Friday, April 15, 2011

star charts and chicken nuggets.

we are seeing stars in the darwish household! gold ones, silver, red, and blue!

i decided we needed a way to manage/remember in a tangible way, to reward our little grown-ups for a job well done. we got off to a rocky start, but that was my fault because i didn't know what the hell i was doing.

yes, i used to teach first grade, but i have to say that effectively managing 18 first graders seemed to be MUCH easier than managing my own two little ones.

i'm assuming that is because i have so much more invested in the development and well-being of my own two. OR maybe it's because i subconsciously know that when my six year old throws a completely inappropriate fit in the toy aisle at target, i as her mother (miracle-making-know-it-all-cape-wearing mama) is held in contempt by some, but certainly not all of the target shopping and head shaking nosy passersby.

it happens. believe me. in those moments, i either want to flip that person a friendly bird or and in most cases- want to explain that i have been traveling all over the city running errands (hate that word) dragging with me my two bored, tired, and hungry kids.

end tangent.

so, with ten stars earned within a weeks time, peyton and beckham get to choose a treat or place to go as a family.

the golden arches it is...

this is what peyton orders every single time we visit mc donalds...




it was fun unusual to eat greasy food, past bedtime on a school night. i'm pretty sure that is why is felt more fun than usual.

and the kids,sensing that we were doing something different, pretended they didn't know it was dark out and avoided any talk of school the next day. it always cracks me up when the kids think we don't know what's going on.

when i was younger, my sisters and i would hide behind the couch and at about half hour before bedtime thinking our parents would forget and leave us behind the couch. never happened.

i love that my two think the same thing now.

we didn't miss even a drop of our shakes.

but before we left, i looked down at my placemat and saw a familiar face...

among 40 other CELEBRATED teacher's photos ...and my french fries, i spotted one of my oldest naples friends whom i graduated with in education 8 years ago,wylie b staring back at me. (mickey d's in a sponsor of the golden apple in collier-a foundation that observes and celebrates excellence in our teachers. they always print place mats with the photos of the teachers that should be recognized for that year.

congrats wylie on being one of the best teachers in collier county. you deserved this honor, but more importantly, thank you for being the kind of teacher i would be proud to have teach my daughter. i love you.

a few sneak peeks...

{ella and ben}

such sweet and fun kids to hang with! we ran around dancing all the while on the look out for a pirate ship that was soon to attack at any moment....

it was...not work! i love that.

{adrey and charlie}
these precious boys are growing up so quickly.



and their bond stronger each time i see them again.

with beauties like these, it's not possible to take a bad photo!

on another note, i have had a few more photog questions. i know one had to do with shooting at night, possibly at a fair. flash or no flash?

no flash if their enough light around you. i will talk more about this in depth on the next post in a few days.

lots of love and happy spring!


Nadine said...

This post cracked me up! I thought the same way when I was little...if we don't talk about it, they'll forget about bedtime!:) Never happened of course...
Beautiful pictures as always and I'm looking forward to your photo Q&A in the next post!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, I love your blog. You inspire me. That's all... xoxo

Daniele said...

I used to teach third grade before I had my girls, and I have said similar things- like sometimes it felt easier to manage my class of 25 on a field trip to the museum than it does to manage my 2 munchkins on the same trip lol

April said...

So glad to see a new post! You are blowing me and my posting away!! I have been lacking motivation, I guess.

Happy Friday ...

Teresa said...

My parents would actually occasionally forget that we were still up if we stayed out of the way and very quiet when they were busy with something else.
Great photos. Those two boys in the last picture look like the two from the youtube video--"Charlie bit me"
Probobly not them but it made me laugh out loud. I think everyone has seen that video but if not-it will bring you a smile.

Sam said...

I agree with the smorgasbord at McDonald's, if you're going to get reward for earning all those stars you better do it up big!

I do enjoy a good life loving blog reading!

Happy Friday!

Eva Marie said...

Hahaha the old hide behind the couch trick didn't work on my mom either

Love the reward system you set up ( coming from a behaviorist myself he he) the power of reinforcement is unlimited :)

Jen Biasi said...

McDonalds, starry rewards, ignoring looming bedtimes, Wylie's recognition, your amazing pix.... ALL GREAT STUFF!!
Love you.

patsy said...

your posts always make me smile :) and looking forward to the photo post! happy weekend!

Niamh said...

OMG I did the same when I was younger, but it was about not wanting to get OUT of bed in the morning! I'd lie in bed with my eyes still closed, hearing my mom getting things ready downstairs and think, "Maybe she won't come in and wake me up this time. Maybe I'll get to stay in bed today!" To this day I love, love, LOVE my bed - the thoughts of sleeping in tomorrow morning was all that got me up and at 'em every day this week ;o)

Anna Ruth said...

Hooray for the sticker chart. Ten stars in one week is great. I'm sure the kids were as proud as you and Jeff were.

The Manrings said...

horray for star chart special!!! family outings are the best...especially when they include french fries and ice cream. yum! great photography pics btw....beautiful like always!!! xoxo

Jannice said...

I have jumped over to your blog after folllowing Kelles blog fo the past year! Hope you don't mind...I just love you ladies! You girls make mommyhood seem so normal! I have two myself - Ella and Ava, ages 6 and 4 - so I certainly need blogs like this! Love the posts! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

love love love it all : )
you go girl!!
what a fabulous beautiful life you have : )

Sian said...

This post comforted me. I used to be a teacher yet now at time my 2 boys run circles around me lol I do a marble jar reward thing. You get a marble for good behaviour. When the jar is full you get a treat. x

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