Monday, April 5, 2010

happy easter!

the bunny hopped on over to our house this morning and it made for the most magical day! it really all started last night when we explained to the kids that the easter bunny couldn't visit our home unless they were asleep. the questions started...

*well, how will he get in the house?
*will you see the easter bunny, mommy?
*is he nice?
*do you think the easter bunny knows i want a pink ds?
*i was good today, did you tell the easter bunny?
*is he married?
this list could go on. i love how their little minds process and learn. it is amazing to hear how they process. what a wonderful be a child. to think like one, the excitement of a child. to love unconditionally. they have simple questions and just want simple answers before they are satisfied and move on to something else.

i decided to tell them what easter was about. not just a day for chocolate bunnies, colorful decorated eggs, and hidden baskets. i pretty much lost them at, 'it's not just a day..."

so, this is what we woke up to the next morning! his sweet little face, waiting patiently for us to call him down. we told him that he needed to stay in his room the night before easter so the bunny wouldn't see him. bless his heart...he listened!

peyton, my little sleeper-inner. wake-up!
mommy, today is easter!

i found my basket!
i always wanted this, daddy!


just what i wanted!
where's mine?

what's this?
bunny tracks! apparently our bunny scaled the side of our house and magically entered our house. (this was the story posh and becks came up with after seeing the tracks!)

this is just a taste of the wonderful day we had today and i will share more, but for now...

tisha...congrats!!!! you won a $75 gift certificate to Jewllori Foolproof Accessories. please email me at enjoy!

i HAD. SO. MUCH. FUN. reading the happy lists. seriously, when my phone dinged with a new message, i would hope it was a new list! i received a bunch, but this one wins the inspiration book! thank you to everyone that emailed me a list! they inspire me to seek out other happies in my day. this book rocks. if you are inspired by colors of any medium...this is right up your alley!

my 10 favorite things:
1. forget-me-nots.
2. the hill above our orchard where stars shine at night and two church steeples peak through during the day.
3. the old couple in our town who walk everywhere while holding hands. as she becomes more blind, he walks slower.
4. finding old friends and finding new friends who seem like old friends.
5. hearing people say, 'she looks like you,' while knowing she is not from our flesh, but she is becoming us.
6. my husband's cheesy "captain dad" shirt.
7. other people's photos and the stories they tell. they inspire and validate things in our own lives.
8. coat and jacket pockets that hide finding an old 20 dollar bill, jewelry, or favorite lipstick!
9. the first black raspberries of the season.
10. target.

thank you, joy.
(i wanted to link your blog, but wasn't able to get in, please email me your address at

i will post more warm & fuzzy list in the next few posts as well!

today was magical. the kids woke up excited and went to bed exhausted. we went to the beach today with family to celebrate easter. jeff's aunt and uncle rented a pontoon boat, we packed up food, clothes, extra suits and loads of sunscreen and headed out early this morning!

we started at the ilsles of capri. the kids played with their cousins, we roasted hot dogs, dug in the sand, fished, found fiddler crabs (that i thought were roaches and i about lost my mind) laughed, peed in the bushes...ha. yup, no bathrooms on this beach...we had an amazing time with family that we love and are grateful to be a part of. here is a sneak peek of our day...





more on this later!
new readers...thank you! i have loved listening to what you have to say!
hoping you all had a fabulous easter and easter break!

okay, girlfriend is tired, drugged up on nyquil for the 100th cold this year, and my husband turned the air down again so i am dressed in layers upon layers of clothing...and i live in was over 80 degrees today. i'm crazy!




Anonymous said...

I feel like I just won an Emmy..or a million dollars. My 11th favorite thing is that you liked my 10 favorite things. I will treasure the book as it feels like it came from a new old friend. I have to tell you the day you posted your 10 fave list I was driving through town and and let out a sigh of relief when I saw the older couple holding hands after a long winter of not seeing them. I always worry that I will see one walking alone and I think my heart will break when that day comes..but there they were holding hands and it made that spring day feel warm and fuzzy.
I love the picture of Peyton with sleep still in her eyes and the one of Beckham wondering where his was..makes me want to go get him whatever it is he wants..he is going to be a lady-killer one day! Thanks again for making my day.♥

p.s went to Target over the weekend and got the lime green polka dot boots..I am a "wanter' who most of the time becomes a "getter"!

P-nut said...

looks like you had a beautiful weekend!!! the pic of beckham crying is so cute :) even though he's not happy - i just want to give him a squeeze :)

happy easter to you and your cute fam :)

Tammy B said...

Happy Easter Heidi! I was loving doing the egg pics - you know why? They don't move!

Love Beck's little sad face. Poor baby. And love Peyton in her little bikini. Wish my kids had to be woken up on Easter, they were all in our bed at 6:07 am. Way too early.

SDM said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! Those bunny tracks were hilarious & I love the innocent looks on the kids faces when they opened their treats! I hope your kiddies realize how much their mom rocks!
You are lucky to live that close to the beach -- enjoy every second! and hope you feel better soon!

Kate said...

What a beautiful gift this morning for me to see your post and share the celebration of Easter with your family. The photos were so very charming and I love how you always tell such a story. Have a wonderful week.


Tisha said...

love it... is the easter bunny married. your kids are so creative.

surprisingly jonah told me sunday night that on easter Jesus died on the cross, but he didnt stay dead. ha! and he didnt like his easter candy (jelly beans and egg shaped m&m's) who knew?

Nicole said...

the pictures and story are perfect! glad Easter was perfect! many blessings to you and yours.

Shaama said...

What an awesome Easter Day and the chance to teach kids what life is all about....awesome! I love the bunny prints and I love how you make the holidays new and exciting!Have a great week! So excited for your next post! I love reading your blog!

Kelly Hutcheson said...

That picture of Becks happy at what he found in his easter basket is classic! Since when did Peyton look like a teenager at the beach? And you look hot in the cowboy hot. THose are my random thoughts even thought didn't pick me! (Snapping fingers) :)


Anonymous said...

just wanted to tell you if you want the good Nyquil..the stuff that knocks it out of you go to the pharmacy (I have a friend who is a doctor and she let me in on the secret) have to ask for it (they keep it there) have to sign for it and it is the best. we have had a so many colds this year, Gracee has missed 22 days of school so far, and she was sick for Easter :( . I get it everytime she does so I stocked up on the "real" Nyquil! Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I am SOOOOO jealous of the sun, beach, and nice weather. I need to move somewhere warmer!

Congrats to Tisha! Thanks for your sweet compliments, it's always lovely to hear.

Happy Easter to you and yours. Cute cute cute cute kiddos, seriously. And the bunny tracks!??!? GENIUS~!

April said...

Happy Easter, Heidi! And I can't believe I didn't get around to e-mailing you my list of happies. Actually, I can believe it. We've been busy enjoying the spring and all it has to offer. Seriously, spring is sucking the life right out of me. When the kids hit the hay for the night, I'm pretty much crawling to bed, too! Oh, loving this thing called life ... so much! And Isle of Capri? Wish I was there. We did get some sun-kissed sun here last week, though! Who would have thought this time of year? Okay. I'm gonna stop rambling and say goodnight! I'm tired, stinkin' tired! And it's my birthday on the clock ... 10:04 (October 4th). Love when that happens!!

April said...

And I did mean sun-kissed skin! Oh, I'm such a proofreader! I guess that's the court reporter in me :)

iColossus / Monster said...

Yay, a new post! And my first comment here (but not my last, heh.) Beautiful jealous of you and Easter at the BEACH. Looks totally beautiful. Love the bunny tracks and your family is gorgeous. Beautiful kids!

Heidi said...

joy! you crack me up! so happy you are so happy!!!
you had at the old couple holding hands, with hubby walking slower. lime green boots...yum!

a few people have asked this: the camera i use is the canon 50D and i lOVE it like i love, strike that...i love it WAY more than chocolate. that's love people! and my fave lens at the moment is the nifty fifty...50mm 1.4

you ladies rock my world! xo

n, thank you so much. xoxo

SDM said...

thanks for the info re:camera... what type of lens? is it a canon lens or a generic lens? Also - any particular books/websites you'd recommend for the "photography challenged"?? I'm getting there but need a smidgen of help!
thanks -- your pictures are giving me the push I need to snap away & capture what I can. as much as I'm thanking you now my kids will thank you even more in 20 years!

S.I.F. said...

Such beautiful little ones! You seriously have some gorgeous kiddos!

Hope the nyquil does the trick and you wake up feeling like a million bucks! :)

Betsy said...

I love the expressive faces in the photos! My kid only has two photo faces: bewildered and over the moon happy. Great to see so many expressions!

Nicole S said...

Happy Easter indeed! I have to say, your kids questions remind me of questions my sister and I used to ask my Mom. Love it! Oh and the photo of your son and hubby on the boat looks like it belongs on a "come to Naples" brochure! The blue sky in the background, OMG! :-)

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

we'll do anything to get the kids to bed at night!
Your Easter looked lovely, tears and all! We had Easter egg hunts with my siblings all the way up until my kids arrived and now my sis and bro feel jipped from their chocolate treats! lol!
You look beautiful, p.s.!

kim said...

Another AMAZING post!

Congrats to your winner, I LOVED her list, and her #3, so beautiful!!

Happy Easter!! I loved how you captured their Easter morning expressions so perfectly, and the photo of the two of them inspecting the rabbit tracks...adorable!! Poor little Beckham, desperate for a DS of his own...that little face!!

Sorry to hear that you're sick, but hope you're on the mend and feeling much better - have a great week!!

Laura said...

LOVE the photo of you and Beck!! You are HOT!!!

wylie said...

The bunny tracks rock! Becks and Posh and adorable! Love them!

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