Saturday, April 14, 2012

ivy lynn, her birth story.

four beautiful weeks ago... i pushed ivy into the world.

it was magic.

it was all things good.

it was...the most amazing experience of my life.

i want to go back to march 5th and do it again. i want to feel every emotion, to shed each tear, and to hear her soft newborn cry for the first time...again

i want meet our newest daughter for the first time...all over again.

it was...sublime. the closest way to relive it is to write it down, so here it is ...

the early morning hours of saturday, march 5th, four weeks ago, my bags were just barely packed. my suitcase lay open on our bed as a scribbled checklist i had created days earlier lay next to it:

flip video camera
pillow with a colored pillow case
fave lip gloss
baby name book
extra memory cards...

brushes, headbands, and toiletry bags sat upon my messy bathroom counter.

what to take? what to take?

a few days earlier than that, i had carefully washed three outfits for the new baby and placed them in large ziploc bags in my suitcase. each was made of the softest organic cotton i have ever felt and all three were white or soft white. i was happy with my choices...all gifts from my baby shower celebration. i carefully folded a crisp, white nightgown with tiny embroidered purplish grey flowers adorning the top...i will wear this at the hospital the night the baby is born. that was my plan, anyway.

lavendar and peppermint oils, battery operated candles and sweet favors were thrown in a duffle with my favorite quilt at the last minute.

i burned the birth music i had chosen to CD and decided i was tired and needed to rest, so at around 1 am-only 7 hours before we were due to be at the hospital, i ran the water for a bath. the kids had gone to stay at grandma and grandpas and jeff was fast asleep. the house quiet and dark, absurdly really quiet and dark. the most quiet it had ever been it seemed.

i poured two capfulls of ________ into the running water and i touched my pregnant and very big belly and was suddenly very aware that it would be gone in a matter of hours.

i felt the baby move and i closed my eyes, begging my brain to remember it exactly as it was at that moment. i felt the hard bump that often presented itself above my bellybutton. "it's the baby's bum," i had proudly shared with family and friends for the last 20 weeks or so.

i was acutely aware that i wouldn't be saying that ever again. as i soaked in the tub, my eyes stinging with exhaustion and my mind racing with excitement, i touched my stomach and softly whispered to the baby how much i loved him or her.

"i can't wait to meet you, sweetheart."

tears started flowing. how i loved this belly and all the life that it held for 40 weeks and 3 days.


i got out of the tub, and afraid i hadn't documented this little miracle enough, i began snapping photos with my iphone desperate to memorize the last hours of what will soon be gone.

although, i knew things were only going to get sweeter, earlier in the day, i had been struggling with the fact that this beloved pregnancy was just about over. i would never again feel a baby kick and dance within my belly.

i was grateful and blessed for the times i grew healthy babies, but i wasn't quite ready for it to be over and taking those last few moments to myself felt ceremonious and just what i needed to do to move on to the next step.


i miss it.

when the alarm went off, it felt like chrismas morning times 100. the excitement grew as i called friends, kelle and jenn...'s time to have a baby!

jeff was up and packing the car for the ten minute ride down the street. i applied my make-up and did my hair. jeff laughed at me each time he walked into the bathroom.

"jeff, i looked like marge simpson when i had beckham. i want to look better this time...even if i'm screaming in pain!"

we picked up kelle on the way and it was starting to feel real. each of us carrying something, we checked in and took seats in the waiting room. my mind went to the last time i was sitting in this this exact seat. i was pregnant with peyton. i had never done it before and i was scared. i tried to compare the two different experiences, but i was too excited to think through it all. all i knew...i was so happy. i was in the happiest place i could be.

joan, the nurse that delivered peyton 7 years earlier, called us into triage. i cried as i changed into my hospital gown...

this was it. the moments i had waited for and i was enjoying each and every second of it...even the open backed butt ugly hospital gown didn't bother, i was honored to be there wearing it.

they walked us into our room and kelle and i started crying at the bed where soon, my baby would lay and that adorable hat would be on my precious baby's head soon.


the iv was in, they broke my water, jeff played it cool in the corner reading the name book, the candles were 'lit' and my girls were by my side




we laughed and we cried a lot of happy tears. it was a good day. the best day.


we talked about baby names and couldn't agree on much, which kept things interesting.


if a hair was out of place...kelle and jenn knew to fix it immediately. we laughed later, as i telling a story, these two both jumped up at the same to time to smooth a flyaway hair from my face.

in between being poked and prodded,
we laughed and cried as we anticipated the arrival of this little surprise baby.

i can't believe the day is here!!! we are having a baby.



i wish i could have bottled up the love, joy and happiness that was in the room that monday.

i had been waiting patiently, but i just wanted to hold him or her. i just wanted them to hand a warm, little body to me so i could breathe in the new sweetness and kiss the sweet lips i had been dreaming about. i wanted to be the one, the lucky one, the one whose baby the nurses would fuss over...wiping her off and shouting out apgar scores to one another. i wanted to look over to the right from my hospital bed and try to catch glimpses of the little human that jeff and i created. today, i was that girl.

our third miracle would be joining our family of four very soon.

i was feeling a range of emotions when my nurse joan said, "you are ten. you can push! do you want to push or do you want us to top you off first (epidural)?"

"what?! i'm ready to push. already?"

i looked over to jeff, kelle and jenn, heart pounding and taken with a mixture of excitement and nerves.

"oh my gosh. it's time to push!"

they all rushed to my side.

but hey, mama's no fool...they topped me off first!

i heard a medley of sentiments while waiting to push.

you can do it, baby.
heidi, you're going to meet your baby!

tears and hugs were shared.
this was it. the moment i had dreamt of. the pure magical experience of counting and pushing and delivering a child.

the lights were turned up, people in scrubs started filing in and the doctor slowly prepared himself, tugging at gloves and offering warm and encouraging smiles my way.

kelle grabbed my hand. jeff kissed me. jenn giggled. we were giddy.

this was it. it was my turn to dance. to accept my reward. i was ready.

like any woman and regardless of pushing a baby out into the world or meeting a specially chosen child that was born in your heart, it's what you feel before you meet your child for the first time. it's the kind of emotion reserved solely for occasions like, meeting your child for the first time.

like an unexpected tidal wave, the emotion washed over me relentlessly and while my carefully selected music played in the background...i began my work.

push, heidi. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. good. you're doing great! we can see the head. black hair.

i tried to taper the tears while pushing, but i couldn't. feeling fully present and realizing that magic was happening...i couldn't stop the salty water from falling. fyi: crying and pushing at the same time...not easy to do. also, it does not make for the effective use of a contraction. but she came fast and easily anyway.

omg, heidi. one more time, heidi... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. one more push and you will have your baby. you are doing awesome.

"omg, really? you can? you can see the head? Turn up the song, number 1, number 1!"

feeling no pain, i felt her little body slide out of me. it was the most exhilarating release of emotion i have ever experienced...

dr. gauta proudly lifted her up...

i heard her beautiful and tiny newborn cries and lost in the moment i said, "is that her crying?"

it was the most beautiful music. her cries were softer than i remembered with the others and i was overcome with joy. so much so, i forgot to look for the gender.

kelle kept saying, "jeff and heidi, look. look what you have!" finally it dawned on me to check it out.

i announced, "it's a girl!"
the doctor echoed me a second later.

kelle ran over to me, her tear streaked face tattooed with love and happiness, "she's perfect, heidi. she's beautiful! sobbing, she said, "i'll go get more pictures and come back to show you."



jenn clutched my hand and cried with me. "she's perfect, heidi! another little girl! oh, heidi! she's beautiful."

jeff had been next to the warmer, next to his newest little girl...i could see the tears and just like that...this little surprise-holy-crapola-what-have-we-done-baby had captured her daddy's heart.


finally, they brought her to me...

and i looked into the eyes of my new baby girl for the first time...
and she took my breath away. her beauty, her health. the color of her face, the chubby little arms, the thick blanket of dark hair that covered her perfectly round head. the cleft in her chin, a trademark of being siblings to peyton and beckham, i guess. she was amazing. she stopped crying when i held her for the first time. she stared at me. right at me. she was alert and her eyes wide open before she finally latched on to nurse. her skin next to mine was surreal. i was looking at this baby, but it was almost to good to be true. but she was.
i finally had her in my arms.


we counted fingers and toes. compared our older babies to this new one.
"she looks like, beckham!" i said.
"peyton!' he said.



yes, the best was yet to come.
peyton and beckham just left school and were on their way to meet their new baby. whenever i thought about peyton and beckham meeting their new baby always brought me to tears. i knew how happy they would be to finally meet this baby we had been talking about for so long.






i can't find the adequate words to describe the amount of happiness and pride i felt at introducing peyton and beckham to their new baby.

"what kind a baby is it, mama?"

a baby girl.

his face fell for just a moment as he really wanted a little brother to teach how to play hockey. he quickly recovered and ran over to shower her in delicate kisses.

peyton's excitement over having a girl shone on her sweet face.

they couldn't keep their hands off of her and for the first time, i realized what i had just given them. another person linked to them genetically, but more importantly, ivy was an extra person for them to love and learn from and ivy would offer them love back.

they followed her around the room. she never left her sight.
she will adore her big brother and sister. she will look up to them . want to be them. ivy will share things with them that she may not want to share with me one day.

opportunity is what we gained that. the opportunity to love and be loved back from one more person...that kinda has to. we are a family. a new family of five. we are together united in the big beautiful world of so much good and so much bad too.

we have each other forever. and so we celebrated and toasted to our new girl and our new family.









hello there, daughters of mine.

such tender and sweet moments were shared this day. i'll never forget this day and i'll always be grateful that i was able to really share it with peyton and beckham. it's been just us for so long, but they were there when it all changed. they were a part of it.

our first family photos.


and right about now, it hits me...this is our new crew. a family of five. feeling so in love and completely blessed

happiness. that's all that is.

peyton made me promise that she could hold the baby as much as she wanted.

we obliged her.
she stuck to me like glue. bless her sweet, sweet heart.




this picture slays me. i love this girl. she is so proud her baby. i love you, peyton mae.
beckham is so tender with her. his away around her is natural and beautiful.
we partied with our girl and our family and friends. it was epic.

the kids decorated her immediately.
daddy looked proud and deeply in love and i couldn't help but remember that at one time in his life he had said, "i only want boys. i don't want to have to hurt a teenager going after my girls. i never want a girl."

i've seen this face before, seven years ago when we welcomed our, peyton mae.

my dear jenn, clutched my hand and cried with me at the birth of our girl. someone who celebrates you or children like that, you hold onto them. tight. xo

sito finally had the baby she had been wanting, i think she'll stop asking for another one now...for a minute at least.
cousins loved on her.
and i watched my best friend welcome and love on my girl moments after she was born just as i had done to hers two years earlier. we were back in sacred space and we knew it. tears of pain and happiness were shed as we remembered where we were two years earlier and knowing how far we had come in so many ways in such a short time. we were blessed and things happened just as they were supposed to happen.
i watched my babies transform into protective big brother and sister within seconds of meeting her.
i saw friends rejoice in the magic of a new human,

and i heard mothers reminded of how tiny their own little one must of been once upon a time.
we marveled at things that are normally taken for and lots of it, ten healthy toes, a button nose. eyelashes, and tiny ears.
it was a party celebrating the little things.



finally, it was time for me to make my victory walk. the olympic torch relays got nuttin' on being rolled out of your delivery room, with a tightly swaddled newbie in your lap that's all yours.


and to make it sweeter, my big girl was with me.


yup, you can look, but she's MINE!


and even though we had a minor glitch...we kinda named her two different names over the course of 24 hours...
first we celebrated Josie Lynn (PB&J), we danced, we called people, i wrote it in her baby book and recorded it on video...the next day, it didn't feel right even though i loved the name.

the next day before the hospital all but sent in nurses to beat a name out of me, we decided on francesca, frankie for short. i started crying a minute later. it wasn't right.

finally, daddy pulled a name from one our cast-off names...and Ivy Lynn it was. and it's perfect.



we finally, made it home. it was the best adventure. an amazing journey that started with a surprise positive sign on a pregnancy stick to the most beautiful and lucky little girl named ivy. and she is magic. every breath she takes...she's like sugar.

we are so lucky. truly, she is my little miracle.

how did i get so lucky to have these three beings?
i'm not sure, but i hit the jackpot, i think.


i tried to post a video but it won't play at this time, i'll try again on the next post.
**delivery music


Cathy K. said...

I absolutely loved reading Ivy Lynn's birth story. It makes me look forward to the day when I have my own children. I've made a mental note to read this when that day comes years from now, because of how positive and beautiful your writing is. None of that "AHHH LABOR, OMG SO SCARY!!!" stuff I find and hear a bit too often. You stayed focused on the beauty of the day and I admire that so much.

I can't help but wonder though - Were you in pain at ANY point?! You look gorgeous in every photo. Mission look-amazing-while-in-labor ACCOMPLISHED.

annb72 said...

This post just tugged at my heart...I follow you thru Kelle..and I find you both AMAZING!! I also had a 3rd "suprise gift", a beautiful boy named Benjamin..he is now 14 months and such a joy. My oldest son is 13 and my daughter is 11..a new baby has opened our hearts in a way we never knew possible. I pray for continued joy and love for your family..Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures with people who you will probably never meet..but I sure wish we could!!

Hazel said...

Oh thank you Heidi. What a precious story, and the photos. My heart is full, and so are my eyes. My favourite photo? The family shot with you crying. So real. So happy. What an adorable family you have, your new family of 5!
I'm going back to read it again, but I needed to comment, Ivy Lynn you are already loved and cherished by so many. Xoxo

norcalfireball said...

Heidi, I too found you through Kelle's blog and think you are both amazing. What an amazing friendship you both have, you are so lucky. Your birth story was beautiful and brought me to tears. I am expecting another baby in Aug, my fourth but 6th to raise since my husband and I are a yours, mine, and ours story and all of them live with us. The oldest is 13 and the youngest until this baby arrives is 2. I am even more excited for this baby to come since reading your story. I only wish I had some awesome photographer friends like you girls in the delivery room. Enjoy your family of 5 and congratulations. I love seeing Ivy on Instagram and reading your blog so keep em coming!

Rachael said...

Heidi, this is a beautiful story. It's wonderful that you got to share the day with such a great support system, and Peyton and Beckham couldn't look more proud! Your family of 5 is beautiful and Ivy is one of the most gorgeous babies I've ever seen! By the way, you look amazing in these pictures, seriously how did you do that?! Thank you for sharing your story, I look forward to watching Ivy grow.

GraceesMommy said...

I have been waiting for this post and it was worth the wait!! Ivy Lynn is beautiful and the fact that there was sooooo much love in that room when she was born is just priceless. That little girl has the most beautiful head of hair on a newborn that I have ever seen and I think the name choice was just perfect. As far as who she looks like...well...I am team Beckham on that one..even before you mentioned it on this post I thought so from the pictures I have seen of her so far.

You are a blessed woman my friend. ♥

dani macsnider said...

heidi! this is so sweet and great. what a beautiful story. you have a gift at writing! thanks for sharing!! I love your blog!!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

This made me cry!!!! I'm so happy to finally have read this!! It was lovely and perfect and I'm so happy for y'all. She's perfect. Xo

Life As Wife said...

This is the most descriptive and beautiful birth story I have ever read.

And I agree. Ivy Lynn just fits!!

Jannice said...

What a beautiful story! The pictures alone tell the story - so much love and emotion in every one! Beautiful made me cry :) I bet she is the best little surprise you've ever had.

mumofsix said...

Oh Heidi what a wonderful record of little Ivy's birth. The words and the photos.. I was in the middle of leaving you a rather long rambling message when my wretched beloved iPad died on me...I shall be brief..

I have loved following your and now Ivy's story on instagram. I am thepitts on there. I kept checking on you the day of her birth and went to bed over here in England before she was born. My first thought the next morning was of you and the baby and I pounced on my iPad and there she was. Though we didn't know she was a she right then! Just a perfect little miracle! if... Birth and babies are miraculous aren't they? I adore the picture of Peyton and Beckham, wide-eyed in wonder at this new baby sister in front of them. Such precious little people.

Wishing you much happiness and most of all sleep x x x Sarah

PS you looked nothing like marge this time although I'm sure you looked fabulous with the others too!

Sarah said...

Love, love, LOOOOOVEEE that birth story! I was in tears over here!! Congrats!! I love the view on life that you and Kelle share, and I strive to think and LIVE like you both do!

Congrats on sweet Ivy Lynn!

The Manrings said...

oh heidi.....this is pure love. all of your beautiful words and pictures and the music. its as if we were there with you every second on this special day. baby Ivy is a precious gift and your new family of five is so blessed. the picture of you and ivy and peyton in the hospital bed took my tears to a new level. seriously so so much love. loved the pic of jeff looking through the camera, of big sister and brother meeting her and the one of you in the wheelchair. you look beautiful and glowing. congrats mamma!!! can't wait to snuggle Baby Ivy soon. xoxoxo

ralphnmonica said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Such a sweet story, and I'm SO glad you ended up with Ivy. She is definitely an Ivy Lynn!! Beautiful! Congratulations again.

Eva Marie said...

Your memories will forever be recalled when reading this beautiful birth story.

I can picture it as if I was there, and I feel like I relived it through Peyton.. my sister was born when I was just shy of 7 and I can feel her sense of pride because I lived it, and my baby sister is now my best friend :)

and I relived it through not knowing our gender of our daughter until delivery day.. and they called out the gender and I didn't even remember to look and heard them say it but it just didnt register I was just so happy our baby was here and in my arms.

Oh happy tears for you Heidi. Happy Happy Jump up in the sky tears :)


Maria said...

Ahh, Heidi~what a perfect chapter in the book of your life! I was pretty bummed that you chose airport adventures & book signings over posting this, lol, but it was worth waiting for. Just beautiful. Loved the pics, the emotion, the love...everything about this post. She is so beautiful & I think she looks so much like Peyton. Those amazing eyes! You truly have hit the jackpot.
Nothing better in life can compare, of that I'm certain. So happy for you & so grateful that I have instagram...if I had to wait for these posts, I'd be in the looney bin...LOL!

Rae Nolt said...

Love it!!!! Such an amazing story! And love that you had so many names! Ivy was just perfect for a sweet girl! Don't they row so fast?

Leslie said...

It feels like so much time has passed since she....well since we have known about her. She's a little apple!
Straight from New York and I love her. I'm happy that you are soooo happy. God bless Ivy.

cathy said...


so happy for you


Greta S. said...

Lovely :)

Now I want a 3rd baby....haha!

GreenMama0609 said...

Beautiful! Absolutely positively beautiful! Tears for you right now AND, memories of welcoming my own little ones. Such an amazing experience!

Candy said...

Awesome Post! Love all the name changes and it's so funny because when I saw your Josie pic I thought no she does not look like a Josie or Frankie... She is such an Ivy... It's just perfect, way to go daddy for pulling that off your cast off list! We also have a little #3 surprise Taevy Star... After adopting two babies from Guatemala Kya Blu and Jagger Jett & being together for 13 years w no birth control EVER... We found out I was preg, I was so shocked I took 6 darn tests & uses two differant brands Ha! But anyway her birth was amazing and perfect as well and man want a blessing those little #3 surprises are! Congrats again

Heidi said...

Aw - congratulations! I had a little girl 3 months ago and think I wrote the exact same thing in her birth story - that it is hard to cry and push at the same time! But so worth it! Ivy is just beautiful, and her name is lovely!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Ivy Lynn is a perfect name. Congrats girl. How is it possible that you look that good after having a baby? Wowza!

Fresh Mommy said...

Such a beautiful story!!! I'm in tears and love the amazing gift of love and of life. Such an amazingly gorgeous family... from the inside out. :) Oh, and I love that daddy's sportin' his Michigan shirts, gotta love my home state!! Haha.

Truly though, this had me from the beginning and gripped my heart. I'm so ready for another baby... especially now!!

~Tabitha Blue

Happiness is... said...

Oh Heidi. What a beautiful, wonderful, emotional account of your little Ivy's birth. I've only had one child and often wondered how different the second or third experience is versus the first mysterious birth. I'm sure they're all a bit mysterious, but you could see the confidence there; the confidence that allowed you to soak in every ray of sunshine. I often think that the next child and birth will be so different because I would have knowledge and could just soak in the experience. I am so glad that her birth was smooth and that you and Ivy were safe and gloriously healthy.

And watching Peyton and Beckham. Oh, Peyton was so very, very proud; yet she's still enough of your baby to be draped across you. And to see the dimpled chin in all of them. I often wonder what I would see again between the children.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful event. You capturing the blessing and emotion of motherhood.

-Jennifer :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. It made me nostalgic for my own babies' births and *almost* make me want to do it again :) (although I guess I am a "fool" because I chose to skip the epidural lol)

Your children are very lucky to be so loved and to love each other. I agree with Hazel; the best photo is of your raw emotion crying in the family shot.

Great name you landed on too! :) Congrats. I look forward to reading more posts about your beautiful family.

Jannice said...

Ivys little footprints on your husbands shirt...thats just too adorable!!

Hazel said...

So I'm back again. I teared up again, I saw things I didn't see on the first 2 reads. The footprints on Jeff's shirt. PB &J. I laughed at your joy, smiled at sharing it with your friends Jenn & Kelle, Peyton and Beckam's faces. Friends visiting. No wonder you'd like to do it all again. I like those shots of the 3 of you (you and Kelle on the bed) and Jenn is holding Ivy. You all look ecstatic, and giggly, and totally high on love. Thank you for sharing such a powerful and loving birth story.
I hope that my turn to be the proud Mama (despite) the airy gown doing the victory lap with my own little is not that far away, cause stories like these melt my heart. Sincerely, thank you Heidi. Xoxo

Rhonda said...

Oh dear, what beautiful pics. I havent even read the blog, just scanned the pics. The love and the emotion is incredible in your shots and have me in tears. Cant wait to get alone and read the words. I will remember to bring tissues!!

You are so blessed!

Shannon said...

I already told you on Instagram how I cried in my pretzel cheese... LOL!! True story, but I am crying again. Actually the picture of your first family photos, where you look as if you are about to cry...I started there as well. Seeing your little family all together with your bigger ones loving on the littlest... I know how much I love to see my teen love on my toddler. Congratulations again! XOXO (from an Army wife in Texas!)

Lisa Leake said...

So happy for you Heidi...sounds like it was a magical and perfect day!! I loved meeting precious Ivy last week...she clearly completes your beautiful family :) Love, Lisa

Sonja said...

I have a March baby of my own - my son was born March 9, 2011. I found your photos on IG via Kelle and as I've been following you, I've been reliving the anticipation and joy and energy of my son's arrival last year and it's so wonderful to feel all of that again, vicariously, while reading your posts.

Thank you so, so much for sharing this beautiful time.

Paul said...
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Kathleen said...

Congratulations, Heidi! I 'discovered' your beautiful blog through Kelle's site and had to pass along my well wishes. This birth story was gorgeous, made this mommy to one and one on the way tear up in sheer gratitude and anticipation of what we have, and what is to come. Ivy is perfect and these pictures capture the essence of those beautiful first days. Life is precious and I find it apropos that you shared both stories of the wonderful women in your life so closely together! Kathleen in Chicago

Party of Ten said...

Congratulations!! I loved reading your story and the photos are incredible as usual :)

Rhonda said...

That was the loviest birth story ever.
You are indeed blessed!!

Do I see baby Ivys feet on Jeffs shirt?? That is sooo adorable!!!

Your love created all this magic!!

Revel in it!!


Roksalanna said...

It is so heartwarming to read your beautiful Ivy Lynn's birth story.
Thanks for sharing it-it's so lovely to read of Peyton and Beckham's reactions and to see Kelle and Jenn by your side supporting you. Heidi I think you and Jeff picked the perfect name for little Ivy. It just seems to be made for her.

A.B. said...

Possibly the sweetest post ever. totally expresses the extreme emotions and love for the newborn blessing. I'm in awe of your ability to write this. I think I could write like 5 sentences at 4 weeks and they were mostly, "I just love him so much." Creative, eh?

Dara said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. And, no way, shape or form did you look like Marge Simpson. You glowed :)

Plus one Wee Bean said...

You are so blessed with a healthy and beautiful family!
I follow you on IG and your family is lovely.
Thank you for sharing the story of IVY's arrival.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Beautiful birth have so many amazing pictures to remember the day! (Love the footprints on Jeff's shirt)

Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

heather said...

I wasn’t prepared for that. I knew it would be beautiful but holy smokes! What an emotionally filled post. Makes me want to do it all over again and have the wine glasses, birth cd (love the playlist!), best friends and all of those beautiful pictures! You done good mama! She’s so beautiful and the name is perfect! Congratulations and thanks for sharing her birth story with us! xo

Rosa said...

OMG, she is so so cute! Congratulations (laughed at the marge simpson comment, my hair did look like that for my two babies' births...darn curly hair) lol.

Lisa Hewlett said...

Crying at work :-) This is so beautiful, and dear God, I hope I get to do it again some day! Welcome Ivy Lynn!!!

Mrs.T said...

gorgeous post. congrats!

Mrs.T said...

gorgeous post. congrats!

April said...

Oh how this mama heart can relate to each and every word in this post!! I initially started reading this post while sitting in front of the oven waiting for a batch of oatmeal cinnamon cookies to be baked to perfection, while my grand finale sat on my lap! But, I felt this post deserved a comment from my computer, so here I am :)

Beautiful, Heidi ... xoxo ...

Tisha said...

thank you for sharing Ivy's birth story, it was so worth the wait. it made me all teary and really want another baby.

she is precious.

Kelly Jo said...

absolutely beautiful!!!! i just took a walk down memory lane of when my little girl was born 4 years ago and it is a beautiful thing!!! you have 3 beautiful children!

Alex, Kristi and Alison said...

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!!! Your children are all beautiful!

happymommy said...

What a Beautiful birth story! Sweet baby Ivy is just precious...your children are simply beautiful. The looks in Peyton and Beckham's eyes were priceless.
I love the way your friends love you and you them...the friendship between you and Kelle is just so amazingly wonderful...the way the two of you celebrate life and everything in between well is sinply beautful. Love both you girls and your blogs (even though I don't really know you), you both inspire me to be a better mama and friend!!!

lynxymama said...

bawling. ;)

Talia said...

This had me smiling and with weepy happy tears at the same time. Lovely lovely celebration of life.

Thank you for sharing your precious story and photos.

You are all so blessed.

Katie said...

Such a beautiful birth story and photos. What struck me most is this tribe of family and friends you have around you. Blessed. Huge Congratulations and All the Best!

Sarah said...

sweet family!!! Love and blessings to y'all:)

Annie said...

Magical! I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and last child. I can identify with so much of this. And it is helping me prepare :)
(love the details about how her name changed : )

Sian said...

oh Heidi I weeping with tears of joy for you! Thank your sharing! She is so beautiful, congratulations again xxx

Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

Heidi! I am a huge fan of yours and Kelle's blogs. I just cried my way through Bloom and then cried my way through this birth story. So beautiful and real and makes me yearn for that feeling of becoming a mother some day. Thanks for sharing. She's perfect!

Anonymous said...

I waited and waited and there she is!!! and she is beautiful!!God Bless her and your beautiful family...they will help you through...babies come for a reason don't you think? Ivy's birth story is beautiful...Congratulations to all..

Monique said...

Ivy Lynn...beautiful and perfect!! Heidi you are so blessed with 3 gorgeous littles, family and friends to celebrate the magical experience of child birth and the beauty that it brings! Wishing you many happy days full of magical moments of being a Mama...
Thanks for sharing!

Monique said...

Ivy Lynn...beautiful and perfect!! Heidi you are so blessed with 3 gorgeous littles, family and friends to celebrate the magical experience of child birth and the beauty that it brings! Wishing you many happy days full of magical moments of being a Mama...
Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Heidi, that was absolutely beautiful! What a lovely family you have. :)


kelly said...

Im new here...
I love love love this post. Congratulations on your gorgeous baby number 3 Ivy..x... everytime I see another mama have her baby I long for another one myself...and I already have five..xx

Ciara said...

Beautiful birth story, I loved reading it. The pictures are just amazing. What a lucky baby she is, surrounded by so much love.

SuperMilf said...

OH. MY. GOSH. You make want a third SOOOOO bad!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad hubby says no way. BOO.
Such a gorgeous story I had goosebumps thruought the whole thing! Congrats again, you're family is absolutely beautiful I love love your IG feed, and feel luky that you share your joy and love with us!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi and Jeff:

Wow, what excitment from the minute we picked Peyton up at school. Beckham and her asked over and over "are we going to the hospital now" Did mommy have her baby? Can we hold the baby? Do we really have a baby now? Is Daddy at the hospital? They were so cute and happy and excited. However, I didn't have the answers we said we sure are going to see mommy and daddy and I bet baby too!

Love Sito

caygraymomma said...

Miss Heidi,
Beautiful, beautiful post. Seeing your big kids fall in love with their sister and then tagging her with stickers was a heart burst moment followed by laughter. Loved it.

Thank you for such a gorgeous share- a lot of it reminded me of all those feelings, those quick moments when you realize you are going to miss them inside, that moment of them moving within you that you try to capture and hold forever in your mind.

Our youngest was a tagalong too and I am so glad it worked out that way, because it was glaringly obvious from the second we found out Miss Lorelei was coming (April Fool's Day -best April Fools Ever) that there was someone that was missing at our party.

That family picture of all five of you is so loving and complete, enjoy your party.

caygraymomma said...

Ok and one more thing- I LOVE your playlist. Our kids each have their own song that I have sung to them since they were infants- Lorelei's is Lullaby. She calls it "Sing me, Where I come From."

Anonymous said...

What? No tiara? No inappropriate nightgown? Spending your time in the hospital with your husband and kids rather than 15 girlfriends?

Alli said...

Loved reading Ivy Lynn's birth story. Thanks for sharing! I also like the Play List. Cam't wait ti read more posts!

nhoines said...

Thank you for sharing Ivy's birth story, it made me cry, several times! It reminded me of my own story, although with a somewhat different ending. Instead of having "tagalong #3" (although not quite so many years in between my kids as between yours), it ended in a miscarriage, so while reading your story made me happy, it also made me sad at the same time, reminding me that it could have been that way, if I hadn't been so scared. When I found out I was pregnant for the third time, I was so scared - we have no money and live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. I would have had three kids under three years of age and I was so scared. And then when the doctor went to find the heartbeat at 12 weeks, he couldn't and that's when I realized that I shouldn't have been so scared. I should have just embraced what God was giving us and been happy. It made me learn some things (the hard way), but it made me a wiser and hopefully better mom. I love my kids and I'm going to enjoy my time with them. I'm so happy for you and your family! Your new little daughter is beautiful, as are your other two children, and so are you! I have followed you since reading Kelle's blog (after Nella's birth story) and I'm so glad I got to read Ivy's birth story. Thank you for sharing! I love it! :)

vermonter said...

I would love to comment on every picture because everyone told a story. They showed so much emotion and I just loved them all. I can not tell you how much I loved them all even though I do not know you, only through your blog I felt the emotion and love in the room. So precious.. Loved the photos so much. JFMK if you don't mind me asking what kind of camera do you use and did you have to photo shop your photo's ? (

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