Friday, March 26, 2010

randomness and a dead fish named hannah.

sitting here and watching, but mostly listening to julie and julia. it's the movie about a girl who decides to cook her way through julia child's cookbook and blog about it, and besides making me extremely hungry, i now want to eat my way through paris while writing a book with my new french friends! it's a great movie!

peyton and beckham's fish, hannah montana, died earlier this week. they still haven't realized it yet and i don't have the heart to so they keep feeding her. i just keep turning the bowl so the fish floats in the back instead of the front. jeff wanted me to flush it, but aren't i supposed to be giving our first real pet a proper goodbye. i'm torn, but i think simply flushing it down the bowl seems...cruel, so it will float until i make a decision or until peyton realizes something is horribly wrong with hannah and FREAKS out.

and...what is it lately that just about anything vintage makes me want to spend my last twenty on that perfect find? i was leafing through this book that my super cool friend, jenn gave me and instantly stopped on page 136 when the photo of pale colored broken or forgotten tea cups that were once part of a larger service or set, made me want to google the nearest antique shop and start collecting mismatched and fragile tea cups and saucers.
truth, i stole some of those words from the book 'cause you know girlfriend does not write like that even though i wish i did.

nothing will match, rather they will compliment each other in that romantic way that only an eclectic collection of creamers filled with oversizedrose colored buds would. buds instead of flowers...nice! truth is, i don't antique and i don't own one single tea cup. well, i have my favorite coffee mug, but nothing withhandpainted flowers or history.
my own decorating style is eclectic, and not vintage. i just find it all so beautiful and i wanted to share andnow i will plan my vintage-y brunch!

and since i am filling this post with a bunch of randomness...
last week, kelle and i were getting ready for her cnn interview (which rocked), okay...i was just there for wardrobe ideas and baby lovin's but a few hours later we got crazy and this video was born. yeah, it's funny and there's more where that came from! a few things we spent our time doing this week...nella's dedication was beautifully perfect and the kids...

just love each other so much.

and a few photos that weren't supposed to be cute, but they are...

this photo was supposed to be of kelle and i...a self portrait of the two of us. not easy with a big slr camera.

take 1: notice, i was cut out and kelle looks like it is her wedding day and nella's head looks like her bouquet. ha.

take 2!
okay, didn't work, but it was fun trying. my camera. love affair!
next up, a little painting with my little guy who did an amazing job at drying his pottery and choosing his own colors without any help from me, even though i wanted to help, i remembered that he can do this on his own even if his mug turned black from too many colors mixed together. it didn't and we had a great time together.

and of course, loving this girl so much. my sister, heather called me last night and said she could not see baby peyton all. she's all big girl now. she's thinned out and i can see what i think she will look like when she is older. oh, with a heavy heart i told her she was right. our little peyton is growing up, but she has a while yet before she's off. today she said she was going to live with me forever. i'm cool with that!
and then, an impromptu picnic in the front yard without a basket but with freshly made bowls of mac & cheese, a pillow, blanket, sidewalk chalk, strawberries, and the most beautiful florida day i have ever encountered.
our little strawberry loving monkey!
(having some color space issues, so i hope peyton doesn't look like an orange in these photos on your computer)
peyton darwish photography. ha.
we stayed out so long that daddy joined us when returned home from work!
okay, there could be a couple of things going on here based on my expression...
1. i'm really mad in this picture and peyton is happy about it. or
2. i'm trying to get my sexy-but-failing-face on and peyton is trying to save the pic with her sweetness. or
3. i think i'm fresher than wonder bread and peyton is the sweetest thing ever.

okay, after too many photos, i will end this with kaia. she is so beautiful and i had a wonderful time hanging with her mama during her photo shoot a few days ago. here is a little sneak peek...
and to end this, another recipe to use the next time you want something easy to throw in the crock pot. enjoy!

italian pot roast.

take crock pot out of garage...sprinkle the beef generously with salt and pepper. heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat. add the beef and cook until brown on all sides. transfer the beef to a bowl. add remaining oil to the pan, add the onions and saute until tender, scraping up the brown bits on the bottom of the pot, about 5 minutes. add garlic and saute 1 minute. add the wine and boil 1 minute. take all of this and put into crock pot (could put into dutch oven at 350 as well) add in the broth and mushrooms. add beef, rosemary, pots, and carrots to the crock. actually put the pots on the bottom, then the beef, and then the other veggies.let it cook for...a long time on low crock pot heat. it should be super tender when it is done. sometimes, i blend the juices together with the rosemary at the end of cooking to make a gravy.oh, if your not in the mood to brown the meat... just take all of the ingredients starting with pots first and then the beef and finally the other veggies, and throw it all in the crock. add broth, cover and turn on. would take all of ten minutes.

whew, all done! coming up...two-year blogging anniversary on the 29th.

i need to think up something special.



SDM said...

I'm almost embarrassed to be the first one to comment because clearly nothing else going on here on a friday night... BUT... with that said I'm jumping in with both feet:
LOVE the pictures -- by far my favorites so far!! ALL of them but especially Peyton dancing around and your little guy painting - beyond cute! And, you are fresher than wonder bread -- what mommy isn't?! Duh?!
SO jealous of your beautiful florida weather -- only plus side to being where I am today -- you guessed it -- the Hunters came out again! dreary & rainy yet again - but next week promises to be beautiful for the holiday... and our spring break!
have a fun weekend!!

kim said...

...seriously....i'm a laughing so hard that tears are streaming down my face watching your video....hysterical!!!!!!'m really sorry to hear about hannah montana, and i have to add that our first fish, "gill" received the whole matchbox burial and graveside eulogy. i don't know if that's the proper way of doing things or if a moment of silence next to the toilet would have been sufficient, but we tend to take it to the next level around here!

Adrienne said...

Yay, I found you...used to just grab you off Kelle's blog and then suddenly you weren't there. So nice to see you last week at Nella's dedication. Your photos are fab!! Love them all...esp. your girl checkin the mail. Love jULIA AND jULIET great movie. Just watched the Blind Side trying to dry my tears what an inspiration if you haven't seen it check it out over spring break. Heidi you are sooo real... I love it and relate on so many levels and I too like you want to host an old Hollywood party with "Baby it's Cold Outside" playing or something comparable or have a pILLOW Fight W/ dORRIS DAY Like in Pillow Talk where the lines are crossed (if you haven't seen this movie rent it) Let me know if your hubby finds any lots for sale in QC. Love to have a neighbor like you!

Love Ya,

Nicole said...

So my blackberry chimed, and I looked at slightly frightened that it was another order...but whew..a Heidi comment. I'll tell ya what man, if you wanna sell anything ever--have Kelle post it on her blog for like 5 minutes! In-Sane.

Ok...good stuff...

Peyton IS looking rather "big-girl" lately...and those mocs, yumm---I've been wanting a pair since I saw you guys sportin' them on your road trip. Hey! I can buy some now with all my etsy money, lol!!

Heidi...I absolutely love your blatant refreshing honesty.....stealing words from the vintage article, ha!! And apparently, I love ellipses too.

Wow-look at me go--can you tell I needed a break from the bonnet-drama :)

I'm lovin' the recipe per post too! I don't even eat meat and you make a roast look delish!

Happy Friday night!

Nicole said...

Shoot, I forgot..

R.I.P. Hannah Montana, I'm sure you were a lovely fish.

P-nut said...

ah you're back! thought i might just send you a weed wacker over there! ha ha...

just kidding.. don't know how you girls do it - taking all those photos, downloading them, deleting, sorting, editing, writing AND taking care of two babes!! you're amazing!

i love LOVE the pics of peyton with her blue and white dress.. WAY CUTE!

oh and for the fish.. we have one also, Rupert (the first), and when it dies, i plan on buying another one calling him, Rupert the second and so on.. i figured i can pull it off until my kids realize Rupert looks a little different!

thanks for all the amazing pictures... peyton didn't look orange on my computer!!! but i couldn't see the video..

Anonymous said...

You know we are made up of "stealing" little pieces of each is how we become who we are. Just love that and I just love when I see someone "steal" a little piece of me...makes me smile.
On Gracee's first B-day, I had a teaparty. I invited everyone that I loved and that had been somehow involved in her adoption or in our years getting to her...there were 62 women and children that were somehow don't realize until you put names on a list how many incredible people God places in your life. I hit every Goodwill..Salvation Army..Antique shop and came up with 64 (one for Gracee and me as well) different teacups and saucers..I filled them with goodies and a little thank you to all those lovely women who helped changed my life. LOVED that day!
On the fish thing..we had two..Victor and Hugo...she was a little sad that they died..Hugo went first and Victor followed shortly after. She was sad with the first one, but when the second went to fishy heaven she was almost excited to do the flushing..worried me a bit!

Pot Roast is on my food list for next week..I hate thinking of things to cook..and as we are to be getting a cold snap in PA, Pot Roast is going to be yummy!

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

Oooooo Thankyou Thankyou for the pot roast recipe because I SUCK at slow cooker cooking which should be hard to mess up but I find a way...
AND I am in LOVE with Donald Miller's book... Read it twice, passed it along to my Dad and want it back so I can read it again! Enjoy! P.S. I think you caught the sexy look :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm hello!?!?! Girl, teach me yo moves!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! That so made my day :D Classy classy stuff!

Anyway, what are girlfriends for..but for helping to practice*(read: act like a freak and make best friend laugh the whole way through) for a very important TV interview, right!?!?

RIP Hannah, you'll be sadly missed....once they find out your belly up in the tank :) Poor kids...maybe just replace it without them knowing!??!?!

OK, cheers, off to enjoy the sun!


Anonymous said...

just came back to tell you that as I sit here writing another post for my blog..I am thinking of the smell of my Nana's house..pot roast every sunday..I miss that smell. The pot roast was soooooooooo good and the best part is I have enough for another meal. I love the picture of you with the sunglasses can see Peyton in your glasses..makes me smile!

Tammy B said...

Your pot roast recipe sounds delish. Loved the picture of Peyton getting/trying not to drop the mail. Who exactly has their camera with them to capture that exact moment, that is what I want to know. It's a great shot. And my girl has been enjoying herself some strawberries too lately. For whatever reason, they were on a huge sale, I bough three big (1 lb?) containers on Tues, and they are just about gone, and Madeleine ate almost all of them herself. I actually have to tell her to stop. Hmmm, Let's see. What else can I ramble on about? OH how about poor Hannah. So sad. We've had two fish go that route as well. It wasn't too traumatic here. Hope it goes okay there. The promise of a new fish always seems to go a long way. OHH, and I can't wait to see your tea cup collection :) as long as you use them - I think it would be fun. Flea markets, garage sales, goodwill. Fun to be on the look out for them wherever you go.

Ok. It's Saturday night. Better get off the computer now. Just had to come by and say hi to you and Kelle. K, Bye.

P-nut said...

saw the video! SO FUNNY! :)
and i love love the picture of that awesome quote! i'm putting htat on a sticky on my bathroom mirror!

Brandy said...

Perhaps Hannah Montana could be buried at sea?(reading that back gives me the giggles!) It seems fitting for a fish.

Oh man that video! I am so glad I finished my tea before I watched that!

I read Julie & Julia but have not seen the movie yet. The book led me to purchase many vintage cookbooks from the forties and fifties. Some recipes are yum some are well...interesting sounding!

Leslie said...

Love the pic of Peyton on the sidewalk (B & W)! Of course I love so many but this time visiting, that is definitely my Fav. You are awesome!

Kelle said...

Excuse me while I take a moment of silence for Hannnah.


Okay...watched the video again and why is it funnier EVERY time?

And thank you for posting my wedding picture. That was HILARIOUS when we were so excited to see the screen of a picture of the two of us and MY GIANT FACE turns up.

I love that blue and white dress Peyteycakes is wearing. Love her in pigtails. Love the pic of the corner of your face. Love them all.

Let's make beef boirgoneous (I don't know how the hell to spell that) this week and I'll talk like Julia. Okay?

xoxo You rock my world.

Kate said...

Are you reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years? I saw it in one of the pictures--one of my favorite books!

Anna Ruth said...

Baylee's fish died this morning. We flushed it down the toilet because that's how fish get to fish heaven through water... Sorry to hear about your fish too, maybe somethings in the air. I love the white and blue dress.

Jen Biasi said...

Cook book. Do it.

Tisha said...

ok is it bad that i love food so much that i think i'd have fun eating my way though ANY city?

poor hannah montana...i think Anna Ruth is go to heaven by way of the potty, but then does that mean that poop goes to heaven too? you may want to be prepared to ask that question. ;-)

video - HILARIOUS!!!! great post! love the color on the peyton pics, very bright and vibrant, not orangey at all.

Anonymous said...

just sitting here at 9:49 eating pot poast...there may not be enough left for a second meal!! Love it...I shared the recipe with my sister who's recipe I normally use..she uses the Knorr's (she uses the Knorr's pot roast mix) as well but not the wine. I think the wine is what makes it fall apart and extra yummy. It is even better warmed is like 39 degrees..wet and gray here so left over pot roast is just the ticket!

Jeff Darwish said...

Well my dear here is my semi-annual post. I love your blog! I love you! I love Peyton and Beckham! So What I am trying to say is, Daddy's got a lot of love. I now get angry if I don't see new posts because I get to relive the best parts of our lives. You really do have a gift and someday I'll bet millions of people know it. I do agree with a lot of readers that you should make a cookbook. I can vouch for you that you are the greatest cook ever! By the way, what's for dinner? If you ever need a gift idea for me it would be print this blog out for my office. Well happy 2nd anniversary to (Life is like a box of Chocolates / Kaleidoscope)!

Kate said...

It is truly a blessing for us Cali girls to see your blog in all its beauty. I love seeing the photojournalism its breath taking. Its funny how you feel so connected yet never met some of the bloggers that truly shape our lives. Your husband's comment clenched my heart! You and Kelle are the best ever sharing your gorgeous babies with us. Just wanted you to know you are touching my heart miles and miles away, thank you endless.

Kate @ Salvage Dior

Heidi said...

thank you ladies for these super sweet comments! i'm eating them up! xox

we revcd your package today. holy cute. you did not have to send anything, but they are adorable. you do great work. i'll give lainey and nella there's today or tomorrow! xo

adrienne! so glad you found me! thank you for sweet words. i will let you know about qc! glad you tried the roast. i wante to make one today but can't seem to get out of the house:) roast beef sandwiches are great the next day with horsey sauce. yum,

pnut, thanks for the weed wacker;)

yes, i am reading the donald miller book. i've been reading it for a while. kelle turned me onto it! it;s PHENOMENAL!

i could write to each and every one of you, but the kids want to go place roller hockey...FUN!!!! (not so much)

oh yeah, jeff...thank you! love you too!

Annette said...

Heidi! I love catching up on what is going on with you! Your photos are amazing-- the colors in them is just AWESOME! Hope all is well, I miss you ! Give everyone hugs and kisses the kids are getting so big! Can not wait to see you this summer!
Love ya,

Nicole said...

very funny video! gorgeous pictures and thanks for the yummy recipe which will now be tonights dinner!

Unknown said...

Hi Heidi,

So happy to see your family had a wonderful Easter, I love seeing what you do for celebrations. They aren't nearly as big here in New Zealand and you can't get half the exciting things that you guys have over there! So nice to see your kids gorgeous smiles!

Stef xx

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