Friday, March 12, 2010


Dig within. Within is the wellspring of good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.
~Marcus Aurelius

i find myself constantly looking for inspiration lately. it's as if i must find it in order to function as a better mama, better photographer, better blog post, better person in general, to live each day to the fullest and see the joy. i try to find it in the everyday, and often times in the mundane details of running (or trying to) an efficient household. it's no secret...the jig is up...i seriously SUCK at keeping a tidy house.

yes, my house is free of dust and my floors are usually in tiptop shape...but keeping it free of clutter, toys, and other stuff is like that is virtually impossible...for me:) hey, but i'm owning it and it's okay. i know that when i am 89 years old, i will still be looking for the things that i need because quite possibly i didn't put it back where it belonged the last time i had it. i really hope i won't have dentures 'cause that won't be conducive to my social life i am sure. ha.

i sit here with my background noise-of-choice (cause i need noise): the holiday-it's fab. oh, that quaint little english country side chalet nestled between the snow covered trees, bright blue sky and warmed only by a small fireplace...divine. a dream. a perfect escape. i'm totally going to hook myself up with something equivalent in the vacation department. one day.

knowing that a fabric swatch, a book, a song, a call from a friend or the longing face of a 3-year old to go outside and play street hockey could and often does open new doors and efficiently get the creative juices flowing, it's power. empowering.

of course, there are those days when feeling inspired or creative comes at a slower pace making me to tired to look and that's cool too, but mostly i think, it finds me and kicks me in the booty which leads me to my list of happy stuff from the last few days.

my first new t.r.e.a.s.u.r.e...

i have never gone to a flea market...not a real one. i adore the ideas and photos. it's loaded with the old and beautiful. the worn and re-loved. now i'm looking for a vintage loaf pan!

creative's everywhere and it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. end of tangent.

other things that have made me happy this week:

a baby brother sleeping with his big sister in her room. just because they wanted to have a 'sleepover!' "i don't have school tomorrow, mama. can my baby brother sleep in my bed?"
we didn't think it would work, but it did and it was precious. love those so much.

beckham's happy and excited face when he found his new bike in the foyer. he wanted a big bike for a big boy and it needed to be blue or red with a kick stand! an important add-on...a horn so it would make noise.
"it makes noise mama!"

another happy:
a surprise box of gifts from my family in michigan.

beckham running after daddy's car in the morning to say goodbye to peyton for the 10th time and to give daddy just one more 'boosie!' (kiss)

this has turned into a morning ritual.

my lowfat coffee treat...half a splenda, a bit of milk, cinnamon, and a dask of cocoa powder.
the madeline's french cakes are for the kids but the name on the package makes me want to have another little girl, name her maddy, move to france and become master cake maker.

$5 game from publix that keeps me picking up colorful little plastic bunnies off the floor, but the kids stack them over and over again while i make dinner, the laughter (some arguing) is why it made my happy list.

planting these little seedlings...
watching them grow...

a few days later after some love, too much water, and some-- why-aren't-they-growing-tears...

best happy thing of the week:
dancing in the rain. not me. them. way too cold for me, but they asked/begged and i have to say...i love it when they teach me to slow down and enjoy the rain as only a child can...

feeling so blessed for the love that i have and for all of the new and exciting things happening around me. digging within, i am learning, is a gift we give ourselves. well, i am off...i have my mini-shoots tomorrow and forgot how early i need to be up.

***to all the readers/commenters/personal inspirers, THANK YOU for all of the sweet comments. i treasured every single word and i wish i could gift you all with something special...or invite you all over for brunch. that would be amazing.

speaking of gifts...
the winner of the beautiful egg necklace is...drumroll... #14 (i counted each person's comment once, and i didn't count my own responses to readers. #14 of 47 comments won!)
please email me at and send me your color preference and your mailing address. congratulations!!!

enjoy your weekend!

lots of love,


Nicole said...

Congrats to your winner!
This post inspired me to take more and better pictures! Your pictures are just full of life ; really works of art! We have 3 little girls and I am pregnant with our 2nd son ( Our first passed prematurely last year at 25 weeks ) and I can't wait to have our pictures of baby brother "sleeping over"!!

Tammy B said...

k. well. I have loved the name Madeleine since I was a little girl. Thus, my daughter. Madeleine. There was no room for discussion on the "girl" name, or the spelling.
Love your sleepover, to match my sleepover :)
And - I would love to come to brunch! That sounds super duper right about now!
Awesome post Heidi.

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

Out of pure avoidance of cleaning my clutter I am sitting here reading about YOUR clutter!
There is no lack of happy things in a day with children, it's just taking the time to be objective enough to clear the ughs of parenthood into the oos and ahs of busy days! Your photos are beautiful, and your kids are fab too!
:) Rebecca

Brandy said...

I am also avoiding cleaning right now! Instead my husband is! Hooray!

I had my first Madeleine years ago at a French wedding and fell in love. Then I found the recipe, 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup flour, 3 eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla and realised of course I loved them as they are 90% fat! Of course I would not expect anything less from the French! I have not had the Starbucks version as I am currently addicted to their chocolate caramel preztel sticks.

Your photos make me want to start lugging around my old film slr again. Theres so much to capture.

Anonymous said...

Great list of happiness! Christmas in March!?!? YAY!!!

Have a wonderful weekend yourself :)


SDM said...

OK -- I'm thinking I should have read your post BEFORE I "lost it" on my husband for not cleaning out the garage... maybe I would have not sweat the small stuff and just enjoyed this rainy saturday afternoon... oh well, damage done (but garage is still not closer to being cleaned out so no good did it do me!)

love the surprise presents in the spring and sibling sleepovers are the best!! I have so many pictures of my girls snuggling up together... usually after we've put them to bed in separate rooms... they go sneaking to each other & I just can't get upset because isn't that what having a sibling is all about?!

as always really enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful family!

kim said...

I love your list of certainly have plenty of things to be happy about!

I love the photos of your little ones playing in the rain & their stinkin' adorable!!!!

We planted seeds this week too, I guess it's our tiny little confirmation that spring has officially Bella stares at the soil and gives the seeds their ultimatum..."you guys better grow or I'm just gonna be sad" it!

Enjoy your weekend & I hope it's filled with many more happy little moments....

Tisha said...

love the list of happys. yesterday i let jonah run through a puddle over and over cuz i knew he was dying to. sure it was only 45 but well why not. love that the kids had a sleepover! so cute. we got free seeds today so will probably be planting them next week! :) i am loving your posts!

Heather Polleti said...

love the pics..YOU ROCK!!! love the list of happy things!! My happy thing: your blog :)

Kelle said...

Oh, I LOVE this new blog! It's my new favorite. And my favorite picture, of coure, I 'm going to have to say Beckham's bootie. But I love the one of Peyteycakes in her suit with her big innocent eyes looking up too.

Yes...inspiration lies within. In you. And that's why I love you.
xoxo If I were Anne of Green Gables, I'd ask you to cut a lock of your tresses. Remember? Love you.

April said...

your new posts always make me smile! and christmas presents in march? now that's just awesome! i'm loving the b&w pic of your raindancers hugging, now, that's precious! oh, and brunch, just let me know when. how cool would that be?

wishing you a happy week ...

Kelly Hutcheson said...

Love the playing in the rain pictures...they are so fun and free! Your kids are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G! I always thought it'd be cool to have brown eyes, then I met P&B and wanted to try Latisse' bc one of the side effects is it could change my eye color to brown. lol

Still laughing every time I think about the ants! Literally peed my pants as you told it!! (oh, sorry, tmi)

ukreal1 said...

So colourful, love the paint ones. Now, I have to find out where to get that bunny ear game, my son would love that and I would love it at a restaurant LOL

Loosy said...

Listen. Why don't we meet up for a glass of wine, say....5:30sih?

I wish.

Kate said...

What a touching post, the kids in the rain and the "sleepover" so very precious to say the least. Its beautiful to see your heart through the lense. Loving your new blog its pretty fab!

Warm wishes

P-nut said...

Hi Heidi,
I came to your blog through following Kelle's... I just love the way you girls take pictures!!! And I love the way you write and help us other mamma's to stop and appreciate little things that make us happy along this journey of life.
Beautiful kids, beautiful pics and beautiful words...

Heidi said...

welcome and thank you sooo much. just like oprah says she has the best audience...kell has some of the sweetest readers! from the bottom..., thank you, your words made me happy! xoxo

P-nut said...

yay! i'm glad you don't think i'm stockerish! ha ha.. i really love your work.. and it's fun to follow you guys and learn new things... thanks for "letting me in"

Anonymous said...

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