Sunday, March 21, 2010

a kaleidoscope of colors & Hunter Wellies' love.

background noise: kids chomping on carrots and beckham starring as spidey in his kideo video!

okay, i am going to be super honest right now, and i am going to make up a word. i think it's fun to make up words... up until i start believing it's a real word and use it to someone who doesn't know i do this. often times they challenge my word and look at me like i'm off my rocker.

of course, i act all shocked--which i totally am because i've been using this mystery word so long that i start believing it is indeed in the webster's dictionary. i'm all, 'what?!!!, of course it's word!' jeeze, some people;)

i'm a wanter. actually, this word could actually be a word. i'll have to look. anyway, i am the kind of girl who constantly wants something. like. it. never. ends. i certainly don't go out and buy whatever my little heart desires...

for one, i am without my own little money tree in the front yard and two,...i truly see the joy in finding/needing a good deal. with that said, every once in awhile i think it's okay to ask for a big ticket item (mother's day...hint, bdays, christmas!) so last year i started dropping hints about these babies!

yes, they are fab. i'm pretty sure they take like a month to hand. i love them and have been foaming at the mouth to get my hands on a pair. red, vintage green, even the black...don't care.

i don't have them yet, but i did find these for a fraction of the cost.
they had me at green polk-a-dots...lemon & limes...??!!! i would grab a pair and wear them with EVERYTHING for the next month, but that's just me:) and the way i see it...i just saved $100!!!!

liberty of london rocks too...just sayin.'

okay, on to the spring mini-shoots...

they were so much fun. and funny, but i'll get to that in a minute.

right after the above photo was snapped...i felt a stinging sensation traveling up my legs. when i mentioned this to those around husband said, "make sure you didn't sit on an ant hill." well, needless to say, and to my horror i turned to view the moving hump of dirt. the same dirt my bottom just called home for a minute or two.

well...i have the pictures to prove this, but i'm not showing. i decided to start screaming (in front of the family i was just shooting) and proceeded to rip my yoga pants off, you read it correctly, and jump up and down while people started wiping ants off of my bare bottom.

note, my own husband, instead of helping...grabbed my camera and started snapping away!
i can only laugh...'cause let's face it, seeing my bare bottom had to be pretty funny!

leslie, thanks for helping a sister out:)

to see the rest of the spring shoot, please head over to my photography blog... this link doesn't seem to be working, in that case just type the url out!

after i downloaded these photos, i found a few that i don't remember taking...
hmmm. i guess that means that somebody, and i won't say who, was using my camera (HUGE no-no) without my permission. busted.

loving her budding passion...
and sito and gido for coming to visit us last weekend!

other good stuff...
*including a tin of eggs in my fridge that makes me think i raise chickens for a living and have a daughter named fern.
*a craft book we can't keep our hands off of. this week: we planted poppy's in an empty egg!
* beckham's smashed up face from falling off of a parking block. broke my heart, but he makes road rash look so cute.
*from a friend: homemade strawberry jam i can't keep away from.
*tulips in the spring. my fave flower and my vase stays current with fresh ones each and every week this time of year!
*easter excitiment!
*daddy won a big golf tournament and we are so proud of him. he is the best!
*nella beans's dedication tonight on the beach. can't wait!
*coffee downtown with the girls...and beckham. real and true and just what we all needed to start the week off right!

and lastly,
everyone seemed to like the recipe last week, so here is another, although i only have this one photo and it's not of the finished product.

my healthy version of a salmon patty.
disclaimer:i'm not sure if this is actually healthy or low in carbs...but i pretend it has to be because of less breadcrumbs. i have been eating these whenever i get hungry and i find them satisfying. they are sooooo good!

2 cans of premium canned salmon
little bit of chopped red onion
little bit of chopped green pepper
optional: fresh baby spinach
one egg
2 tablespoons or less of pregresso italian breadcrumbs
teaspoon cayenne pepper
tad of olive oil for pan

mix it all up, for into med sized balls, flatten, cook in pan over low heat until sides are brown.

i eat 'em cold right out the fridge, but maybe that is gross. not sure ;0



Jewllori by Lori said...

So I pretty much think we are cut from the same cloth! I am such a 'wanter' too! Oh man, my paypal never has more than a cent in it at any given time :)

I love the boots from Target, the purple plaids would be mine in a flash if they would freakin ship to Canada :( I was just lamenting the other day on facebook, that I wish Target was in Canada!

So much to comment on, but I want write a novel in your comment section, so last comment. Sucks about the ants, but yes, I bet it was funny to laugh about later :)) Sorry !

Ok, have a rad Sunday!


Jewllori by Lori said...

oops (want= won't)

trishakent23 said...

your pics are looking soooo good! awesome job!!! i saw your mini spring shoot photos and those look terrific! you rock heidi.....keep it up.

Anna Ruth said...

Your spring pictures are beautiful. Sorry to hear about the ant hill. The one with the kids and Jeff, you could see how proud they were of there Daddy.

Domestic Diva said...

a sunday post ... just love it!! i have to say, i've been thinking about nella and her dedication tonight. (i'm sending some love south for you guys to share!) can't wait to hear about it! i, too, am a lover of tulips. and how you have them in the pitcher (that's what i think it was anyway), adorable! your little guy is pretty cute w/his road rash. it's exactly what i was thinking before i read what you wrote!!

oh, did i ever mention that i love anything coconut? so when you mentioned you had them in your backyard ... well, i did get a little jealous! maybe you could send one my way ... let's say in exchange for some homemade goodness, in a mason jar, that is!!

happy, happy day ...

Loosy said...

I'm sure you've heard this like a zillion times, but um, are you and Kelle sisters or what?

SDM said...

love the pics... your little guy looks quite cute with all those band-aids on!! he can pull off the look!

let me just say that I did go ahead & spend whatever amount on those Hunter wellies this year... AND... they turned a white-ish grey!! bizarre right?! turns out they all do this after a few times wearing them -- it's like a film type stuff... you're probably better off with the ones from Target! (but let's not tell my hubby b/c at the time "I had to have them" & my "wanting" got the better of me)

stinks about the ant hill -- but good news is it gave everyone something to talk about & a lot of chuckles too! kudos to your hubby for snapping away -- hilarious!!

have fun tonight -- good luck to Nella's family (and extended family!)... something tells me there might be a picture or two up later :)

JennyCB said...

OK, I suck at links. BUt I've been wanting these Wellies from JCrew for a while. I'm a wanter, too!

amyc said...

I have from Alaska salmon leftovers and I kid you not, I'm making these patties right now! Tulips are my fav to, and gerbera daisies

Tisha said...

lol, a daughter named fern. do you also have a pig? although after seeing that picture all eggs should be stored in a metal tin.

oh and i totally understand being a "wanter". jonah thinks target is his 2nd home. he spots the logo on everything.

your food photography is so good, it almost makes me want to take up gourmet cooking. maybe when i'm able to be a stay at home mom, but who am i kidding. stay at home moms are so busy i still wont have time to cook because i'll be busy taking the boys to various sporting events. great post.

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

I think there is a rampant wanting disease that has affected me too,
Ant hills are nasty and I can relate to your story since I did the same thing only, not during a photoshoot but in front of my "almost" boyfriend/now Hubby and have yet to live it down ;)
Love your pics as always!

GraceesMommy said...

woohoo....I picked up the black multicolored polka dotted beauties on my last trip to Target and woke up the next morning thinking about the plaid multicolors...just sayin!

Tammy B said...

Awww Heidi, you painted quite a picture with the ant hill story. Sorry, it gave me a good chuckle :) I could just picture you jumping around! And Beckham does manage to pull off that bandage look, poor guy, that road rash looks pretty bad. Love the picture of you and Nella. Your pictures are great Heidi, just think, a year ago you were Kelle's helper for our photo shoot, and look at you now!

Tisha said...

ok the ant story was hilarious! the spring mini shoot pics are the bomb!! so cute!!!!

Nicole said...

i too may have ripped my pants off as well! i wish i was not so many miles away to have a mini shoot with you! your pictures are so great!
... and another yummy recipe shared?!? thanks so much ! keep 'em comin'! we loved the soup!

Heather Polleti said...

pics are BEAUTIFUL!! little becks face....:( Peyton is my little angel face....(everyone says my twin)...luv ya- miss ya- cant wait to see ya!!!

Jenn said...

Your spring mini shoots look like they were so much fun. Very cute.
And poor little Beckham, what a trooper.

GraceesMommy said...

just stopping by to tell you the salmon recipe was FAB! I am eating one cold right now at 8:42am with a cup of that is probably really gross!! So what do you have planned for dinner this evening..hmmm?

Jen Bacarella said...

What I would have paid to see you jumping around having everyone slap ants off of you! Just so you know that is so something I would do :-)

Teri the other bad neighbor! said...

Thanks for the link to the super cool jewelry! Your photos are amazing.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

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