Monday, September 26, 2011

the mode known as: survival. {& a giveaway]

no,'s not really that bad and truth is i'm really sick of myself saying i'm not feeling well but if you walked into my home right now, you would find my ottoman covered with mini skyscrapers of folded laundry...that jeff folded. i can see dust under my television and the crayola crayons that have been tossed into my shaggy rug by a certain small one, are being crunched in half each time i walk through the room. two lunch boxes from today have been removed from their backpacks, been reopened and ransacked for the uneaten bits of orange slices and white cheddar cheese puffs.

normally, i would prepare a snack for the kids, nurturing their little bodies with a somewhat wholesome snack to welcome them home from school- but not the last few days. it's all for himself around here lately. i think i have found the key to making your child more independent- stop guessing their every want and need and let them do it on their own. it wasn't my plan, but my throbbing head housing yet another migraine and the inevitable nausea that follows has made it nearly impossible to do what i want to do and that is feel strong again and start enjoying this new season with my babies!

feeling a little under the weather, but that makes my babies cling even more. and i love it. i mean they are crushing me of course, but i love it;)

no pity though, don't feel sorry for me because i have only the BEST of reasons for feeling like death on a saltine cracker. my little bean is growing and in between the feelings of fragility and an almost desperate need to feel like myself again, i am content with the little one, which by the way is the size of an turnip right about now, growing quickly within me. five inches of perfect baby all nestled up warm and safe and i can only assume ready for fall and all of the joys this season will indeed bring; sugared donuts, turkey dinner, apple cider, crisp leaves and cold air...i'm ready for a trip to michigan but if you live in a warmer climate, here is my trick...

turn down the thermostat, light a hundred candles, make some hot mulled apple cider, and cover yourself with your favorite quilt or blanket. insta fall. enjoy!


so, i'm feeling good right now and with my list in hand that i can no longer refer to as my to do but rather my catch-up, a full page long, typed and single spaced i am doing quality control with clients, my kids, my husband, friends, and my home. my home is BEGGING for a little love and i am ready to oblige because the crap filling every corner of my house it's screaming HELP me.

however, what i want to tackle first is four lines down my list,

~unpack fall decs

miraculously though, this moves up three spaces taking the lead over ~laundry, ~clean house and fridge, ~find place to do yoga.

i'm not saying i don't find it important to tidy up, because i do. i mean doesn't everyone work better, think better, create more in a clean house. something about a clean house... a clear mind. i think oprah used to talk about that. i miss her. however, i've other things on my mind, so it's hard for me to focus on things that aren't as fun as preparing for halloween, baking these pumpkin cupcakes every other week like i did last year, anxiously awaiting some cool weather and now, getting ready for Tagalong! however, i will bump ~clean house and fridge just under ~unpack fall decs. it's a good compromise.

i am so anxious for all the excitement to begin. it feels like i'm planning for a vacation. you know the feeling. you wake up the morning you are about to depart on a weekend getaway and when the sleep leaves you, you are jolted by a charge of vacation energy. but this time it's a two-month holiday and there's family dinners and flickering lights, frosted sugar cookies, candy canes, a Fir of some sort (fraser, douglas, balsam-it doesn't matter bc they all smell delicious) and santa is sure stop by, and you get to watch your little ones bask in the magic of christmas and then bam...we tie it all together with some fireworks, a dropping ball of lights, and a kiss at midnight.

but before i go start celebrating the new year, this is what we have been enjoying lately...
a date with my girl. pedicures are a huge reward for her and i relish in looking over at her serious face while trying to elicit a smile. these moments with her remind me that time is so precious and going so quickly and that i don't always spend as much time as i'd like or i should, but moments like these mean something.


daddy made slime with the kids on a rainy day, but i'm gonna be honest. our slime sucked. period.




they both felt like the weird scientist for the afternoon so it was not a waste, but i think this recipe for slime is better!

we went to one of my favorite places on earth...

they sky was blue and so beautiful. IOC welcomed us back with hot air and fried grouper fingers with extra buffalo wing sauce. kelle came up with that and i've been hooked ever since!



i tried to stay out of the sun, but the kids ran around with a care except to save the fish the fisherman was catching to catch even bigger fish. peyton made it her personal mission to help each fish back to his home. i'm wondering now if the guy with the net behind her wanted to kick my ass for letting her free his fish.





we dug our feet in the sand and found shady spots to hide and then we hightailed it out of there because mama was having a heatstroke! was still the perfect ioc day.

we watched daddy work in the yard during a thunderstorm...
and we think he did a great job mulching the yard and he didn't get hit by lightening (jeff, stay out of the bolts!)

we celebrated cousin griff's 5th birthday and we love our cousins and the time we get to spend with them and of course, jenn never disappoints with a killer party skills...




happy birthday, griff. we love you. xo

i've been indulging in some cravings...

i am watching my little guy grow up into someone really special. can i tell you? i love what i see in him. his heart and kindness blow my mind on a daily basis. his young age and his maturity at times surprise me and he makes me a better mother. i know it. for that i am so grateful. i love you little beckham. mama, loves you so much.

i'm learning that 'advanced maternal age' has been tough, but with my best friend by my side we believe we can ward off any ailment with a quick trip to whole foods to buy a foamy green drink that tastes like...dirt, healthy dirt, but dirt. it makes us feel better and we high five one another on the way home with promises of cleaner eating and early walks on the beach. *with a side of homemade pie of course.

i watched as my daughter, the crafty little thing devised a plan to make some extra cash by playing her piano and beckham- his new bongos (thank you, auntie hi-o, xoxo) out in the front of our house. jeff and i walked out when we couldn't find the kids for a minute, doing this....


peyton made a sign that said, one coin. i scolded her later. 'if your going to beg our neighbors for money you should at least say please, peyton!'

they played and played and we watched as at least three cars drove by and didn't stop. they hung their heads, beckham began to get the sad face. "why won't they stop to hear our music, mommy?"

it was kinda sad. i found myself willing one of our neighbors to stop as they were walking their dog and then i thought i was losing my mind.

however, jeff was grilling hot dogs in the back and saw neighbor girl walking her dog. i about broke my leg running inside to grab any amount of pennies and dimes i could find so jeff could give it to the girl and ask her to stop and listen to the music and throw a little something in peyton's bowl...


their faces said it all. they were so proud and beckham proudly exclaimed, "our first sale!"

i cried.

i also cried when my sweet and thoughtful best friend, kelle threw me a surprise party...
(i stole these from her blog bc obviously i didn't take them)
she got me and so did my friends. i walked into it and it was...lovely and beautiful. i don't think of myself as a birthday party gal. the attention, the gifts...gets me nervous. but, i gotta say...there is nothing like a room full of your friends that take the time to come together to celebrate you and only you that makes a gal feel special. kelle spun her magic and the place was so beautiful and the touches so personal and special. i can't say enough about that night.

thank you, kell and thank you my sweet friends. i love you all so much.




and i saved the best for last,
to jeff...



to my husband of 12 years. i love you and happy anniversary. you made our day very special. i'm grateful to have you in my life, in our kid's lives, and for giving me another little one to fall in love with and learn from. i can't wait to do this with you all over again! happy 12!

and on a more serious, possibly funny note, i'm sorry i forgot our anniversary and when i asked you why you bought me flowers and you said it's because it's our 12 year anniversary...i love that we both busted out in loud laughter and laughed at each other and quickly hugged the awkwardness away. i'll never forget that moment because i loved it. this must be what twelve years feels like and i like it! i love you.

and to peyton and beckham for snapping some quick photos before we ran off to a quiet and delicious dinner alone~ thanks, kids!






if the calendar says fall, i make chili, but don't be like me and turn it off so it can cool and then fall asleep and leave it on the stove all night and then have to throw the whole pot away, hence the no cooked chili photo!


Chili with black beans

i make all different ways, but this is a basic recipe and the one my husband likes the best. nothing fancy for him. you can cook this in a crock pot, but i use my big le creuset pot, which i LOVE by the way. it's an investment, but worth every penny.

you'll need these ingredients but add or omit anything to your liking. that's the fun part!

3 tablespoons olive oil

2 medium yellow onions, chopped small

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 yellow pepper, 1 red pepper, chopped small

1 pound ground sirloin

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or less if the kids will find it to spicy!

optional: hot sauce to taste

bag of frozen shopeg corn

2 large (28 ounce) cans of plum toms in with juice

1 small can of cannellini beans, rinsed. or your fave.

1 small can of black beans, rinsed

kosher salt


heat the dutch oven over med heat. add the onions and peppers until softened a bit, about 10 minutes. ass the garlic and cook for another minute. add the beef and cook through while breaking up lumps. add all spices to the meat and cook for one minute. add your toms but first crush the toms with your hand or cut them into smaller pieces before adding to the dutch oven.

add the beans and the corn!

bring to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer, cover and cook for at least an hour. no less.

add salt and pepper and simmer uncovered another 15 minutes!


i add tostito chips, sour cream, cheddar cheese, jals, onions, hot sauce....but you do it your way!

freeze leftovers!

simple and hearty!


the giveaway is this: since i said that i was giving away the letter necklace that so many people have asked about, i have to take that giveaway back because i simply can not find where to order them. not the same ones. i'll keep looking, but in the meantime...

one commenter will win a $25 gift card to an Etsy ( shop of their choice! but it's that time again! happy fall!



FEAS613 said...

is it insanely wierd that i love that you forgot your 12 year anniversary?! Hope you start to feel better soon! And again weird - but if you ever need anything, I'm in Naples and tend to have a lot of spare time on my hands!
(the one that went to lunch with you and Kelle)

Bonni Eldridge said...

I'd pick either NoteworthyPress ( - they did my wedding invites and I would love to order some Christmas cards! - or Muddwoman Ceramics ( because I want to order one of her dog bowls!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, you are beautiful! I love your heart. I love the pictures you take. I love your style, girl! What a great woman and mom you are. My favorite is your honesty! Congrats on the new one growing inside! He/she is blessed to have you guys. Love, V

Tracey said...

Hi Heidi, I found your blog through Kelle's and I love it! Congratulations on your pregnancy and your 12th year anniversary! Keep up the posts, your photos are gorgeous!

Dot said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose forgotten my Sorry I couldn't make the party I really wanted to be there. Love u lots...xoxo.
PS-You can call me anytime...YOU NEVER BOTH ME :)

Sarah said... are so sweet. I hated being pregnant and wish I could have had your attitude because you are right, it is the best reason in the world to feel like death on a cracker. People always told me it was such a healthy sign to be sick so clearly your baby is the epitome of health!!! I hope you feel better and you are right, kids need to learn to fend for themselves so don't feel guilty. Cheers

Shannon said...

I am hoping you are feeling better! I am loving the surprise party, and the beach photos! You know you are in love when you can laugh it off. Have a great week!

Krystle said...

Hope you feel better soon! You look great in the photos! What a wonderful friend to plan a surprise bday for you. :) Love the pictures!!

Ani said...

Heidi - I really enjoy your blog! I love, love, love the kids playing music on the sidewalk - too cute! I hope those pesky pregnancy symptoms ease up a bit. Enjoy your Fall fun!

Hilary said...

happy 12 year anniversary!! i hope you start feeling better soon, but you are so right that it is the best reason in the world to feel so bad. the kids playing music was adorable, and what a wonderful friend friend you have in kelle.

sara said...

I found your blog through Kelle's blog and love reading about your adventures. Congrats on the little one on the way!

Teresa said...

Awwww the pregnancy sickness. SUCKS! but is for such an amazing reason and comes with the best reward ever. Hang in there, it has to get better right?? Your kids are gorgeous and what a great Mommy to help them with that wonderful "first sale". Love that they went out to play music for one coin. :)

Caroline said...

Hang in there!!! Sounds like you have a great support network - that is KEY! Thanks for the chili recipe, I've been wanting something other than the boring envelope of spices..ha!

Brooke said...

Getting caught up on my Florida friend is always a highlight of my day. You are the sunshine Seattle has been missing. :)

Shauna said...

Hope you feel better soon! What a great group of friends you have too. Happy Anniversary and atleast someone rememberd ;) Thanks for the contest~

Jen Biasi said...

Hey gorgeous. A few things: I'm OBSESSED with your kids playing for change. PLEASE let me know when they do next and we'll swing by. I'll walk by in different outfits and pretend I'm different people and put $$ in each time. Swear. You know I will... Secondly, I LOVE that dress you wore on your nite out! Is that a bunch of ties sewn together? Truly sweet and unique. Thirdly, I was SO HAPPY to be at your surprise shindig. I have some cute pix from it I'll email you. You looked gorgeous and it was such a fun nite. Kelle put on a great spread. :o)
Love you. xo

Suzi said...

Isn't it funny how sick a person can get during pregnancy and still not change a thing about it.
Hope you start to feel better soon. Love the surprised face on your birthday! Happy days to you and your family!

Summit of Glory said...

Great attitude that all this lousy feeling stuff is nurturing and growing a wonderful little bean in there. Soon your cloudy sky will open up to the wonderful blue skies of pregnancy! Enjoy this time - even if you are not 100%Lovely photos...glad you're back posting. Take care. xoxo

Jen said...

I hope you start to get some relief from those pregnancy symptoms... Happy belated birthday and take care

Caty said...

I love reading your blog! I found it through Kelle's and adore it. You have such a beautiful family!!!

Kathryn said...

Lovely post, lovely you!

Shaams said...

Heidi! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Everything. So good to have you back! Get rid of those migraines and get to feeling better! Always good to see a new post!

Lindsey said...

Ah, all this talk of fall is making me wish I lived in a state where there is more than one season! I love all the pictures, you have a wonderful family!

Rachael said...

congratulations on your anniversary! and on the little one :) i can't wait to find what you're naming him or her - i lovelove the names peyton and beckham :)

happy fall!

Kate said...

Dearest Heidi
You are the most beautiful mommie to be evah!!! I love the anniversary part that got had me welled up with emotion. Those prince charmings are the most wonderful blessings besides the babies. Love the sweet party that Kelle had for you especially all of the love that surrounded you for your birthday.

Much love to you


Eva Marie said...

What a beautiful post.. memories of me being pregnant laying on the couch unable to move but not having two other children to entertain.. that picture of the three of you snuggled and smooshed all together is sweetness.. I love everything about it..

I love the picture on IOC and the le creuset pot I have to high five you on it.. want to know something even better? when we moved didn't the previous owners leave their lovely orange le creuset for us because they never used it!!

Will have to try this recipe :)

lorri said...

I love that you forgot your anniversary and you both found it hilarious. Sometimes true love is laughter. Congrats on 12 years and on the little one on the way!

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better. I had a baby at 34 and it was waaaay harder than at 23!!! Hang in there.

tracyallegre said...

Pregnancy fits you beautifully!

Lacey said...

How fun! Congratulations on your pregnancy! You have some really cute kids :)

Anonymous said...

What can I say. You made me smile. You made me laugh. You made me cry. The perfect ending to a very long day. ♥

Christy Rose said...

Happy, happy birthday!! Love your blog!

Sam said...

Congratulations on your growing little bean! I just had my 2nd baby in August and totally spaced on my anniversary in September. :-)

Anonymous said...

Heidi - Wat da world? What are you doing wearing those (amazing!) heels when pregnant?! You have to find yourself some flats! =)

Could the kids be any cuter setting up their bongos and piano? Love how you thought to give some money to the neighbor girl. Makes me all teary!

Happy anni to you and Jeff!

Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

Rhonda said...

So many things to celebrate.

You have a blessed life indeed.

Jeff looks good gardening in the rain :) Lucky you!!

love the pic of you and B under the bridge. You are stunning!!



Anonymous said...

I'm also pregnant with #3 and due in March, so I completely understand being wonderfully grateful for the little bean and feeling utterly exhausted with growing that bean! Thankfully I've only had a touch of morning sickness, so I'm feeling very lucky. Hope you are feeling better soon.

So funny that you forgot your anniversary (isn't that what boys do??) - love it. Happy anniversary :) Hope you had a lovely night out.

AubreyLaine said...

Congrats on your anniversary :)
Thanks for the giveaway!
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

Annette said...

I found your blog through Kelle's. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on your newest addition. Another baby to love. What can be better than that??
Hope you feel better soon!!!

Laura Manning said...

cute post and happy 12 years! i have to point it out because it made me laugh out loud....(its prob the former teacher in me to proof read :)
please read your instructions for the chili and the part about the garlic :) you have a good excuse though- pregnancy brain.
"heat the dutch oven over med heat. add the onions and peppers until softened a bit, about 10 minutes. ass the garlic and cook for another minute"

Karly said...

I too found your blog through kelle. Oh how I wish I had my own Heidi. I love watching your guys friendship through the blog world. ...sigh... loving your blog too. :) Hope you start feeling better soon. Isn't it amazing how cruddy you can feel, yet it's so wonderful to be growing that beautiful little life inside you. :) I miss it. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

Anonymous said...

@Jill-the heels are an attempt to look taller instead of short and fat.

Sarah said...

So much fun! Congrats on the pregnancy!

Dee said...

Happy anniversary and wishing you many more! beautiful pictures btw (and the music at the bottom is amazing)! :)

deeg131 at gmail dot com

Liz said...

Happy Anniversary! We both forgot ours this year and didn't remember for over a week! Also, I've done that so many times with chili and I always feel so dumb having to throw it out!

ashley said...

Green smoothies may well be the solution to any of life's worries. Mind you, so are chocolate milkshakes! Beautiful blog, belly and stories. X ashley

Heidi said...

laura manning!
omg, i have been so busy i didn't realize what you wrote on your comment. now, i am laughing my 'add' off! ha, thanks for the correction!

eve marie! lucky you! yes, use it!

liz, i feel ya! you are not alone;)

xoxo, thank you ladies. working on getting this post out tonight.

Heidi said...

V...tears. thank you

dot, you must think i;m crazy. love you

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