Tuesday, December 14, 2010

catching my breath...

i feel like i'm coming on here to make excuses for my lack of a picture laden blog post...and i am, actually.

before i put one more night between me and my old blog here, i thought i would quickly share a little something before i ran over to snapfish to make a few gifts before the sale ends at midnight tonight!! they have tons of gift ideas and a new deal of the day for the next few days that makes a photog like myself go weak in the knees. check it here!

i like to score a few calendars every year and the fam has come to look forward to them and they are on sale right now too!

so. i need to get back on track with eating healthy, so while i was in the shower today...i decided to stop messing around and get with it. things like..."be a role-model for your daughter" "waiting won't make it easier, " and my favorite "stop sucking!" lol, that one cracks me up, kept creeping into my thoughts.

so, if you have a cake laying around that a friend brought over for an after dinner treat a few nights back AND if you are anything like me, you may do something like this...


looks good, huh?

well, it was when it was a simple and sinfully delish coconut cake.

the next day, to avoid any confusion about whether or not i should indulge in a piece after beckham graciously devoured a piece down...

i garnished the cake with hot sauce, bbq sauce, and mustard! the mustard makes a cute fail safe way to stay away from the edges that could easily be invaded by a dinner fork!!

please note: i only take these drastic measures when confronted with freshly baked goods that live on my counter for more than a day or so.

if your wondering, that brown cupcake looking thing on top...is a cupcake! the babysitter made them with the kids over the weekend. gone now!


oh yeah, a video i have been meaning to post...
peyton saying the patriot pledge and almost seamlessly transitioning into the pledge with only a throat clearing and raised hand. i am so proud of this girl!

beckham didn't want to be left out, so he said he knew the pledge as well...
not. so. much! but he tells a short, sweet, and fictional story!

(remember to pause the music down at the bottom!)


Theresa said...

OMG. I love the way Beckham's face lights up and the inflection in his voice when he says, "with all of his toys!" hahaha priceless!!

And holy smokes, Peyton has one heck of a memory on her! :D

Lastly... Your destruction of the coconut cake - while very creative - makes me extremely envious of your will power. My resolution would go something like this, "I will no longer eat junk food. ...AFTER I finish what's left in the house."

Bravo, Heidi, bravo!

patsy said...

great will power!! i would have eaten it :) and videos....too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love the video clips... so sweet! Absolutely love the destruction of the sweets...LMAO!!! So something I would do...should do...need to do....will do! Miss you! If you have a free moment between shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, Holiday parties, and destroying delectable baked goods--call me and maybe we can get the kids together next week. xo Jenn

Proud Mommy Tara said...

Love this post Heidi!
I used to spray leftover sweets in windex and immediately throw them in the trash! LOL! That showed them not to mess with my will power!

And the videos are absolutely adorable!!! Beckham's story is precious and Peyton is so smart! They remind me so much of my own two kiddies!
ps... I too get secret enjoyment out of making a ton of calendars of our family and giving them out to everyone! :) Too fun!


Lisa Hewlett said...

I just love their sweet little voices :-)

Jen Biasi said...

I have been destroying sweets with my teeth lately... I guess that doesn't really count...
(Beckham and Peyton are adorable, per usual.)
Love you! So great hangin with you at our shindig!

Miah Jane's Mama said...

Hello Heidi, you don't know me but you might know OF me...just like I don't know you, but I know OF you...anyhoodle!! I just had to comment about your reference to Snapfish holiday ideas!! Sooo awesome right? How about the PaperCulture cards that are printed on recycled paper AND a tree is planted in honor of your order!! HOLLA!! OH! and the photo charm bracelet!! Get out of town!!
P.S. I battle the same sugar demons you do. You are not alone in your fight!!
Love your blog...Merry Christmas!!

Miah Jane's Mama said...

One more thing....your kids are precious!

Amie said...

Absolutely adorable! And that dessert? I am SO stealing that little trick!

Rhonda said...

What little cuties and so smart!!!!!
And, and, and....love it!!!

Totally stealing your "ruination to cake" secret and it even looks pretty :)

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!!

p.s. Is it warming up any down there yet??? 10 days...cant wait!!


Kate said...

Happy Holidays, Heidi! I do the same thing with junk food. As a dietitian I "should" be a role model and have self control, however I find myself spitting on boxes of chocolates, pouring ketchup onto brownies and putting coffee grounds of the trash so I don't stoop into going back into the trash after something's been thrown out! Don't judge, we've all been there ;)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sarah said...

I've neglected my blog, too...I loved the videos b/c I love seeing your kids and hearing your voice. Brilliant idea on the cake!

P-nut said...

oh you're brilliant! hot sauce and mustard! HA ..so gonna do that!
and the videos at the end.. SOOOO CUTE... and i love how peyton looked annoyed with her "no" while beckham was telling his story (that she obviously didn't believe) ha ha ha ha ha ha. you're kids are very adorable!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS SWEETS AVOIDANCE IDEA!!! Thank you! :0) Merry Merry Christmas!

Hugs, Val-Marie :0)

April said...

So glad you had a chance to catch your breath and publish a new post! Did you get my Christmas card yet? I am worried that a few got away without stamps!!


iColossus / Monster said...

Ha, so funny with the cake. We had girls in our sorority that poured the whole salt shaker on their desserts in order to avoid it.

Your picture cracked me up!

Your kids are beautiful, OK?!!!

Miss you, love you.


Anna Ruth said...

The dessert looks wonderful and the videos are just precious.

Kelly Hutcheson said...

OMG! THOSE VIDEOS ARE PRICELESS!!! Forget the pictures, post some of that shizzle every time!! WOW!! Hilarious and oh so cute!!!!

I've thrown sweets away only to dig out the parts not touching any garbage later. Gross I know. True tho.

you dont suck.

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