicious as watching my two little guys (a 2 year old & a 9 month old) play at my feet as I sip my coffee, inhale a pancake, and bask that I get to do this every day.

Congrats to your little girl on that little missing tooth!

Anonymous said...

What gets me going each day is the promise of another precious day- spending time with my little boy, knowing that this little fetus is growing inside me and needs me to thrive, my loving and understanding husband, my wonderful sisters and brother and family members. Since having a child of my own, I have realized how wonderful (and short!)life is.I try my best to live each day to the fullest (try is the key word). I love your blog. I found it through and I keep coming back. Those necklaces are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Heidi! Great post. You are so inspiring! What gets me going in the morning is hearing that little 1.5 yo voice over the monitor quietly saying Mama, mama, mama.... It's just so precious and melts my heart.

Shaams said...

What an exciting post! Delicious stuffed Peppers and a visit from the tooth fairy! I still remember when the tooth fairy would come to my house. What gets me motivated in the morning? The promise of a bright, new day! Everytime my feet hit the floor I think, it's a new day and it is going to be the best day yet! A silent prayer to ask for help to get through the day always helps to. Each day holds the promise of being the best day we have ever lived! Other days have been great so who wouldn't want to get up and have the best day EVER? Get up! There are great things to be done today! :)

Rhonda said...

Oh so many magical moments!!!
Can the Tooth Fairy bring enough magic and fairy dust to keep these littles right where they are!!!
Stop growing so fast babies, its not fair!!!

My favorite time of the day, is when I am up and getting ready for work in the silence of my house where my babes are sleeping....and I am just about to walk out the door, when I see/ hear the bedroom door creaping open ever so slowy and I see that little face running to give Mum a hug before I leave for work is heavenly....and hearing that Mummmy, Mumm, is pure BLISS!!!!

Daniele said...

Holla!! lol ;)

- Congrats on the tooth...all of these milestones for your big girl! (speaking of milestones my 1 year old started walking Friday!)
- Yummmm, I loooove stuffed peppers.
-Awesome giveaway!

In the morning, no matter what season it is or what the weather is like the first thing I do is open every single set of blinds in my downstairs. I love the morning light, our backyard looks so pretty... we face north so the light is soft and gentle. I always then turn on my laptop and send my husband a love note, he goes into work really early. I make the girls' breakfast, then I get them from their rooms and we come down and I sit them on my lap on the floor for some snuggles before they eat (unless they're starving and are just like mama give me my food haha). After they're done eating and they start playing, I often check blogger :) ... because honestly, I find a lot of inspiration for my day from many of the blogs I read. Yours being one of them! :)

Daniele said...

oh and of course every morning contains the perfect cup of coffee. :D

Anonymous said...

First, I love your blog. I found you through your friend.. and am equally inspired by YOU! Love you pics, your kids, your family, and your RECIPES!
I am inspired to get up each day and get ready for work ASAP, so I can enjoy (even if only 15-20 minutes) QUALITY time with my babes before I go to work. I want to make sure I get good snuggles, feed them, laugh with them, and love them before I loan them out to our nanny.
Thank you Heidi, for helping me appreciate every moment I have with my kids. You help me work towards being the mom I always wanted to be! (and even if I don't win.. I am SO ordering that necklace)

Kara Brown said...

Love this, congrats to Peyton!
Actually what gets me moving in the morning is hearing my son who just turned two in his crib waking up, he is so sweet in the morning all he wants is me, and it makes me open those eyes and jump up to start the day. :)

Kara Brown

lynne said...

My morning inspiration comes from welcoming the new day with a grateful heart. Before I even get out of bed I quietly whisper a thank you to God for the blessings the day will hold.

And by the way, you are absolutely right, Heidi...she will always need you, only sometimes she might not let you know it. Trust me, my "baby" is 26 yrs. old and I love it when she calls me and says, "I just need a little mama time."

Tammy B said...

oh, the first tooth. What a huge milestone right on top of Kindergarten. Glad you guys are hitting your stride down there with school starting. Still trying to find our groove up here with school and schedules and all. I tend to get way stressed out when we have to adopt a new schedule!

Love the fairy dust, you never miss a detail, do you?

And what gets me going in the morning? I love a nice cool breeze and lots of sunshine. It's amazing what some sun and cool air can do for your outlook on the day. And coffee of course!

Suzi said...

Hey Heidi!
Congratulations on Peyton's tooth. Such an exciting time for her. and you!
Love the photo of Beckham looking in Peyton's mouth.
What gets me going in the morning is getting up a little earlier ten my daughter(two) and listening to her wake up. She usually starts with a "i'm a stretching mama" then reads one of her many books and then calls for me. love. love. love. it.
Have a super day!

Lisa Hewlett said...

It's simple for me - Just knowing that 30 minutes after I get up, I get to go in and be the first to see Jack's smile as he realizes I've come to get him - that gets me ready for the day :-)

Congrats Peyton Mae on your first lost tooth!

Tisha said...

yay for peyton! kindergarten and a tooth all in 1 week!

as for morning...i am not a morning person...before i was nursing it was coffee. now its my baby nursing in the morning! nothing like a sweet little body nuzzled up to mine to make the morning great!

Amy said...

Sounds of make believe and song coming from my girl's room.

Cold breeze through the window over my head.

Warm cat nuzzling my face looking for breakfast.

Really great commercial free morning radio show.

Strong, hot coffee made by my love.

Morning chit chat over cereal and apple sauce with my gal.

If it wasn't for all of that to get me going, there would be no get-going goin' on...


Amie said...

What gets me going in the morning? Hitting the gym. Nothing like sweating out all the stress and getting a new start each day! Every mom should get sixty minutes of time with her thoughts every day-the BEST medicine! What a special giveaway-its beautiful!

Love your tooth fairy magic and B's big beautiful eyes. And the peppers look DELISH. Yum! Have a great week!

Tonja Lee said...

Peyton is GORGEOUS. I love looking at her pictures and imagining what it will be like when my little girl is such a GIRL! I can't wait. Although I must admit, this baby stuff is the biggest blessing and I am not ready for the big girl things.

The way we kick start every morning is with this video:

They way Tiny bounces on the edge of the couch dancing and squealing when she sees elmo (and i don't mind seeing mr. mraz) starts us off right. it makes me want to dance and take off for the day to a great adventure!

Christy said...

I have been wanting one of those necklaces since I saw one on another blog!! Your girl looks so much like you in those pics!
My two sweet daughters are my motivation each and every day. I love their sweet sleepy smiles and snuggles in the morning!

Brandy said...

Wow the tooth fairy is much more generous these days then when I was losing my teeth! Inflation I guess!

Of course I had to come read your blog around lunch time and now I want a stuffed pepper! yum!

The giveaway! Eeek!

Hmm what gets me motivated in the morning???

My dog. She has a really good tummy clock that tells her it is time for us to get up and feed her. If we don't she will walk around the room and kerplunk herself repeatedly into her bed and sigh heavily. Once were up she is so happy and instantly her tail starts wagging. I'd like to think she is happy that we are starting our day and not just because she gets to eat. Then the early morning walk. Early morning is my favorite time of day. The birds are singing loudly and the only other people we see tend to be other early morning dog walkers. We check all the neighborhood cat hang outs, is the grey one curled up in the garden of the house down the street? Is the big orange one sitting onto of the blue station wagon? Is the cat named Karma on his stairs? Early morning walks are slower and more leisurely. They have to be because my body and brain are still waking up.
We return home where the coffee maker is making that glorious sound and after that one cup I am awake and ready to take on the day.

These days that walk in the cool air sometimes leaves me needing a nap and I know that very soon the only thing that will keep me motivated in the mornings will be autopilot and the promise of a jug of coffee and a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Those peppers look delicious! I am going to have to try the recipe soon!

What gets me going in the morning is a cup of coffee...with just the right amount of cream and sugar and my morning snuggles with my 15 month old!! :)

Lillian said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Her jewelry is so very lovely!

It always helps me to get dressed and put on shoes(a la FlyLady) first thing in the morning. I always manage to get a ton more done when I do this. {Not saying that I always actually do - just that when I do every so often, it helps;)}

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

So I wrote this lovely LOOOONGGGG comment and then my internet crashed and now I'm running out the door... Simply morning "super hugs" from both the munchkins. It's a MUST for me to even be willing to get out of bed. Oh and snuggles from The Hubby too ;)

Heather C said...

What get's me motivated in the morning is my 21 month matter how tired I am, when I feel his chubby little hands graze my cheek and exclaim "Hi Mama!" I know it's going to be a good day!

Amy Grau said...

The one thing that inspires me to get motivated in the morning is knowing a new day will bring new opportunities -- it's the chance to tell someone I love them, chat with an old friend, cook a tasty dinner, laugh till I cry, cry till I laugh, rock out some new flip flops or one of my favorite dresses, hug my nephews, niece, sister or parents, sing-a-long to my favorite tunes, smile just because, work hard at the office, kiss my husband, grab a few beers, read a few great blogs (hint, hint!) -- the possibilities just seem endless! And when I crawl into bed at the end of the day, I can be assured I'll be glad to get up tomorrow and do it all again...

Anonymous said...

The toothfairy pics were very, very cute, I love looking at all the pics! The one of Beckham looking at the camera laying next to Peyton stole my heart. He's so sweet!

A steamy cup of coffee and a quick excerpt out of one of the books I'm reading or a quick look online to see which of my favorite blogs posted something new always makes me feel more prepared for the day!

April said...

Her first tooth? No way!! I am not ready for Myles to lose a tooth ... haha. And Tammy was right, you never miss a detail ... and I love that about you (even if you're up half the night and sleep in on the first day of school b/c of it!!!!!!!)

My morning inspiration? Quite simply the promise of a new day. It could be one of many things ... a little warm body that sneaks into our bed before the sun rises, a beautiful sleepy head with their prized blanket trailing behind them, a good-morning kiss from my hubby, a cool breeze or just a fresh cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream!!

I just love that jewelry!

PS - The peppers looked delish.

J Scheppl said...

YAY for Peyton! So exciting! Love the fairy dust and the little bird for her tooth! Too cute! Can't wait to try the peppers! YUM!

To me, the thing that gets my day off to a good start is just having a quiet morning to myself, coffee in hand, everyone still asleep. I sit, sip the coffee and relax. It doesn't take long until I hear little ones "talking" in their room (which that in itself is something I LOVE- listening to them chatter.) Plus, there's nothing better than going into their rooms when they first get up, and getting them out of their cribs. Their little "hi's" and HUGE grins set my days off just right! : )

Jennifer M. said...

I LOVE reading your blog! I read the post about your daughter going to Kinder - over and over again because I too have a little one starting school this year and I am falling apart!! :) It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is thinking this whole 'babies growing up' thing is happening WAY TOO FAST!

My motivation in the morning: COFFEE - lots and lots of it!! :) And my girls.....all 3 of them.

Mama B said...

What's inspiring to this full-time working Momma; who has been back to work now one-full year from an amazing year off maternity leave...? It's simple. My beautiful brown eyed son. He completely inspires me everyday. To do more, be more, achieve more. He is completely, mind-boggling inspiring at only 2 years old....

Oh, and coffee. Coffee inspires me. To think. To wake-up. To get to work on time. Yay coffee and 2-year-olds-with-brown-eyes.

Molly Melnick said...

What inspires me each day is the hope to try harder than I did yesterday. I am motivated in the morning with my new chance to do things just a little bit better. And as my mom used to say, "Some days Peanuts and some days Shells." So I hope for more peanuts and a lot less shells each morning.
Love your blog ..and love your pics!!

Anonymous said...

Hellllooooo fabulous Heidi!

My motivation in the morning is to get up and get to work so I can get home quick! Home to my two boys to pick them up from school, feed them, hear about their day etc.

Love the necklace! I will buy one for sure.


Maybe I should start a blog?

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying I can't wait to try that recipe!!

I am not a morning person, I never have been and even having children has not changed me. I drag myself out of bed every morning wishing I could sleep in just 20 more minutes. My motivation to get up and get going comes when I open the door to a sweet 2 year old's room and hear some of the funny things she has to say. It ranges from "I took my diaper off" (with cute bare bum to prove it) to "I have too many baby dolls in my bed" with a lot of adorable "Hello Mama"s thrown in. Once I see that sweet smile I'm ready to face the day and see the world through her eyes.

I love the pics of Peyton proudly showing off her new gap tooth grin and her loot from the tooth fairy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment there.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Peyton Mae!!! Wow I still can't believe how much she is growing up--Sophie wants to loose a tooth so bad now. What gets me motivated in the morning besides my first sip of steamy strong french press coffee... cuddling up with my 3 sleepy eyed little sweetpeas before they go off to school. xo Jenn

Angie said...

Peyton is precious...what a sweet couple of kids you have there :)

What inspires me...
Definitely my kids for sure! It's so much fun reliving the joy and excitement seen through their eyes. I would love to have a necklace just so I can have their preciousness so close to my heart. With my oldest starting kindergarten this year it's especially sentimental. It really is such an honor to be a mama...the one they go to when they are sad & hurtin', the one who knows their thoughts before they express 'em. If anything, I hope my kids know how privileged I feel to call them mine.

Another thing...I meet a group of mama's & their kiddos at the park a few days a week to workout. I come up with excercise/bootcamp type classes for us to do together. I absolutely LOVE when a mama comes up to me and tells me her clothes are fitting a little better or she sees definition and muscle tone where there once was flab :) Keeps me goin' and motivates me to keep coming up with new classes. It's so much fun! Seeing the kids grow and become best friends while the mamas sweat it out... I love knowing my kids' friends' :) Even at these young years!

Kristin said...

My nieces and nephews get so excited about losing teeth! Peyton must have been estatic!

What gets me going in the morning is waking up to my husband kissing me goodbye before he leaves for work and cuddling with Cooper (our dog) alone in our bed before I get up to start the day....its the little things that go a long way!

Rachael said...

What gets me inspired in the morning, most recently, is sitting and eating a traditional French breakfast - tartine and warm milk - and remembering all the places that I traveled to this summer. Dreaming of the places I want to go next, how I'll get there and what I'll do.

I'm relatively new to your blog, but I've just finished printing off that recipe for the peppers. Hello, dinner tonight :)

Congratulations to Peyton!

Emily G said...

What a generous giveaway!

Walking my dog every single morning is what wakes me up ever so slowly and gives me energy. Our neighborhood is so quiet and dewy in the mornings, and it seems like my little pup takes his time to get going too. We just stroll and he sniffs and I get to enjoy where I live in my pajamas before anyone else is awake to see us. He'll be four in two weeks and we've gone for a walk every morning since he came to us! I need the walk more than I need my coffee.

Sallinger said...

My fav. picture on this post is #5 (I think) with B holding his face like he's in awe of P's lost tooth...sooooo sweet.

Thanks for the peppers recipe!

I wake up thinking about diet Mt. Dew. Basically, I run on ice cold chemicals :)

More later, I've been taking a 5 minute break for closer to 15 and the noise level upstairs has slowly risen to a low roar.

May said...

Hi Heidi! Love your blog. Love your photos. Are you hangin' in okay with the start of K and the loss of first baby's first tooth? That is a double whammy. No new milestones for a few days at least! Also big thanks for the stuffed peppers recipe. One of my favs growing up and haven't had it in years. It will be on our menu next week.

As for the not a morning person. I need my coffee for sure! Also a 5-10 minute phone call to my sister every morning around 8.

Take care!

Unknown said...

Hey Heidi,

Yay for Peyton growing up and sending her tooth to the tooth fairy! The photos are an awesome way to remember such a magical event of the tooth fairy visiting!

Every morning I wake up to two small, warm bodies climbing into our bed. Having family snuggles each morning makes me feel so lucky, loved and inspired to have a wonderful day with our blessings.

I love watching their smiles and hearing their whispered voices in my ear. They make me want to have a wonderful life with memories that they will remember forever.

Have a wonderful week Heidi, enjoy your family and all the time you have together.

Stef xx

SDM said...

yeah! the first tooth... and the start of kindergarten... all exciting stuff!!

what gets me going in the morning... let's see... typically it's a baby girl or two or three... a "good morning mommy" is always nice and before that I hear the much anticipated patter of little feet running down the hall! and as those feet are running I know that within seconds I'll hear the "mom-ma, dad-deeee" familiar tune the baby likes to sing in her crib. I could have slept only an hour or two and all those familiar sounds that I so look forward to make me smile inside & out and I know that even if the day isn't going to go exactly as I have it planned out it's always going to start the same and I LOVE that!! Those girls of mine inspire me every day... and I am so thankful to them (and of course my hubby too -- poor guy gets a little lost in the shuffle with three daughters & a wife)


Jen Bacarella said...

Just a month ago Cait lost her first tooth and I loved doing all the stuff and all of the great questions :-) So glad that our girls are hitting these milestones together makes it fun to share with you.

Bree said...

little babies....the best motivation in the world!!

Connie Campbell said...

My "little" is a five year old white Maltese named Cooper, that I rescued in January this year. Seeing him come out of his shell and start to enjoy life again has been great. He greets me in the morning with his tail wagging and a look on his face that says "What will we do today?" No matter that I have to be gone for the day at work, when I return he is still wagging and greets me like "I thought you'd never get back!" What a way to start and end the day!

Anonymous said...

Love the tooth fairy bird! Congrats to Peyton! Stuffed peppers look delish! Must.make.soon!!

I love how every morning, my 4 year old daughter (with a little something extra -- magic chromosome) wakes up happy and plays in her bed (singing, talking to her stuffed animals) until I come in to get her! She always says so sweetly, "Hi, Mommy. I am awake! Play now?" If we all woke in such a great mood!

Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

aimee jones said...

One very very cold diet coke first thing in the morning makes me happy!!

Megan C said...

Those touch pendants are awesome! Of course, if I win, I will have to buy a second one for my other child!
I guess what gets me going in the morning is sitting down with my 2 girls for breakfast. We discuss the things we "have" to do that day, such as school, or grocery shopping. Then we plan in our fun stuff. Swimming in the backyard pool, heading to the park for feed the ducks and turtles, or painting. That way we know what fun the day has in store for us all right from the start.

trinity said...

What gets me going in the morning and in the right mindset?

It begins with my music. I have special playlists for each potential mood I may wake up in. Today was a groggy day, so the playlist includes things like Daft Punk and Kanye West.

On my drive to work I pass by the most beautiful tree that lives on the golf course where I work. On days like today, in the early morning as the thin light seeps through - the tree is illuminated in a way that makes it look as if it belonged in a fairy tale. It inspires me and puts a smile on my face.

Follow that inspiration with a cup of hot coffee and baby, I'm ready to go!

Sarah said...

oh i don't think i ever had that metabolism of a 16 year old...or maybe i didn't appreciate it. I love the recipe. My family loves peppers...

Mornings don't motivate me at all, but these things make them good after I am up...Molly's open mouth smiles, Anna Cate's slow snuggles, BJ's coffee and homemade smoothies. There are times in my life when a great 530 spin class or a quick run or yoga is nice too but this isn't the season for that. Once I'm at school with my 8the graders, I'm motivated that I may be the first adult that greets them with kindness or patience that day as their hard working parents may have left before they even got up.

I love the fairy dust!!!! Have a beautiful week with your family:)

geomama1 said...

Glad to find another mother with the kindergarten blues. We also have a tooth fairy encounter in common. My 2nd grader lost one yesterday and someone in his class told him that the tooth fairy drinks a glass of water when she comes. Each fairy leaves the water a different color. Kind of a fun idea - she was blue this time. We only got a dollar so I hope he doesn't read your blog :)

Stacey said...

The cup of coffee, definitely! I did very little creative stuff this summer (besides taking pictures) because I was spending so much time doing fun things with my kids. They start school this week and I find I get much more done creatively in the fall. Next week I'll pull out my quilting and knitting and get going before Christmas!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

OMG she lost it! That's so awesome. I remember when Hannah lost her 1st tooth. It's SUCH a big deal and you captured it all awesomely!

Lifesong... said...

Love, love, love the bird pillow!

Hmmm... what gets me going in the morning. There have been seasons where it was a good book, something on the computer or my coffee that would rouse me out of bed with a quicker step. A job out of the home had me up and at 'em but now I am thankful that I am home with my littles and we can walk to the beat of a different drum.

Lately, I have set my alarm on my phone and I have continued to sleep through the anoying tone that attempts to get me out of bed. I hit the snooze with a quickness and roll over. But when I hear the coo's of my 8 month old a rush flows through me and I am so happy to greet the day with the first look of his toothless grin. Ahhh... pure heaven!

Then I slip out into the kitchen to my coffee which is ready and waiting!

Happy day to you!

Jen Biasi said...

What motivates me in the morning? A shot of bourbon and some Xanax, of course! Hee. Kidding. KIDDING!
Definitely seeing AJ and Lila's cute little monkey faces and hearing about their Buzz and Tink dreams. And a venti iced Cafe Americano never hurts...

andrea said...

Oh my... I love that you share your family with the world. I get so much inspiration from your blog!

So, what motivates me in the morning? Hmmmm... so much...
Knowing that I have the whole day ahead of me, to make precious memories. The 2 smiles that great me each morning. I swear my kids always wake up happy. Spreading out on the whole bed and touching the coldness where my husband's body was before he left for work.

Would love this giveaway! I've seen these before and have been dying for one!

Anonymous said...

Usually what gets me up in the morning is the "unknown" factor... the idea that this day can be magical and lovely and filled with friends and happiness... but coffee helps too.

"but for now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see"
- Neutral milk hotel

Thanks, your blog is lovely, as is your family! xo Morgan

Anna Ruth said...

I can't believe that she lost her first tooth. What a big girl she is. Enjoy this time with your kids.

Heather Polleti said...

i love love love all the pictures and can i get that necklace...?? lol i LOVE IT. I cant believe how big Posh and becks are. where does the time go?? I love you and cant wait to see you and the babies. :)

belle black said...

First of all, Peyton's first day of school outfit in the last port is adorable! What a stylin' little girl.

What gets me motivated in the morning? Happy sounds of my 11 month baby girl. I love waking up to her delightful little squeaks and babbles every morning over the baby monitor. My husband brings her to me and I nurse her in bed while I slowly come to life. Having her warm body next to mine gets me thinking about all the possibilities of a new day. What we'll read, where we'll go, what new thing she may do next.

I'm already dreading weaning her in the upcoming weeks. It's the perfect start to my day!

Many Titles said...

What gets me going in the morning.... It would have to be my almost 2 year old daughter singing "moooommmmyyyyy" from her bedroom because she is ready to start her day. But to get me in a good mood, I cook breakfast and blare some high-energy music for us to be silly to.

Hilary said...

coffee with french vanilla creamer!!! and the little princess that resides in my house and wants snuggles in the morning from mommy and only mommy!!

katie said...

i love waking up to cuddles from my 3 year old...and even better is when i wasn't there to tuck her in, the following morning she'll reply "i missed you mommy"

love, love, LOVE it.

Joann said...

Hi Heidi,
I have been reading your blog for a while and this is the first time I have commented. It's wonderful! Those peppers look delish...I can't wait to try your recipe! In fact, I just bought peppers today at BJ's!!!!
What gets me motivated in the 2 Boys. My oldest always ends up in bed with us. It's at the point now I don't even hear him come in...I just wake up to find him in between us!
My little guy just starts yelling to let us know he is up and then I just peek in and he starts laughing! That laugh always makes me laugh even if I am exhausted!
We get up and get going for our children...for they are our world. If they are healthy and happy....that's all we need:o)

Raina said...

A nice hot cup of black coffee is what gets me going in the morning, but it's my 3 year old crawling into bed with me with her messy hair and morning breath that puts the day's first smile on my face.

Today was just my day to read your post. This morning my daughter got into my jewelry drawer and pulled out a special necklace of mine breaking the chain and losing the charm. I was pretty devastated as the necklace had a ton of meaning to me. It was her fingerprint and birth stone...with some luck this give away could be perfect timing :-)

I love the little tooth pillow and the fairy dust was a nice added touch, mess and all.

Meghan B. said...

I love the pic of both the kiddos looking at the tooth. Childhood wonder is so sweet.

Before I lived in a small non-soundproof apartment, I used to wake up and get motivated by listening to Mary J. Blige, "I'm Fine"--the greatest song ever.

Once we moved in to our new place, I settled for a pot of coffee paired with a carton of half and half and a pound of sugar.

Now that I'm pregnant again and nauseated by the smell of coffee and everything else, I get motivated by counting my blessings and reminding myself that I'm living just the life I want to live, so I just better get busy enjoying it.

iColossus / Monster said...

Did someone say BACON?

Bacon. I'm motivated by bacon.

In fact, bacon's a beacon to me. Stronger than a lighthouse (cuz lighthouses aren't crunchy and they don't smell yummy.)

Lash me to the deck, and plug up my nose cuz bacon's a beacon to me.

Forget the Siren's song.

Nope, give me the sweetly savoury smell of bacon, wafting up from a hot stove.

That's my porn.

Holla bacon.

Janet said...

I really wish I had a more exciting answer, but if I am being honest, it's clean countertops. That's when I go 'ahh, ok, ready to start the day'. I can sit back, take a breath, collect my thoughts, and think about the wonderful potential of a new day. A strong cup of coffee usually fits in here quite nicely...

Randi said...

I love that magical tooth fairy! I love that she can create the most twinkled wide eyed kiddos even though sand from Mr. Sandman is still present in the corners of their eyes. Hooray for Peyton!!!!!!!

I have 4 inspirations...My husband who at 38, inspired a panel of 4 judges at to select him out of 6 candidates (all young 20 something's) to go back to school and earn another degree (I'll be "dating a University of Cincinnati college boy...again...ahhh swoon...). By doing this, he has inspired our children to want more out of do their best and to have fun while you are movin' through life.

My 3 girly girls always inspire ... new glimmers of hope, spunk in our morning step and something new to smile about everyday...I am blessed and full of hope and inspiration because of my FAMILY.

Kelly Hutcheson said...

What a big girl! How did you handle kindergarten AND missing tooth in one week?!? I think you're all milestone'd out! Love those thumbprint necklaces! zowie cool!

OnlyLight said...

What get's me motivated... hmmm... reading awesome blogs like yours, see how much closer i get to my dreams, love, my pets... more i can't think of right now even though i want to...

Anonymous said...

Heidi! I love your blog and what a good , inspiring mama you are!! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your days.
-Kate from Michigan

Ari Lindquist said...

My daughter (2) and I sleep together some nights and on those glorious mornings where we wake up together, she says "Hi, Mommy" and wraps her warm little hands around my neck and kisses both of my cheeks. She's the reason I get up in the morning. It's just us now and I get up so I know

Lisa said...

The only motivation I need to get going in the morning is knowing that when I walk in to my one year olds room I am going to get an excited "Hi", followed by a big hug and kiss. It is enough to brighten any day!!

Unknown said...

The only thing that gets me out of bed (being 20 weeks pregnant) is my 3 year old asking to put her ear to my belly to listen to her brother’s “farts” in my belly. Yes, I know, not the most flattering thing but my stomach calling for delicious breakfast sound she takes for her brother passing a gas. It gets me laughing every time. Not really funny? :-))) Well, it is my placenta brain then :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post!! Makes us realize that our littles grow up way too fast!

My boys are what inspire me. At times when I'm feeling less than inspirational, I take a good long look at their sweet faces and know it's time to get my butt in gear!

Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi:

If I searched the world I couldn't find a better mommy for my little love muffins.

Thank you for being you!


Anonymous said...

hey just how did i miss your postings!!!!! oh my i was so excited this morning when i actually went to my blog homepage and saw you had posted...i normally come to your blog when you post on facebook and i must have missed them. oh what a yummy morning i am having...listening to my girl learning in the next room..cappuccino and your blog!!

this post is perfect..first lost tooth..the phone calls to all(i so remember that day!) and stuffed peppers!! your girl is growing up and it is the most exciting experience for we moms..and with each milestone i am happy and sad at the same time..can't help it but that is how it works for me. i cry tears of happiness from one eye and saddness from the other!!! oh life is so grand.

what gets me motivated in the morning..seriously...the mooing of cows and the crowing of roosters. HA!!! it is like they are saying "morning star shine the earth says hello."

love to you friend!♥

Rebekah said...

I love your honesty and your love for your family is just so evident in your words and pictures.
Gotta try the stuffed pepper recipe

Dawn said...

Seeing my 8 month old baby boy smile is the perfect start to my day!

Karyn said...


I am new follower of your blog and I love it!!

What gets me going in the morning is a very early morning run followed a cuddle with my 1 year old... milk for him and coffee for me. It is such a wonderful way to start my day!

Runnergirl said...

I'm new to your blog and love your great photos. Your children are lovely and have that Italian beauty as you do!

What gets me going in the morning is:

*an 18lb tabby laying on my head.

*smelling french roast coffee brewing.

*hearing the sweet sounds of my 8 year old twin girls and 11 year old son deciding on which breakfast cereal to eat, or arguing on who gets the last bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.

* and just knowing, oh I have to make three lunches pronto and my own too, so we can get to school and work on time.

Thank you for the wonderful recipes too!

Unknown said...

hi.. am i really posting to a blog? i love how real you are....found you from another how your kids r in t-shirts that could be yours.....messy hair...messy "real moments" not posed and perfect! love the way you r open - changing clothes before you go out - what to wear! so real and honest and what we all go through.

Anonymous said...

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