Monday, March 1, 2010

lemonade stands, strawberry scones, & friends... (test post)

in trying to better 'our story,' i am trying to get the kids involved in things that help make them realize how blessed and lucky they are to live where they do, eat when and what they want, and most importantly--are loved as they are.

there are nights, long after the kids are bathed,tucked, and storied up...that i sit and wonder for them, what their future may hold for them. i, every once in a while, wonder what they may do to feel fulfilled and to make them a contributing part of society. at the end of my daydream or thoughts about the 'future' peyton and beckham...i only ever hope for them a happy and content life.

sometimes, i feel like i am noah, and i am with god's direction, building an ark (peyton and beckham). an ark that must withstand the waters and weather...both calm and thunderous. there will be lightning and rainbows. i guess we're all in the same 'boat' of life.

am i building these 'arks' with the correct foundation. will they be strong, confident, and know where they are going?

i pray every single night that i/we are doing a good job with these little ones that need to learn so much us. we are their example in life and in love. it is such a huge and the most important job. i just hope that we are doing the best for them in the short time we have them in our immediate grasp.

but, hey...we make mistakes. all. the. time. i'm pretty sure i am doing a great job of how to say, "i'm sorry," too if you know what i mean!!!

with this said...we are trying to help put with the relief efforts in haiti, so we decided, along with kelle, to have one during her community garage sale. we planned the lemonade stand and bake sale with the enthusiasm of planning a birthday party...'cause that's the way we roll. we kinda forgot about the garage sale part...

first off...homemade scones from this blog friend where you will also find the recipe for them! thank you, april! they are yummy! maybe not as easy as you made it. more than a few times i wanted to look you up in the yellow pages and ask for help. yup, i would have called that late:)

i guess are one in the morning, taking pictures every step of the way meant more sense to me than actually finding stuff to sell at the sale, but hey, it was fun...

what i ended up with were more like strawberry scone cookies rather than scones, but they were still really good!
truth be told, beckham was the rock star at this sale, cause he was all about serving people. while kelle and i were to busy ignoring potential customers by taking pictures, and our girls were to busy playing...our little beckham stepped up his game and served with a smile...and for the record, i have never seen someone so diligent in making sure each glass of bee-filled lemonade had the perfect amount of ice inside.

my daughter, on the other hand, spotted some of her things that were included in the sale that she was not very happy about...among the treasures...her first trike from 4 years ago, that dirty little bag attached to it and anything else she could find went into the bag or into my car for safekeeping. she rode around for HOURS looking for her property and made me promise that if i found anymore of her things that i would let her know about it. pinky promise.

on beckham's break...

kelle and i were to busy doing this...

to sell this...

we had such a great was the perfect way to spend a beautiful saturday is some of florida's finest weather...
(kelle made all the aprons and signs!)

we bought some stuff too...

i highly recommend a garage is as beckham would say, "super fun, mama!"

in other, we-can't-stop-having-fun blogger moments...
my friend, jenn who is an amazing writer and good friend had us over for bellini's and to meet new friends!
the bellin's were fab although i don't have a recipe...the company was better!

i kinda feel like i've walked into anthropology (ah hem, my 'favoritest' store ever ever ever) when i walk into jenn's house. clean, refreshing, simplistic design... basically, things i aspire for my house to be!

(side note: to my hubby... i want this dress for easter. okay, kinda expensive for a plain black easter dress. correction: i want to be able to look phenom in this dress by easter:)

then this sky...

so, in an effort to help form these little souls into the amazing, young person they will need to be when they leave the nest...we do stuff. along the way they are sure to pick up something from it all!


oh yeah...i can't forget...


laura said...

I love it!!

Jaime said...

Your kids are so beautiful! They are so lucky to have you as a mom, you are Amazing!! This blog is so creative,it is so great to have stuff like this for them to see one day!

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. I'm so happy to find are an amazing photographer, with the most beautiful family!! Your children are absolutely adorable! This lemonade stand is the cutest thing I've ever seen :) For some reason, I missed Kelle's post about it. You guys are awesome...exactly like me with the details :) Love it! My little Toby has asked for a rocket party for this 3rd birthday next month, and I'm already starting...I just can't help myself. I'm into details :)

Happy weekend!


Tara said...

Hopped over here from Kelle's blog. You ladies are amazingly talented--love, love your photos and the sunny outlook on life.

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