Friday, August 5, 2011

{marinating} the last few days of our summer holiday and i'm really digging sam's thoughts on summer and laziness! however, i like to think of it not as laziness, rather living with the rule that a daily nap under a tree is perfectly acceptable. " i've taken three, maybe four naps in the last seven days and it was...not lazy, it was needed, cherished, reflected upon with the utmost admiration! of course.

i liken it to beckham's rechargeable radio-controlled truck! it comes with a rechargeable battery. when the truck is being played with for day's on end, carrying load of and loads of various little toys and trinkets back and forth in the bed of the truck, "...i have a delivery for you, mama...vroom, vroom,..." eventually, the truck needs a break so it's batteries can recharge. let's face it, if the batteries aren't at full capacity, it runs slower and does a pathetic job of lugging beckham's complete family of plastic dinosaurs around until it eventually dies.

a chance to recharge. reinvigorate. dude, we all need that. so, laziness in this sense is quite mandatory! so, please go and find your lazy! it's there for the taking if you look for and understand the importance of it.

"Deep Summer is when laziness finds respectability."
-Sam Keen

so here is a little tidbit of the 'laziness' we have been indulging in this week...

{an insane amount of musical chairs}



look at that concentration on p's face...eye of the tiger, baby!

the adult version yielded some minor injuries, but hey, all in the name of fun, eh?
(that's my canadian for, right?)


{watched little cousins play together}

and a little part of me is constantly reminded that we made this happen by having kids of our own. we have made playmates for each other's children and they will grow up together even if they don't see each other everyday. these memories and experiences will shape their relationships.

watching peyton nurture her baby cousin has been a treat to watch. watching her own 'mothering' skills that have been roughly passed on to her from me is endearing and lovely to take in.



{line dancing and the slosh}

{and the Evergreen ragg mopp}


{kisses and dances with my little guy}


{balloon collecting is way more fun than getting into bed on time}



{a mama's favorite pastime must be watching her children BE very happy}


the fun doesn't end until one or more babies pass out...

please note: (future teenage peyton and becks) these Evergreen tatts are fake. they wash off;)


beckham and his buddy, carter. all tuckered out.

{watching a fiery sunset at Evergreen. always one of the highlights and an amazing way to close the day out.}


we are in canada at evergreen for one more day. we leave tomorrow after an amazing week of campfires, late-night swims, and unending sand, food, and fun with friends we have grown up with for over 25 years.

i have more photos to share, but until next year...goodnight, evergreen!

another giveaway, about 300 more summer memories to post, recipes, photo session sneak peeks...whew... all coming up! go find your lazy. even if it's only for an afternoon. seriously, go find it now because summer 2011 is almost a memory! we'll miss you watermelon stained tshirts, slip and slides playdates, and late-night bbq's.



Maria said...

Seriously, how can we (us readers)compete with line dancing & adult musical chairs, I ask you? No wonder we're last on your summer totem Miss your regular posts. They're always so much fun.
Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer. I don't even want to think about it ending yet. Have a great time next week. Can't wait for you to catch up. Hope your Grandma is doing well.

Patti said...

OH, that last photo looks like Heaven on earth. I love the pic of Beckham playing musical chairs (pure joy) sweet!

GraceesMommy said...

Oh summer..i love you...i always think I want to marry you but then my true love shows up and knocks me to my senses..Fall has my heart totally. Dude. I. can't. wait. and summer has just literally exhausted me this year! It looks like your summer has been fantastic..being with family rocks.
I love the picture of your mom line dancing!!!!! And the picture of Beckham catching a few zzzz's with his buddy is so stinking adorable..I have said it before and I will probably say it a thousand more times..that kid is going to be a heart breaker.
Enjoy the rest of your summer with your family friend but I think you have a friend in Naples who may be missing you a bit which is just priceless!! Love to you and safe travels home.♥

Joann said...

Glad you are having a wonderful summer! We are usually in Ireland for the summer but this year our plans have changed:o( Hard to believe summer is almost over! My big guy is starting Kindergarten so we're getting ready for that...just a few weeks away. But, plenty of memories made this summer...all wonderful so what could be better?!!! Enjoy the rest of your time ...I too miss your regular posts!!

Sarah said...

Love it! Finding lazy.... Brilliant!

Rebecca said...

I love. Enjoy your last little bit in Canada... I'm missing those sunsets... Love the kiddos having fun, such beauties! Happy Lazzzy Summer! xo

Nadine said...

The picture of your little guy sleeping on Jeff is my sweet! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Enjoy your last day in Canada!

colette said...

beautiful post! the love your family shares is so evident in your photos. and i totally agree about seeing your little girl exhibit her motherly skills. it's one of those moments in my life where i'm like, 'hey, i'm doing alright at this mommy thing.'

thanks for posting!

Tisha said...

enjoy your vaca! post later when school starts. it will keep you busy when the kiddos are at school.

The Michelle Show said...

Enjoy yourself in Canada! I feel so blessed to live in such a great place :)

Eva Marie said...

We swapped :) You came to Canada and I came to Florida!

We had a lovely time and I hope you are too..

Love the picture of Beckham and Daddy - LOVELY

April said...

Oh, what sweetness!! Thinking of you ... xoxo ...

My Secret Rooms said...

I found you via Kelle and I really like your blog!
I will take the opportunity to go find my lazy this weekend, what a marvelous idea :-)
Thanks for reminding me!

Yeah, summer of 2011 is soon over but I think we'll get some more lovely days with BBQ, playground fun and trampoline jumping. I sure hope so!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and sweet photos of your beautiful family!
I'll come back for more ;-)

April said...

Heidi, so glad you stopped by!! Thank you for your sweet words. My little man is due November 23rd, so just about three more months to go ... crazy how fast it is flying by now that I am feeling good :)


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