Wednesday, June 15, 2011

two days in new york.


the place i have wanted to visit, rather live since before i graduated high school. i equated the big apple with movie making and i always believed that i would become an academy award winning actress, returning home every so often via my personal limo where i would pass money out the window to childhood friends who couldn't wait to get a glimpse of the movie star (ahem, me) that once went to high school with them. i'm making myself sick just writing this, but i am being serious.

i've always loved dreaming big. this dream in particular led me to many acting courses and audition chasing in my late teens. i would often get lost on a street in miami, searching for my next 'break!' yes, i've been turned away many times, but i nabbed a few exciting jobs too, but i guess my shelf will remain bare where my oscar should sit.

i've even met a few famous people in the process...johnny depp, al pacino, and a few others. it was an exciting time of feast or famine and dream chasing. lots of ramen noodles and wound licking and i wouldn't trade those years for a single thing. i was constantly uncomfortable being outside of my box and if i were jennifer anniston right now i would tell you that those years molded the actress i was today, but i'm not. so, i will just say that i think we should all do something that makes uncomfortable sometimes, especially in the name of a dream. you'll be better for it.

some dreams come true and some don't, but having that dream, albeit self-centered and a just a tad unrealistic, tucked neatly away in the back of my mind as i made my way off the airplane onto NY ground, genuinely made my first trip to new york more special to me. like i had a special secret and the city was it.

when i saw the 'Welcome to New York" sign, my heart and excitement almost burst through me and i wanted to tell strangers around me that i finally made it here... to the place that many of my young dreams were built on.


people were everywhere. like everywhere. this city never sleeps and i find that to be charming in a city new to me. people were walking, working, running (with three bagels)! tourists are constantly roaming around, spending money and...looking up.

the buildings are impressive and fantastic.




so i grabbed my pumps and i headed out to find the treasures of the city i had only seen in movies. on my list:
1. see and eat a bagel in central park!
2. eat a hot dog from a corner vender (the important stuff usually involves food i guess)
3. see Trump Tower and Time's Square
4. go to FAO Schwartz for the kids.
5. stay up late.
6. sleep in.
7.(added later) don't get hit by a cab driver!


time's square was amazing and bright and full of life. it was candy for the eyes and i may have whiplash from swinging my head around at looking at everything. it's an amazing and vibrant place to be. i have many questions about this place though, like...
how in the world does someone change out those billboards? it is amazing and startling all at once. at one point i looked up and saw a HUGE like bigger than a couple of houses huge, photo of some girl in a bathing suit looking down at the crowd. (it was an abercrombie ad, i think)

i wondered how'd i feel feel if that was peyton's ass everyone would be staring up at. would it pride or hide? i'm leaning more towards tear-that-board down, but i can't say for sure.

i can only imagine how proud these young Gap and Hollister models were when they visited their digital billboard in the middle of Time's Square!




quickly learning street names and cab etiquette i pretended like i was a native new yorker throwing terms around such as Uptown, Downtown, Midtown! Take me there! "I'll meet you at 22 east 54th Street!" "i'll catch a cab!"


i guess i felt like carrie bradshaw without the vintage threads or donald trump without the limo and helicopter transportation, and cash, but i still worked it. hey, when in rome!

i walked in like i owned the place when in reality i was scared i was going to be thrown out for unglitzy garb.
i walked in. i saw it. it's nice and gold just like on tv.




five minutes after being dropped off at the wrong place no where near our hotel that nobody had ever heard of...i became fascinated with the street vendors big surprise. i quickly spent 4 bucks on 10 candy coated almonds and vowed nothing had ever tasted better but i would never waste money like that again. a few vendors down i realized that i had been taken...over a bag of nuts. every other vendor was selling his 10 candy-coated nuts for $2.50. not cool.


walking the street with a constant waft of food floating around the air was...AWESOME! it may be a little excessive, i mean how many hot dogs can a new yorker eat in their lifetime, but they were on every corner leading me to believe that hot dogs must be a major food group in NY. well hot dogs and pretzels! i loved the coziness of it even though i never did get my dog. next time for sure.



surrounded by billowing skyscrapers that fill the sky and sizzling food carts that inhabit each corner, i am in awe of all this city has to offer. i think of how many people began their new lives here after going through ellis island. the bonds formed and family trees developed and succeeded.
and...will someone actually buy this? it is stunning.





the streets of manhattan had everything including a bride (i happened to stalk to get this photo).



we met some celebrities at madame tassauds wax museum...

peyton and becks, this is for you!

we packed a lot into our our little two day trip and when the sun started to set, we set out to a couple of well thought out restaurants with our friends and birthday girl, leslie!





this photo was hanging in the bathroom stall of the very dark restaurant we were eating at...needless to say it scared me so badly that i fell into one side of the stall walls. then, i started laughing and taking pictures (apparently) of the marie antoinette staring at me while i peed. freaked me out.

but the food was divine. it was amazing and i highly recommend it. the edamame dumplings...oh my goodness. heaven in my mouth!

not to mention a movie was filmed here: a scene from sex and the city movie. it was the stunning backdrop for carrie and big's wedding rehearsal dinner!



my best friend from high school met up with us to say hi! both of us used to dream together of living in the big apple, but she really did it and has lived there for twelve years!


then, we headed to see Wicked. one word: wicked. go see it. it was beyond fabulous! it was a treat to be able to go and see this show and the talent still amazes me 5 days later.

we ate well, but the closest i ever got to the statue of liberty was when i was on top of the Intrepid...
small but still as proud as ever!

note to photogs:
*a wide angle lens would work awesome here (mine is in the shop-boo).
*walking/running while snapping pics is fun, but dangerous. i think cab drivers like it when we watch where they are going instead of pedestrian (me) running blindly in the street to get a photo of a bride...i didn't even know.
*photos taken by strangers may be blurry, but they seem to be the best of the bunch and i love them.

just a hunch though:)




new york, new york, until we meet again...

giveaway next post! to celebrate three years blogging!


Mackenzie Rice said...

such INCREDIBLE photos! looks like u had a fabulous time :)

Sian said...

Wow It looks like you had so much fun and your photos were great! I went to New York when I was 19 going to work at a summer camp in Massachusetts. It scared and exhilarated me. A country bumpkin from England out in the big wide world all by myself for the first time. Your photos brought back so many memories. You are so right about dreams. I'm always dreaming. Some work out, some don't and some lead you some where wonderfully unexpected. Love your blog x

Katie @ Mama the Reader said...

Such incredible photos! I am heading to NYC with my husband next month for our anniversary, and I am both excited and anxious. (First time leaving my little one!) This post made me all the more excited. Happy you had a great time. :)

Kelle said...

Girl, these photos are so vibrant and electric. Makes me wish I was back. I love the one of Leslie looking back. She looks so pretty. Now I have to go back, read it again and listen to J-z. :o) xoxo Glad you're back and sad you're leaving again.

JennyCB said...

Ohhhh... I heart NY. I remember my first day of work in the Empire State Building (which you snapped a pic of!), my new boss armed me with three things: Directives to "Watch out for taxis and messenger bikes."; "Bring your lunch if you don't want to be poor."; and a subway map. From that day on, I was smitten. I can't wait to be back...
I LOVE the pic of you and Jeff holding hands in front of tkts.
And I miss you. Can't wait to see you tonite.
P.S. Holy you and me posting this morning within ten minutes of eachother. And Kelle, too. We were all busy blogging beavers last night. And then I became entranced by the Real Housewives of OC finale from 2-3am. Ugh. ;o)

Lisa Hewlett said...

Great pictures! I haven't been since i was in college, I'd love to go back! And I saw Wicked last summer here in Charlotte - amazing!!

tracyallegre said...

You are a fantastic photographer!

Angie said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! Glad you got to see the Big Apple. Someday I will go there and spend all my money on clothes, food and the theatre...someday :)

Angie from Ohio

Rebecca said...

I love I love! Halfway through I was going to ask where the pics of you were! You looked So New York in those pumps and pearls. I will miss my Mini New York in sacrifice of beaches... Now you're making me want to go dolled up to a lux restaurant in Toronto! lol

Sarah said...

Awesome post. I ADORE ADORE ADORE NYC and visited a few times with my mom who took me on girls trip to the city and I dreamed of living there too. One of my best friends from college does live there and so I enjoy the stories through her. Thanks for sharing your dreams and your trips with us!!! :) I'm going to see Wicked here in DC next month and so excited!!! XO

Jannice said...

Oh!! Makes me miss home so much! I moved to the desert from NY some 10 years ago! Going back in 2 weeks for 6 weeks!! Can not wait!!
There is no place like it!! said...

Great post! I grew up in Miami and we're now living in NY with our girls. It's nice to hear about the experience from a fresh perspective!

Amy said...

SOOOO Jealous.. I used to go to New York (Knickerbocker Ave.) every summer on a missions trip.. it honestly changed my life.. I love going back, the smells.. the sights. the sounds.. and OHHH the italian ice.. did you try one? You think the nuts are good..
great post.. as usual.. thanks

April said...

So happy for you!!


Niamh said...

Oh God! These pics make me want to go back to NY so bad. I've only been there once and spent the whole five days pinching myself that I was ACTUALLY there, to the point where I was totally overwhelmed and didn't even take it all in properly. Next time I'll remember to look up! I went to see Wicked while I was there too - on Paddy's Day, appropriately! Glad you had such a great time, you and Jeff make such a gorgeous couple -xox.

Rosa said...

Thank you. As I sit here in my kitchen, kids are in bed and a load of laundry is staring at me...I could cry! Love the pics. Love New York (haven't gotten there yet though). Such beauty. So happy you had a fab time there. :)

Tisha said...

ooh looks like you had a fab time! i can totally see you as a big time actress!

ProudMommyTara said...

Always loving your posts Heidi!! Isn't NY amazing?!! You fit right in ;) Glad you enjoyed it!


GraceesMommy said...

Just have a moment as the farm is filled with people celebrating the 4th of July but wanted to tell you I loved this make me want to take a long weekend trip to the Big Apple!!! I have been AWOL in the blogging world but had to check in on one of my favs while I had a minute. Showed some friends your photography website...they are crazy for you now!! Happy 4th my friend!♥♥

Anonymous said...

Where are you?? are we going for a month no blog record? Some of us may not always comment.. but boy do we miss you

Heidi said...

anon, thank you:) i miss you too and this blog too! be back tomorrow. i know i have lots of explaining to do:)

Becky@IfTheseWallsSpoke said...

Awesome pics! It's like I was there :)

Anonymous said...

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