Wednesday, July 21, 2010

freedom & procrastination are best friends. didn't you know?


–verb (used without object), -nat·ed, -nat·ing.
Zoology . to spend the winter in close quarters in a dormantcondition, as bears and certain otheanimals.
to withdraw or be in seclusion; retire.
to winter in a place with a milder climate: Each winter finds us hibernating in Florida.


i have been in my version of hibernation this past week. a few my close friends can figure this out on their own by a few subtle clues, or one...i lay low. very low. kelle will call, "are in caving it out? Hmmm, i thought so. me too."

we all do it. today my friend jenn told me that all she has wanted to do in the last week was try new recipes and maybe throw in a workout or two. i get it. it's our way of staying sane. no guilt. just family and hobby's. hibernation. heidi style.

i think it's a subconscious decision. one that i don't know is happening until a few days in or when i decide to stick my head out of my cave and consider dipping my toes in the water of my regular routine of life.

it's not a sadness thing. i mean it can be but it wasn't this week. this week, i enjoyed my being 'a little lazy.' i slept in longer than i usually do, meaning the kids ate granola bars for breakfast a couple of times but they don't mind that. those chocolate covered granola and oat rectangular bars of goodness make them quite happy.

on the weekends, my wonderful in-laws love them up and have had them fed and out for a morning walk before my feet touch the wood floors. by 9, the kids are resting and beckham's eyes are heavy again.

i'm enveloped in comfort and i have been content to work for a few hours a day and then do something fun with the kids or visit with my mom or one of my four sisters. little evie is pretty much in love with becks. it's so sweet.
our days have been filled with practice 'homework' for peyton (kinder coming up. we are practicing our sounds, letter recognition, listening for direction).

we have finally watched toy story's 1 and 2, and jeff took the kids to see 3. my brother-in-law cried at the 3rd one and we wanted to know what that was about. ha.

we've had days that we are slammed busy and others that we aren't. it's been great.

it feels so free to let go sometime that i think everyone should do it! i was looking for a some wonderful, inspiring quote to go along with my 'feeling free' post. i didn't look long and decided i wasn't going to post any that popped up after i did a google search.

so instead of some warm and fuzzy feel good poetic verse of chicken soup for the soul, i give you...entertainment instead. hey, freedom and intellectual entertainment is close enough. ha.

~josh mcDowell

~angelina jolie

so, in fighting the feeling of being overwhelmed, i decided to start with little things to get my post start flowing, things like...

*i sat down and powered on my mac.
*i stared at my mac.
*i edited a few photos from a session that i need to have done in a few says.
*i took a break and ate graham crackers and whipped cream (it's a weight watchers snack my friend told me about. only 4 points i hear;)
*i sat back in front of my mac.
*i got up to break up a little-weight match between the beckham (little brother coming into his own) and big sister (getting what's been coming to her since big brother was born) ha. no, it's more like ear-piercing screams and two bodies running around after one another. it's never ending these days.
*logged into blogger. yes, first step. then, logged into to facebook and changed my profile pic. I mean seriously, i change that thing once every 6-9 months but apparently i thought it couldn't wait one more day.
* logged into itunes and made a list of songs i want for my blog post.
*logged into this little bit of website heaven. because by this time i needed to be thinking about dinner.
*went to the bathroom, talked to my sister on the phone three times about what i was making for dinner.
*did a load of laundry, played cards with beckham, hair salon with peyton, sat back down, edited, put out another match-peyton won that one, made a call, did my nails, curled my hair, tried out my new mascara, googled red havaiana's for little girls. i didn't find red ones, but i did find these super cute flops, but of course i didn't buy them. twenty bucks seemed like a lot to spend on flips for a little girl even if they are thee most comfortable flip flop under fifty bucks.
*beckham saw sat on my lap, saw me online shopping and asked for superman 'flips' too.
do you know that they have them??!!! i was shocked. i didnt' buy them, but they're on my list for his birthday providing he's ready to keep them on his feet by then.

okay, you get the point, i'm at the crossroads of procrastination & laziness (i mean freedom;). hey, but it feels good to let go.

i know we all need a break sometime. most times we pressure ourselves to move forward, ignoring that need to free ourselves from the monotony of our everyday lives.

it's fun to ignore obligations sometimes. it's fun to sip our coffee and look out the window instead of chugging it down and rushing out the door. it's good to stay in our pj's until noon. it's a good thing to be selfish...once in a while. do it. I'm not talking about naked streaking down your street. no, that's a little too free and although your neighbors would probably enjoy the'd hate yourself in the morning. lol!

i've missed you though and although i have lots to catch you up on, this was the first folder i grabbed. jeff's birthday was last week and we celebrated daddy with a phenom dinner and an after party with tunes by michael jackson and dance stylings by beckham d.

happy birthday, daddy! we love you lots.



okay. mama busted a move too!
thanks for the pics, auntie hi-o!

but before all of this, we made the cake...
and mommy wanted to make it really special, so she tried a new frosting recipe. it looked easy enough...
*note: ghiradelli chocolate won taste awards and is highly recommended for use in baking. i second that. can i get an amen? it is divine.

BUT, we all know that baking isn't my strong suit, nor is making frosting. I made a critical error by adding the one cup of cream to the
pan after the chocolate had melted. my sister said i should have taken the choc off of of the heat and then slowly added the cream.

i didn't listen to her and this is what we got...
it would't stiffen up but it was soooooo good. my sister told me to throw it away. WHAT? i don't think so.

then, we made an app of grapes, herbed gournay cheese(kids LOVE this cheese with wheat thins), white prosciutto, firm and seedless red grapes,
imported olive oil, and multi-grain
baguette. all from costco and the easiest, quickest way to ease hunger rumbles before the main course!

then, sito and i prepared the lobster tails which we had never done before. i was freaked out and the kids were amused. we don't eat a lot
of lobster around here and when we do encounter it, we like to have fun with them.
they were so good. linnie cooked them prefectly and then we buttered and lemoned them up. it was a great treat!

and then, some little girls collapse on the kitchen floor out of pure exhaustion and then mama grabs her first chance of the day to
capture her little angelic baby face without the threat of escape. she's kind of at that age.

what is it about watching your babies sleep that catapult you back to day one? when staring at your baby was a favorite past time.
i feel like i know every single line in her lips, freckle on her face, and lash on her eyes. my beautiful girl. love these kids so much it hurts.

and then there are the days when we don't know what to do with a perfect summer's night and a simple walk won't cut it...

we have some family over and we break out a bushes beans can, fill it with some grocery store grade fireworks and continue to
squeeze every last bit of family out of our trip home.

and speaking of family...
nothing like a photo shoot to make a mama wanting the perfect family picture to hang on her wall...rock it out like never before. evie wanted
no part of sitting still for even one photo, but when you're that just works!

much, much love & hoping you are enjoying fun ways to spend these warm evenings with the people you love. i'm off to work on the
next blog post, because girlfriend has an overload of photos and recipes.



Rebecca MacIntosh said...

Smiles! Love it! :)

Terri said...

I LOVE your pictures! Next time you are in DH let me know, I would love it if you could take some pics for me!! The lobster looks amazing and that cake, I think that it looked good like that, maybe its just me but the melted chocolate looks yummy!

Shaama said...

Hooray! I've been waiting for some inspiration and oh how pefect...I have a day off today....lazy? Stay in Pj's? I think I'll do just that! The closet can wait and so can this house! :) So glad your having a great time and dance party's rule! Can't wait for the next one! :) Have a great day!

Kara Brown said...

Yay! A new post!
I must say, if you lived in CT we'd so be best friends, hahah! Hibernation...ahhhh, I know it ALL too well!!!! It's a MUCH needed thing here, and I LOVE it.
:) Love the pictures!

Kara Brown

Sarah said...

I just went home to TN for 3 weeks and thanks to your and kelle's inspiration, took over 300 pictures. I should have blogged every day to catch up on all the memory making, but now I'm overwhelmed and visiting your site for inspiration or just procrastination:) I love the way you write and know you must be a blast in person...Cheers to family vacations and hibernating!

Anonymous said...

HA...tell your brother-in-law that i sat next to a couple that cried at the end, i am talking a grown man and woman sobbing AND blowing their noses..geez!!!! seriously i tried not to laugh which only lead to uncontrollable giggling and to top it off gracee asked me LOUDLY.."mommy what are you laughing about"..which made me laugh harder...THANK GOD we were at my moms and we will never see those people again.

i am still in my hibernating stage...i have oodle of pictures to post but i just don't feel like it!! i think this has been my longest hibernation on record..friends are calling my hubby to see if i am still alive. maybe tomorrow i will get with the program..maybe.

i love the pictures of peyton sleeping..she reminds me of gracee in those pictures. just love those precious faces when they are sleeping. oh and i already knew you could bust a move. ♥

Sallinger said...

"love these kids so much it hurts" :) love that!

iColossus / Monster said...

Heidi! First of all, I miss you tons.

And excuse me, did I read.... throw it away? Sacrilege!

Loved the cake pic (so did Mingie) and even tho I had just eaten, the lobster pics made my mouth water. Oh, that looks sooooo good.

Love the dance party photos, pretty mama. And hibernatin' with family rules.

Sending you tons of love, across the miles!


iColossus / Monster said...

Oh Heidi, your cake reminded me of the one I made for Mingus' Thomas party last year for his 3rd b-day. You will LOVE the recipe, you can make cupcakes with the batter as well. Chocolate Ganache Two-Layer Cake. TO DIE FOR. The BEST chocolate cake evah!

Here's my post about it from last year and in it is the recipe link for the cake.

Kate said...

what a great post, I love all of the family shots. Most of the photographers in my industry say its great when you are taking photos of beautiful people and your family is simply beautiful. Thank you for the great entertainment, I personally enjoyed every bit.

sending love my friend from Cali


P-nut said...

i LOVE this post. I'm avoiding my work right this second as i sit and play catch up on reading your blog and a little of kelles! ha ha. I've wanted to do this for liek 2 weeks but oh the guilt... then i tell myself, but hey, maybe they MISS me or think i've dumped them and want to hear from me! HA HA HA...

oh the things we tell ourselves when it's really really okay to take a minute for yourself to do what YOU want! even it is to sit and read about someone's else's life ..hey you guys are interesting!

There are lots of things that i didn't know was coming when i had my kids.. a lot of amazing things! but the guilt of doing something for you every once in a while sucks... i definitely gotta work on that :) beacuse i really really missed reading these posts...

I love your family!!!

Thanks for sharing your lazy, procrastinating - i mean "free" day!


April said...

hey, sweetheart!! how i loved this post! and while i'm crazy wrapping up my summer, i know it's gonna be worth it! b/c when we arrive home from our northern summer vacation, we will only have a handful of days before our kiddos go back to school!! i am looking forward to some freedom & procrastination (and i'm pretty sure i'll have a new friend to bring with me ... a dslr, that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

happy day, heidi ...

April said...

oh, and one more thing ...

your sister and her family are so very cute!!

Brandy said...

Lady, your comment over on my blog made me tear up. DAMN YOU!

Dance parties are the way to go! My sister and I like to have them in the grocery store if a good song comes on in the store.
The husband and I hibernate a lot, we call it "taking it easy" I suspect those days though will soon be a bit more infrequent.

And that looks like it might be illegal in some states!!!

Kelly Hutcheson said...

Oh, I love all these! That Evie looks like your 3rd kiddo! Love the "free" dancing pictures! What fun! Oh and that first one of Beckham cooking is to die for. And those pictures of P sleeping? what a sweet little girl who will always be little in my mind! Ok, and that cake? Yumsville! Bring some to your neighbor or I'll streak down our street! lol

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