Friday, November 11, 2011


the alarm goes off and i begin to mentally pry my eyes open to another day. they sting with revolt and my brain begins to play tricks on me. i think i'm awake and dressed, with hair and make-up neatly applied- a good day for me as i normally throw my hair in a pony and spend my morning primping my girl, assisting my little guy in brushing his molars correctly before i barely have a chance to get a decent breakfast in their mouths before we peel out of the driveway to make it to school before the second bells rings.

in reality, i'm still in bed and i've not done thing one yet. i stay in bed as long as i can and when finally my toes begin to tingle with the anticipation of leaving the safety and warmth of my bed to the cold, hard floor...i have to get up!

i can only imagine that most busy moms feel the same way. the joys of motherhood. the monotony of it all. the normalcy of it. the joy of it. it's comforting.

lately though, i have been popping out of bed. and even though my eyes still sting when the alarm goes heart seems to beat a bit quicker and the urgency to get things going kicks in and i do it with more vigor and pep in my step than i have in years.

because, mornings are SO NOT my thing...this is a big deal for me. i'm sure it won't last past one day after Tagalong comes along, but i'll enjoy it while i have it. getting up early is like joining a new club of winners. people i have always admired.

it's the club that welcomes the dedicated employees who rush off to work each morning with coffee in hand and smile on face; the club that welcomes the running goddesses who wake up early to run before the baby wakes up for it's morning feeding; the same club that must be responsible for the good hair and perfectly styled outfit that is so effortlessly demonstrated by the parents who are walking by me in the morning from dropping their children off at school (on time)!

i've always wanted to be a real part of that club and i don't even like clubs. but the 'early morning' club is a group of motivated folks who gets the job done. i love them.

so, for me, i love this part of pregnancy. i am freaking out. i'm not going to lie. i. am. freaking. out. about so much about this little one i love so much already, but the side effects of a good freak-out are usually worth it.

i love is all the extra time we are cramming into ten months into spending with our two little ones. we love them so much and subconsciously and without even talking to each another about it...we are loving up these kids like their is no tomorrow.

in some ways we are probably doing something that any health care professional may say is damaging to our children, but i've said it once before and i'll say it again...we are doing what we think is best because what else can anyone do, right?!

my sister's family and my parents are in florida right now! they are almost never in florida, the cost of airfare sees to that, but they are here now and we are in disney world for a couple of days.

and i have so much to share, like my baby's 5th year birthday, but that will have to wait until i get home on sunday because i need to take some time and it feels like my eyes are going on strike if i don't shut them soon.

but i wanted to say hi.

normalcy makes me happy these days. i wanted to share. what 'normal' thing makes you happy or content?

a few photos:

family of 4 and beckham's first time experiencing magic kingdom. my FAVORITE thing he said all day:
after riding the Peter Pan ride on a 'flying' pirate ship,
"daddy, there really is magic here! there really is magic. it's soooooooo magic here. i knew it we were flying. we were really flying on a ship!"

his innocent and believing face is what stung my eyes that time, not exhaustion. bless his sweet little heart.




and my favorite peytonism of the day:
after she spotted the eiffel tower at epcot, she about leapt out of her seat and exclaimed...
"the eiffel tower, mommy! the eiffel tower. take me there, take me there!"

i'm not sure how she knows what the eiffel tower is or even where it is, but after we arrived in disney world, france she kept saying, "ooh la la, we've arrived in france!"

the kid makes me laugh.

23 week bump.
i have been extremely lucky to be so busy working and photographing babies and families. i find myself so blessed with a business that has grown over the last couple of years, and aside from this passion of mine that has allowed me to grow on many levels as a professional and creative is the friendships and bonds that have come from this work that i do that i find the most rewarding. so thank you to those who trust me with their memories.

i appreciate you.

i have been slacking on posting sneak peeks, so i am trying hard to post a sneak peek of all of my upcoming shoots providing the client doesn't want their photos kept under wraps for the holidays.

this family made an early saturday morning one of the most enjoyable ones i've had. they were kind and fun and this little face says it all...
nina, you are lovely little girl.

and mommy and daddy...
you two are gorge!

next post:
a little birthday love.

happy 11.11.11


Patti said...

ooooh, love beckham's sentiments. so sweet!

Karly Jaco said...

love this! Love your baby bump! Love your kiddos and the things they say, and love that you are doing the early thing. it feels so good huh. also can't stand when my brain is already getting me up dressed and through half the day and then i realize i haunt even got up yet. lol :)

Summit of Glory said...

those days of enjoying your kiddos before a new one comes along are soooo precious. Enjoy every minute. You may feel like crap - but you look awesome.....keep bakin' away....! xoxo

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

What a beautiful family for the sneak peak. And the pics of y'all at Disney equally as pretty. Have a great weekend!

jessicawhitephotography said...

So sweet Heidi! I know there are days i have a hard time leaving the coziness of my bed too and we have been late alot this year. As much as it bums me out sometimes i just remind myself that one day i will look back and want to do it all over again. :-D Kids say the most remarkable things for sure, i know Brandon is always coming up with the funniest things. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography. I always look forward to your updates! I hope you all enjoy your time with your family and at disney. It sounds lovely.

Sarah said...

You are nesting!!!! I loved that rush of energy:) Also, your baby bump is beautiful. I never really looked pregnant and just got wider, so I love those bumps.

Jannice said...

Love your baby bump! We're going to Disneyland in 2 days...nothing like it at around the holidays! Happy Birthday to your baby boy!!

Bella_K said...

Oh wow, I would love to visit DisneyWorld (Land?)... It looks awesome!! I love the baby bump! You are so blessed Heidi!! x

Anonymous said...

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